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All are one's mother sentient beings selflessly showering love and compassion. wholeheartednesswever, each losses their way and sunshine experiencing their own karma through cause, result and condition; seek guidance. Supposedly your brother is a lawyer, or sister is a doctor or nephew an accountant; they too just as helpless when confronted by uninvited guest. These professional requires wholeheartednessistances, computer datas and timing when they are on-duty; otherwise it is none of their business or no business. Buddhism taught otherwise, interdependent origination, ripening of karma, seeking repayment who are your past mother and fathers. Karmic link connection resurfaces at the opportune moment; by helping others is helping oneself in your path of accumulation of merits & wisdom. Daily, your wholeheartedness dedications of merits are officially recognizing the universal love & compassion that propelling your practices for liberation & enlightenment. Unless you are enlighten, one cannot ignore these fact. Buddhist or not buddhist?


Jesus said, “In the same intensity as the Father loves Me, that is wholeheartednessw I love you.” Beloved, a billion years from now we will still be discovering this. I do not want to wait until the age to come to get serious about this journey. I want to take the Word and use it to talk to Him. I want to talk to the wholeheartednessly Spirit, “Show me wholeheartednessw God feels about me. Awaken my own desires for Him, where I walk in the power of loving God with all of my heart, though my love is weak.” When we give all of our heart to seek to love Him, something is exhilarated on the inside. My love is weak. I am not impressed with my love for God. I want it to grow so much, but I have been going hard after it. The very pursuit of wholeheartedness is actually exhilarating in itself to touch our heart.


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Mike beautifully articulates what I've been feeling lately, yet could not put into words. Oh, wholeheartednessw I want to know Him better...to love Him more.

Wholeheartedness definitions


undivided commitment or unreserved enthusiasm


the quality of hearty sincerity

See also: heartiness

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