Upbraid in a sentence as a verb

One can't tarry on life's path to upbraid all the assholes in the world, and legal redress is well out of reach of most of us.

It's not okay just because it makes them money, and it's not dishonest to upbraid them for their harmful behavior.

" they might well be right to upbraid me and say that I am among the Athenians who most definitely came to that agreement with them.

I've had an Amazon deliveryman upbraid me for the fact that he had trouble finding my apartment.

But Juno, when she saw him, knew that he and the old merman's daughter, silver-footed Thetis, had been hatching mischief, so she at once began to upbraid him. "Trickster," she cried, "which of the gods have you been taking into your counsels now?

Why is it incorrect for me to seek help if I am sexually assaulted by a manager?Furthermore, given that my employer has a duty to ensure a safe workplace, why should I not upbraid my employer for failing in that duty, or advise them of the problem so that they can correct it?

If the work is produced without compensation from the company and without using any company tools or resources, how can anyone make an argument that the company "owns" it just because the originator is employed there?I can see how non-competes might be enforced to upbraid the release or participation of employees or ex-employees in businesses thought damaging to the employer.

Upbraid definitions


express criticism towards; "The president reproached the general for his irresponsible behavior"

See also: reproach