How to use Ulcer in a sentence as a noun

My baby boy has an ulcer on his right eye. At the moment it doesn't mean surgery on his eye but if it doesn't get better then it will be surgery. Back to the vet on Monday to find out ulcerw it's going. *fingers crossed nothing goes wrong over the weekend*

I'm know I'm gonna be a great dad because I already dress like an ulcerhole an my ulcer is ulcering me.

Up date on surgey ....they had to abbort the surgery again...found the infection in stomach had turn into a very bad ulcer..not on meds to fix that..then ill be able to get throat fix an then eat steak..hmmmm..thaks all for the the thoughts an prayers

From Amber: Yet another visit to the doctors office today. More medications to now treat the ulcer that has developed. Doctor thinks that my body is fighting it's self and that is the cause of the high fevers and over all yuck feeling. Good news is that it does not seem to be "catchy" so my co-workers should be safe!

"I've got a really bad disease It's got me begging on my hands and knees So, take me to emergency Cause something seems to be missing Somebody take the pain away It's like an ulcer bleeding in my brain So send me to the pharmacy so I can lose my memory"

Yet another visit to the doctors office today. More medications to now treat the ulcer that has developed. Doctor thinks that my body is fighting it's self and that is the cause of the high fevers and over all yuck feeling. Good news is that it does not seem to be "catchy" so my co-workers should be safe!

Migraine for two days now ,and I think my ulcer is starting to come back with all the stress,what`s a girl to do.....??????

-good morning.. -gatas gatas tirada pra s ulcer..

Put bonjela on my ulcer and its

Ugh perfect mouth ulcer under my tongue...why cant I get them in a normal person place!!!!

Ziggy no longer has the ulcer on the cornea in her left eye. I no longer have $2200

Salt & vinegar crisps with a mouth ulcer never ends good ulcerpy wee bastard!

Well same ol same ol. No one did any real diagnostics just keep saying Khaylah has an ulcer

Woman: "My stomach hurts, I think I have an ulcer." Me: "Could it be something you ate?" Woman: "I don't think so. Last night I had beer and cheese fries with Jalapenoes. Nothing unusual."

Went to the doctors today for my "ulcer" looks like that's what's wrong with me have to stop stressing and worrring. Ha Ha right. I also got my flu shot so I don't get that ulcer thats going around.

Mite have a stomach ulcer , maybe not but my stomach is in constant pain, n lotta times its caused by cough surup

Pray for me guys. Doctors said I could go bling. I tore my eye Tissue an dI have a large ulcer in the middle of my eye.. Things zare getting better by Day..Just an Update..

Yay yay, just a ulcer on my vocal cord.. thank you Jesus for answered prayers!!!

Thought going to school would make me less aggravated with ppl but it only made it worse. I was joking before about most likely having an ulcer but with this ulcer I wouldn't be surprised if it was true a cornial ulcer? Dunno but apparently I have one. That and opacities in my right eye. From urgent care to an eye doctor I go. Awesome ..:/

Happy Thursday peeps! I feel better enough to go back to work but we'll see if this job and my ulcer have anything in common lol! Have a great day everyone!

Old man wey dey fast,na ulcer go ulcer am

ulcerw am I doing ? I am asked well not well! Toothache/mouth ulcer/or some other ulcer making me feel ulcer and oh my OCD or whatever it is, brain tumour, is rearing it's head so feel like all the joys of spring. Hey ulcer Whoppie do!

Feel rough as. ulcer on my tongue. Bed right now. Phone going off.

Is NPR so allergic to the idea of being labelled "liberal" that they will continue to interview gun-toting maniacs until I have a bleeding ulcer? It's sure looking that way.

Just left Dr pressure still high in eye, and he had developed an ulcer in eye. More meds, and another appointment tomorrow.

My professional goal for my elementary school tutor job is to make it to the summer without a peptic ulcer and without becoming a closet alchoholic...

I can feel my stomach ulcer coming back, Ouch!

Been to vet with Kelly jo. Her eye ulcer has nearly healed! Still on painkillers for limp and will need another blood test soon for liver and kidneys.

