Undercover in a sentence as an adjective

Laughably my command thought I was undercover CID, how else would a dumb grunt be so smart?

We only hear about the ones where it was an undercover cop, because that's when they get caught.

The undercover agent sends the *****, and arrests DPR's employee.

FFS, me and my boss got pulled over by undercover police just last month on a ******** pretense that we didn't signal the turn, which he did 100%.

It would be pretty stupid for the government to send undercover agents after him if his techniques didn't work.

I mean, ffs he seemed to insinuate in the Guardian interview that the NSA keeps a list of undercover assets and he had access to it!?

DPR doesn't realize that he was responsible for getting the employee arrested, and then hires the undercover agent to **** his ex-employee.

Also, the majority of police, etc. undercover operations are shorter than this period.

Either they are in full battle-rattle complete with assault vehicles, automatic weapons and drones or undercover in plainclothes.

And frankly, with the multitude of undercover operations that border on entrapment, maybe those operations need to be documented better as well.

"A US card cloner forced would-be gang members to take part in group sex sessions as part of an initiation ceremony designed to weed out undercover cops, according to a detective.

You think the DOJ invented an entire ******-for-hire scheme with an undercover cop in a federal indictment because they're intent on convincing message board nerds to distrust Bitcoin?

Police interactions with the public cannot be private, with the only exception being undercover police work or other times when the identity of the other person must be protected as in the case of a minor.

Undercover definitions


conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods; "clandestine intelligence operations"; "cloak-and-dagger activities behind enemy lines"; "hole-and-corner intrigue"; "secret missions"; "a secret agent"; "secret sales of arms"; "surreptitious mobilization of troops"; "an undercover investigation"; "underground resistance"

See also: clandestine cloak-and-dagger hugger-mugger hush-hush secret surreptitious underground