White-hot in a sentence as an adjective

And Charlie's "white-hot supersonic shrapnel" is bollocks of the purest sort.

Bourbon is nothing compared to the rush of white-hot outrage you can extract from a bureaucracy in full flower.

If you're going to stay in a salaried job in our current white-hot market, you probably weren't going to start a company no matter what.

I think that most of what I appreciate about Computer Modern is that it sends the neighborhood font nerds into fits of white-hot rage every time I use it.

Processing power advancements have turned this long-suffering field into something of a white-hot ball of promise lately.

When I saw the title I thought infrastructure meant network infrastructure, which seems like a white-hot area of innovation given how much internet traffic they consume.

It did, however, have one lasting effect: the engineer that was pursued went from thinking fondly of his years at AWS to hating AWS and Amazon with a white-hot passion that still burns today.

Wrap a chunk of granite in a chunk of sandstone, and you may end up chipping off bits of the sandstone for 10s, heating up until all the white-hot sandstone flies off in fragments at once for 2s, and then the granite flying further towards the ground until its yield strength is exceeded in a higher pressure regime, or it impacts the ground.

White-hot definitions


intensely zealous or fervid; "fierce white-hot loyalty"


glowing white with heat; "white flames"; "a white-hot center of the fire"

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