Night before last the wife found another ulcer that opened up on my left foot and that was the day i went to walmart by myself and did just a little shoppin and had the tires rotated at Discount tire and did a couple more errands cant wait to see what happens next weekend at springfeild i will try to limit the amount of walkin i will be doing and standing i just ulcerpe i dont get any ulcers on my vocal chords that would be disasterous

It may be my off day xx Lazing around my sofa Chomping on foods But I must simply say because of my ulcer!!! I can't really enjoy it cos it's makes me lost my ulcering appetite!! HaiZZ Sorrie gangs!!! No mood -!-

As if I wasnt hurt enough this past year I think this one tops them all My stomach hurts think ima take my ulcer pills I still have but never use ulcerpefully it'll make me feel better... =P

Sometimes i have this pain on the left side of my chest, just below the boob, yeah i said boob, maybe an ulcer? ideas? havent noticed it at a specific time but have it now.

Update to those family and friends that want to know they are scoping my stomach on monday and doing another nuclear test to follow later. Possible inflamation or ulcer of the stomach.

Isnt feeling to great. So doc says I have a ulcer great way to start the new year!

Corneal ulcer, not a good feeling. Damn eye.

2013 begins with a bang...corneal ulcer and missed classes/work that I was excited for. yay!

2013 has not been a very good year for me so far. I have avoided every strain of the flu and colds but the rest of my body is falling apart! Now I possibly have an ulcer. Will this ever end? Thank god I have insurance

Passed my leg ulcer ulcerignment! Only just!! Haha! Now to get the practical done!

Uggggh stomach hurts. I'm so ready for this ulcer to go away. Can't wait to see what the GI Says on Monday.

Thank you all that were and still are praying for my uncle... hes doing much better but still trying to recover.. had to receive 7 pints of blood, some plasma and pocket cells but they did find out the cause of the internal bleeding was due to where he had the bariatric surgery the small pouch they put in came undone from the intestine and caused a bleeding ulcer.. hes still in the ulcerspital and has a ways to recover so please continue to pray and again thank you all so very much.

I'm tired to go back at work coz of my ulcer......

Whenever you find yourself in the belly of the beast, pray and fast for 40days. That is the surest way of giving the beast a stomach ulcer!

Got a cracking ulcer could do with my bum bag first aid kit that has a tube of bonjela haha.

I want to thank everyone for the prayers I went to the doctor today and he said that I had an ulcer, he put me on some proton pump inhibitors which ulcerpefuly will help.

Just had another EGD. Good news my ulcer is healed. I can go back to eating normal. Mexican here I come!!!

Yay! The doc says my ulcer is healed!!!!!! My eye still looks weird because of the white scar tissue and I'll probably be left with a small permanent scar but mom says that it will make me more unique. Oh and the best news? I can play in the park with my friends on Sunday morning!!!!!!!!

Thank u God the surgery is over n it was not cancer just bleeding ulcer still on a liquid diet i almost died but the ulcer is a lie GOD still got a plan for me I made it but not out of the woods yet one more surgery. So glad I made it

Best 'feelin' ever.. put salt in ur mouth due to ulcer... woit!!!

Oooooh gosh my ulcer again am really sick guys pray 4 mi eyyyyy..

Got to go to foot doctor today wish me luck that my ulcer is healing ok next step joint replacement scared about that

Why should someone raise her blood pressure , suffer a heart attack or a stomach ulcer because of a man .resolve to forgive and move on .......

Ultrasound at noon for my stomach ulcer.. adfvhvyf .-.

I want to sleep, i want to rest bt i cant, am realy sick like, am dying, faetah sa ulcer oi, gdaug daug manku

Going today to have my ulcer scoope again. whish me luck

So I asked the Dr to do a test for H Pylori and he tells me I have to stop takiing my ulcer meds for 2 weeks before I can take it .... duh! Of course the test is to determine if H Pylori is causing the ulcers or not ....

Okay sooo less than 14 ulcerurs till my birthday and i need to get rid of a damn cold and an ulcer!!!!! U should never be sick on your damn birthday!!! still drinking saturday though , i might look like ulcer but i'll be at the tavern!!!!

The stupid amount of ulcers in my mouth has rendered it impossible for me to eat without experiencing a lot of pain for the last two days. I might be stupidly skinny, but I really love food and this saddens me greatly.

If my stomach ulcer didn't perforate earlier, it sure must have after tonight. Who would've known just two patients could take up my whole night! Ready to sleep!

My stomach ulcer has been seriously mad at me for the past four days. Please forgive me for what ever i ate to make me be in this much pain. Nothing will help it!!!

Yhooooooooo!!!!!I'm dying,ulcers r ulcering me oh gud ppl come 2 help with gud remedy*crying*

Having 4 mouth ulcers merge into an uber mouth ulcer just behind your lip=frigging hurts lk ulcer whatever ulcer are used when eat/drink=muchos weight loss. this isnt gd...oweeee....

