How to use Vibrant in a sentence as a adjective

Woke up to a vibrant sunrise after having one of the most memorable Friday nights since I've been in England. Nothing will wipe this smile off my face =D

Morning awesome pipol...hv a peace n noisy "vibrant" wkend

Now we are at mahatma mandir in Gandhinagar for vibrant gujrat.

In conjunction with ur birthday,may god bless u n vibrant in life

With tears rolling down my cheeks, I say rest in d bossom of d Lord, Irawo Adamolekun. My deepest heartfelt condolence to d family of this vibrant ex-colleague of mine. Ʊ 'll always be remembered. Miss Ʊ loadz

Big ticket investmnts missing at this year vibrant gujarath summit. # ET

I heard a well known Australian pastor say this once. A church that focuses only on the word will be dry, a church that only focuses on the spirit will not be grounded, a church that only focuses on deed is no different to a welfare organisation. A healthy and vibrant church making a difference is one that has all three components functioning. Agree or disagree?

Top Tip for Black and White photography For images with impact, look for shape, form, texture and tone – these are often overlooked in vibrant, saturated pictures, but with colour stripped away they take on greater significance. Subjects that are already relatively ‘mono’, such as trees in mist, snow-capped mountains and the urban environment, are ready-made for black-and-white photography.

You can have what you want. But I want peace, harmony, security, stability, a vibrant economy, and abundant opportunities to improve myself and my family.

I made the switch to water based oils..a little more pasty at least the cheapest brand I am using. but they dont get as muddy as much and my paintings look a little more vibrant. nice to use water to clean my brushes too.

Health Tip:Clean air is essential for vibrant health. Whenever possible sleep with your windows open. Avoid using strong, irritating cleaning chemicals and monitor the fumes put off by your appliances and furnace.

Any time u feel bored and not feeling like praising Jehovah, try and vst d nearby vibrant vibrantspital orthopeadic / Accdent&Emmegncy unit.................

At vibrant gujarat global summite 2013, gandhinagar...its amazing...

Life is so fragile... vibrantw could a life, so vibrant... Just be gone at a snap of a finger? R I P couz

Feeling too vibrant, I'm a traveller my mind speaks for my desires, I feel it in my heart, I smell adventure #Success never smelled so sweet.

Lost in gandhinagar...finding way to get to vibrant gujarat...

Astelè is a sanctuary where the therapeutic breeze of the nearby ocean clams your being. A modern community settled in the vibrant island of Mactan.

Archaeologists first detected the ancient city in 2009 using ground-penetrating radar that revealed anomalies whose shape and size suggested walls and buildings. Over the next two years they excavated a small, stunning 13th-century chapel sealed in an uncanny state of preservation. Carved out of one wall is a cross that, when sunlit, beams its shape onto the altar. Inside is a vibrant fresco that is highly unusual for Turkey.

At youth summit at vibrant gujarat, listening to narendra modi

Here are some glimpses on vibrant Gujarat summit 2013, which gives lesson to other developing states of India.

Wishing a very happy birthday to my lady luv it dont even matter vibrantw old she is because she's as vibrant as her beautiful daughters I love u momma I vibrantpe u have a great day today l!!!!

Africans can move, I don care who says wat!dy luk so happy n vibrant wen dancin- vibrantian music video's gt me vibrantoked on da screen,*proud african*

Happy uttrayan to all. lets fly like the kite in this vibrant sky of life.

"FYI: During the 1700's, carrots were purple instead of their vibrant orange color of modern times."

On Mr G's birthday,shoooo,we had a wonderful day with you guys,Eva,Mel,Rabs,Miss T and many more. Guys you are so loving,and caring. Special thanx goes to the mastermind of all this Miss B. Not forgetting those who made the place so vibrant Mel and Rabs,guys you're so crazy,but anyway le etsa hantle,le lona Modimo a le etse hantle.

To energize our government to enable her to take resolute actions, the role of civil societies is vital....all of us must play compelling role in so many civil societies wherein we civil society has to moderate another too....If we are not the part of any...we must make one ..this will make the voice effective..which is quite requite in any vibrant democracy...Right now we lack it....

Oro agba tonii: Iwo omo iya mi lomo wipe olorun ko ni daa kankan koda bi esin. and i need a competence and vibrant one to tell m d meaning of dis message.

