Uneasily in a sentence as an adverb

To the extent they support the party, they do so uneasily, outside the DNC, and for largely economic reasons.

The gore is by far the highest in the first, but it is the realism of the second--and more strongly the reality of the third--that seems to sit so uneasily.

Which is arguably one of the good effects—though other people have written uneasily about how this is in a way the outsourcing of emotional labor to machines.

It could have been stated better, but I read it less as a claim that only Christians have ghost stories but rather exploring why fairy stories fit uneasily in Christian cosmology.

> but cost per square foot is broadly stableI've looked at this data before and you are correct, but something sits uneasily for me. I think the thing everyone feels as "everything is more expensive" is that cost per square foot anywhere near an economic nexus has exploded since the 80s.

There's no other application on any computing device that we allow to be an uneasily dismissable, focus stealing modal with sound alarms in 2019.

He wrote the article to validate his decisions, he sought validation to ease his bidding convictions, he uneasily bid on a psn account to gain what he’d lost, he lost what he had gained because he swallowed a fly.

Do they have less to lose, or is this another attempt to deflect responsibility?Your claims to not be defending Coursera sit uneasily with clear attempts to deflect responsibility from them.

>exploring why fairy stories fit uneasily in Christian cosmologyPossibly because fairy stories come from primarily animist and polytheistic cultures.

> The history of mankind for the last four centuries is rather like that of an imprisoned sleeper, stirring clumsily and uneasily while the prison that restrains and shelters him catches fire, not waking but incorporating the crackling and warmth of the fire with ancient and incongruous dreams, than like that of a man consciously awake to danger and opportunity.~H.

Uneasily definitions


with anxiety or apprehension; "we watched anxiously"

See also: anxiously apprehensively