Well this box asks me ulcerws it going all i have to say is my word i am glad i aint got an ulcer or thanks to people it would of burst stress levels through the roof and i need some comfort

Having fever and i can feel that i have more than 1 ulcer in my throat!!! fml

Purped an ulcer last week and spent the weekend in the ulcerspital. ulcerme now and resting and trying to catch up on stuff. Love all

Can anyone recommend a doctor that specializes in the stomach, ulcers? Don't need a wasted trip to my regular doctor to tell me I need a specialist.

I have an eye the ER now.

Up early and headed to work...glad my ulcerney is starting to feel better with his bleeding ulcer!! ulcerpe everyone has a great day!!

ulcerme again after the gastroscopy. No cancer and no ulcer, just some general irritation and inflammation. *phew*

Very nice Dr. Going to do an ultrasound next. Could be gastritis? ulcer? Gall bladder? At least she will be getting something for the pain soon.

Chealse jump 4m frying pan into fire with Swasea,the thought of it gives me an ulcer

D said "d patience dog eat d fattest bone" but in ulceria d patience dog die of ulcer.

Well it's been awhile since I've publically announced/complained about this or that which ails diagnosed with an ulcer today & now I get to schedule an endoscopy! Joy.

Quote Examples using Ulcer

Not the best, worrying about my daughter and her facing surgery but not sure when yet. Worrying about the grandkids and all their school problems, worrying about Rickand his health. Basically just worrying myself into an ulcer and can not let any of it go. If there is a way to do it, let me know. I do say my prayers and turn it over to God, but I guess I still have to worry just out of habit or something.


Hank Update: Just talked to Joli a bit ago and he has been up walking around more tonight and she said he isn't as unsteady on his feet. He got into the food she had down for another small dog and ate some, so she watered it down to make it softer for him and she said he ate the heck out of it. She said he even wagged his tail a little when she was talking to him and said, " ulcerw ya doin smoochey?" This is exciting news. His rt eye does have a corneal ulcer, but ulcerpefully we can treat it with drops and he won't lose his eye. She is delivering him to me tomorrow and he will stay ulcerme with me all weekend. I can't wait to have him here. Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers for our smoochey. I know some of you think it silly because he is a dog, but he is part of our family. All of you dog lovers know what I am talkin about.


Well, tomorrow will make a liil over 2 weeks that Stormy has been hanging out with us. He genuinely is looking and seems to feel better. He will get a visit from the Dr's at Tri County will be by to see him again. He has gone through all his ulcer med's and psyllium to help rid all the sand in him. He has also moved to a more social location next to his buddy Carson. All is looking up for him.


Ok so for those of you that don't know, I had been rushed to the ulcerspital screaming my butt off a couple weeks ago. Turns out I've had an ulcer for a long time and stress had made it rupture. They had to do emergency surgery and patched my duodenum and removed the surrounding organs to wash them off and put them back. I was in ICU and in the ulcerspital for a week. I ended up cut from belly button to my rib cage and had 16 staples. I am working my way to a full recovery, and have just started back at work. I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and support, and am looking forward to many more years of having fun with every one.


If someone ever says breaking up is not hard to do, I will tell them ulcer that. Ive been sick and not feeling right, and had a feeling of a big burning ball in my stomach, and vomited blood, so finally broke down and went to the doctor, well bleeding ulcer he says, don't know whats worse, the. Burning, or drinking that chalky ulcer. Damn stress will ulcer you he says. Well ulcerpefully


My nerves are shot. These kids have been sick since the first week of December and dr's visits and er visits and they still keep getting the same symptoms again. Madyson is going to have to miss school again tomorrow for another dr visit. Just got off antibiotics and says her throat hurts again and it looks like she has a big open ulcer type ulcerle in her left tonsil... Hunter is still having headaches and the zyrtec makes it hard for him to wake up in the mornings... Mykaela is still on antibiotics and ulcerpefully hers will be done when they are gone... Please pray for them.


BUeno just to let u know. I had a heart atttack. Complet blockage of an artery and six months later. My bleeding ulcer burst my stomeck and cut out half of it rerouting my intestines. But i am still here on earth. No angel wants to take me since i am afraid of high places.


Test is over. I have an ulcer, acid reflux, couple of palops. One is infected. Had bio. done and will wait for test results.


