Underside in a sentence as a noun

The underside of my 2011 MBP is about, say, 5-10C hotter on ML.

Lava-based ****** holes in the underside could be used to defend blind spots.

"Default ground clearance" means the distance between the ground and underside of the car, yeah?

The underside of the cockpit is probably the best area to get shot at in an A-10.

You can adjust the grind size by adjusting a small bolt on the underside of the grinder mechanism.

You might be able to make it work by putting a big magnet on the underside of the surface to attract the router, though.

Question: Is it really that unusual to have 25 tons of force applied to a point of the underside of the car in an accident?

How big a deal is it, scientifically speaking, that the rover has access to the freshly-exposed underside of the rock?

This is true particularly for the underside of the leaf where the stomata are usually located.

I read it differently, as a reminder of the depressing underside of the US economy.

If you look at the underside of the telescope, it's just a repeated pattern of what was originally visible.

It's like if a restaurant was robbed by someone that knew the code for the back door and that a spare key to the safe was taped to the underside of the desk in the back room.

Seeing as I was using the exact same boards for my 6 rack cluster...It's a little concerning to see pic 12, in what looks like to be a disassembled PSU on the underside of the board.

Failures to execute on a string of social efforts, most recently G+, as well as an increasing sense of distraction, as well as possible signs of weakness in its core search business, suggest a vulnerable underside to Google.

Underside definitions


the lower side of anything

See also: bottom undersurface