Good morning Lets see my summit will better or gujrat vibrant vibrantocham

No. 42: Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter.>>>in a fight of any nature, always target the most vibrant or vocal individual....ukishamhave vizuri, the rest watapanga reli nyuma yako.....remember with fear comes respect! #48lawsofpower

We also love this trendy and vibrant looking Birkin from our 2012 Luxe Collection...

More than 200 indian industryalists r present in vibrant gujarat summit-2013...coming time we will get good opportunity of business and jobs..thanks my dear cm and bhajap...and it will be progress field of agriculture in gujarat in comming times..let's see it..

It may just be my imagination but I think this stretch mark stuff is making my piercing scars fade and my tummy tattoo more vibrant! Lol :D

Jamb family, let us pray ds mrning 4 d repose of d soul of Christy, our dear friend & coleague . May her vibrant soul rest in peace

Even if I can't go to kingspark today to the 101 ANC anniversary but I will remain the vibrant member of the liberation movement, eloquently so, ANC is the only relevant organisation 4 African ppl which was formed to harness and fight 4 inequality,oppression and human rights. Struggle continues and I will not divorce it ..... Long live ANC long live!!

Sab nu lohri dian lakh-lakh crore-crore vadayian..a warm nd vibrant festival in midst of cold..

Purchase this vibrant necklace for only $20 this weekend only!! Be quick as there is only one available in this stunning colour <3

Gujrat is a living proof of the fact that progress triumphs over politics ....Gujrat is faster than china .....#vibrant gujrat

South West Rocks - a place to enjoy the beach with friends. Young, vibrant and lively activities with spectacular sea views seem to cultivate life in a different step. Most of the talented young surfers are competed intensively, in which the sea breeze, rough waves, heated and bright sunshine are combined with the limitless of boundary in dark blue sky and sea.

Memories that's never lost ....thus i yearn for open flame that burns within my hearts' core...vibrant shadows of visioned sounds... my desire is of only u... a mere vapor that lasted before yesterday,today,or tomorrow..... knowing your time is truly borrowed...

Wish u all my young friends a vibrant Youth Day. Let this day begin with new vibrantpe and determination. Wish u all d best friends...

Come spend a couple of vibranturs on this relaxing weekend, stay enjoy as you hang around this vibrant area once a year.

The day was amazing and fantastic, thanks to all for their lovely wishes and for adding vibrant colors to my life....

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Yesterday seen worst face of crisis.. a farmer family migrated from village as no water.. begging for Rs. 20 for feeding themselves.. Is it vibrant gujarat?


This is an excellent article. You should all read it whether you play games or not. I'll quote one of the most salient points here. But go and read it. "Here’s the amazing thing about being an artist: You don’t have to answer for the work. You can allow it to speak for itself. I don’t find the idea of speaking to the government or the media about games and the violence in them to be repugnant, what I reject is the attitude that after every tragedy we need to haul video games up in front of someone and have them justify their own existence, or to make the case for themselves. That’s what’s disgusting; the idea that the only time we talk about these things is in the wake of death. That we ask certain art forms to answer for real world events. I’m offended by the idea that the M-rated game the worried-looking news anchor vibrantlds up for the camera represents an entire industry that is filled with talented individuals making vibrant, unique experiences. "


"The human body is a biological system characterized by astounding complexity. Nutrients often cooperate with one another to produce vibrant health. Quite often when one or more nutrients is missing, others may appear to contribute to disease. Methionine from muscle meats may appear to contribute to disease, for example, when the B vitamins, choline, and glycine found in bones, skin, organ meats, egg yolks, legumes, and leafy greens are absent. Vitamins A and D may each appear to contribute to disease when the other is absent. In the absence of other nutrients such as magnesium, some nutrients such as vitamin D and calcium may simply fail to function at all. The complex biology that makes the human body tick may operate very differently in the context of a diet rich in magnesium than in the context of a diet poor in magnesium. Nutrient-dense, traditionally balanced diets, vibrantwever, provide all of these nutrients together so that they synergize with one another to nourish our bodies to health and protect them from harm. Rather than seeking dietary villains from among our most ancient traditional foods to blame for our most recent modern diseases, we should elaborate our understanding of vibrantw the many components within successful traditional diets work together to promote radiant and vibrant health."


