How to use Vituperative in a sentence as an adjective

There is a bit of that, but at least in my circles I more often run across people aiming derision at C++ the language, and the people who are most vituperative are people who have years of C++ dev experience.

He said "if you do A, it won't be as effective as B".The person who is being an arsehole and a bully is you, naming, shaming, strawmanning, abusing, and being generally vituperative.

" There's no thought or reason in your argument, just vituperative handwaving.

Why the vituperative venom if Go is so uninspired and boring?

However, it's not the tracking Whisper and similar apps do that upsets me; it's the trashy content and vituperative gossip produced by their users.

I don’t think this can be done without altering social media algorithms to revert back from the “engagement-maximizing” firehose of vituperative extremist polarizing political sludge they pump into everyone’s feed these days.

I have a block of text then which looks like: "saccharine/mawkish/sappy; halcyon/good old days; vituperative/acerbic/caustic/bitter".

Graeber had a vituperative response that took everyone by surprise.

Taking this sentence and considering the context of widescale argumentative and vituperative language do you think another way of saying this, like'thats not right' or 'thats not correct' or 'i think you are mistaken' might actually be important?

The gun lobby press faithfully reports the philippics, and reprints the most vituperative anti-gun cartoons, to inflame its readers.

The first paragraph is a needlessly vituperative anti-American rant, calling into question the rest of the article.

Of course, ours is not an ethical society, so killing one is perfectly legal while killing the other will inspire a vituperative media circus, widespread hand-wringing, and decades in prison.

Vituperative definitions


marked by harshly abusive criticism; "his scathing remarks about silly lady novelists"; "her vituperative railing"

See also: scathing