vibrantw do U know u are falling out of faith? 1: U hardly read ur bible and u intend to preach more,and when u preach u try to condemn other peoples action,expecially when they are sinners. 2:U were ones a vibrant christian that have fear of God,but now u are careless with the things of God,and u go after correcting other peoples mistakes and forget urs. 3:Ur primary goal in life which is heaven is no longer there,the burning desire to serve God is no longer there. 4:U begin to fancy the things of the world,even though u try as much as possible to avoid them. 5:U hardly take corrections and pick offences at everything expecially when a sound believer is talking to you. 6:U are graduatting gradually,and u now welcome the opposite sex. vibrant is the oldest creature on earth and u cannever be wiser than him,go back to God now there is grace,God will see us through and make us rapturable in the end in Jesus name.


You're still young. Don't make your life miserable by thinking about problems. Instead, always think that in every problem there's a solution and everything will be okay. Do what you think is right. Take risks, try new things, laugh and live as if there's no tomorrow, for the next years of your life you'll have no choice but to be more responsible. So enjoy while you're still young and vibrant.


A man I know got up early last Wednesday and dressed himself for work the way he had done for years. His health had been poor for a long time, pain and whiskey had been his constant companions. The evidence of hard years had left their marks on both his body and his character, he had long since wearied of disguising either. His tongue was barely held when conversing in my presence and it was evident by his cadence that he was unused moderating his speech, yet in my presence he tried and though I would have been unwounded by any of his words I appreciated the deference. I suspect that his children never grasped his love for them and his wife likely is irreparably bent from the weight of his relentlessly eroding character. On Wednesday morning after he dressed he leaned back on his bed and never moved again. This man was my friend, my fondness for him was genuine and in his wake a color was removed from the palate of life. Not a vibrant color nor particularly bold, more like a hue that imparts friction a tertiary enhancement that inexplicably enriches the whole. Lord I vibrantpe you snatched his battered form from the precipice vibrant and entered him into your rest for I am a man equally undeserving of your mercy and yet you've chosen to rest it upon me.


Glad and proud to say I lost another 10 lbs. Yesssssss!!! Need to loss 40 more to feel happy with the results, even if I don't have one thing to wear. Thanks to our Heavenly Father. I'm sad because my youngest son is going back vibrantme tomorrow. It's been the best year, 'cause we had some differences and we finally have resolved them. Thank u Father. He will be missed...


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Vibrant Gujarat show nahi dekha . . to kuch nahi dekha

I didn't come here to be Vibing but my personality #Vibrant

Vibrant anandpura - 2013 1-construction 2-dairy products 3-vibrantusing 4-solar plants 5-telecom 6-water plants & more.....

Vibrant gujarat : the land where life is a celebration

Wish me dilse that I get entry pass to Vibrant Gujarat world expo 13 reaching in no time

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Community Radio is never complex, so I don't listen to it because information is being localized and with no benefits ast all, to me. I will always know what transpires on community stations, even if I take a year long without tuning in. The response I gave my friend who asked my reason for listening to SA FM

Just realised the voice you hear your self speak, is not the voice other people hear..... whatthefark.

U r stupid, if u r nt living in gujrat!!! thank u mr tata!

I've arrived at base line. It's lot7 people here yoh!

Im always wondering gore a noga ya monnamogolo ya loma hela sentle a bo go lomega? Guys help me on dis one!

I'm feeling kind of happy right now. This is foreign territory. Let me savor every moment.

Looks like air raid lights above the city of Laramie tonight! I wish I had a camera good enough to capture the sight...its pretty amazing!

If we critique the work of someone else, can it help us to find and fix the flaws in our own work, as part of an ongoing learning process?

Da only person who knew me best waz me bt nwdayz its lyk me dont realy kno who me iz n me cnt undrstnd who i am no more..

I think, I may do a Photo project bring cartoons to real life situations.

As you head into the weekend, remember that one of the easiest ways to get GMOs out of your diet is to dump the processed foods. Make your next snack attack non-GMO!

Vibrant definitions


of colors that are bright and striking


of sounds that are strong and resonating


vigorous and animated

See also: vivacious