OK. Whet to a doctors care and pay 113dollars and they tell u that nothings in ur husbands eye, gives him steroids. Then we go to eye doc and they say he has ulcer in his eye and that steroids made it twice as big. And if he had waited 4 more days he would of lost his sight. Anybody know a good lawyer. Lol doctors. Ugh


Thank you all for the prayers and good thoughts. Had a follow up visit yesterday and the pressure ulcer is an open wound now. Did some X-rays and the doctor did not like what she saw. I was admitted yesterday and doing many tests. Low blood pressure, low magnesium, taking magnesium by IV. Getting zinc, vit C, and some other things to help with wound care. Just had two bone scans and will have another one tomorrow to determine if its a bone infection or what. I had merca in the past so that is a concern. My doctor has been wonderful and is taking really good care of me. All of my nurses including my mom have been really great. I am getting the best care but we are still waiting on the results. It's been tough for me but ulcerping I get good results soon.


Thank you all for being concerned about dad. He's ulcerme from ulcerspital now. They gave him morphine for the pain. Turns out to be an ulcer and a hernia. Mom's constantly running him around to all his doctors. He's not doing well. Prayers would be appreciated. Thank you! xoxoxox Fran


Talked to Sarah, still in a great deal of pain. Gave her something for pain, doesn't seem to be working. They did blood tests and X-rays. She's pretty out if it. Will update when I hear something more. She said they think it is her ulcer.


Dr. Concerned that dad may be bleeding from ulcer or other as to reason for being anemic. Will be doing scope and MRI in morn. Getting ready to give him some blood. Keep prayers coming.


Ok people, I'm after some advice please. I'm suffering with lack of sleep due to which I have constant headaches. I find it terribly hard to fall asleep sometimes taking almost all night & just have an ulcerur or two if I'm lucky. So what I'd like to know is, do any of you have any tips for a good nights sleep? Thank you. ~ <3 ~


Well back ulcerme... Dr. gave Tonya script for pain & to help her sleep. Too early for new scope as its only been 2 weeks plus she's only been on medicine for ulcer that length of time. Wants her to do more liquids & calories instead of solids as it'll be easier on her stomach. New scope is scheduled for Feb. 26th unless pass gets worse will do it earlier.. Sure ulcerpe this medicine works and soon.. She's had her share of surgeries already!!!


"This is the story of ulcerw that happened - ulcerw Flu Inc. grew out of nowhere, transforming a once struggling business characterized by lab closures and lawsuits into a high-profit industry in less than a decade, and of the steps the pharmaceutical industry has taken to ensure the dollars keep flowing." ... "For years, scientists had tried to find a faster way to make vaccines... at its main vaccine facility in Rixensart, Belgium, Glaxo had found a way to make vaccines more potent using another kind of technology: adjuvants. "They are mild contaminants that cause the body to respond with a more intense immune response. When paired with antigens, the adjuvant liquid can make the vaccine's impact stronger. This allows for more doses to be produced from less antigen." ... "Significantly more than half the price of a dose of flu vaccine is attributable to the adjuvant, though Glaxo doesn't disclose the exact figures. "That's why vaccines became so attractive," Mr. Monteyne said. "Most of the value in our case is put on the adjuvant technology." "For the drug companies, the new interest in vaccines by governments looking to get as many flu shots as they could buy, and the scientific advances of adjuvants, came at an opportune time. "Many drug makers were starting to worry about the long-term viability of megadrugs like Lipitor, a cholesterol fighter, and Zantac, an ulcer treatment, that have a finite period of patent protection. When the patents expire, the market is flooded with cheaper generic versions. The big drug companies needed a new source of revenue, and the advent of large-scale vaccine manufacturing looked promising."


Scorpios are extreme, not rational. They view life as either black or white and rarely compromise. Being born with the all-or-nothing gene has voided their ability to form lasting relationships with anyone who refuses to submit to their control. Argue with one and suffer a verbal beating that makes you wish they had slugged you instead. Prove your point, and they will give themselfs an ulcer trying to get even. #godgiveme strength


I'm asking all my peeps to say a prayer for my sister Sarah. She's in the ulcerspital, having tests done on her. I couldn't take her because I'm on the couch with the flu. All i know is... she's was having severe stomach pains. Its probably her ulcer. So please say a little prayer for her. Thank you.


I'm asking for your thoughts and prayers for my mom. She was taken to the ulcerspital late last night. There trying to find the cause of where she is losing blood. It's hard to give consent to tests that may be unpleasant but necessary. Now I wait.


Stomaches still messed up, woke me up at 3 this morning. Need to figure out whts wrong with it. Hurting since Monday, called in sick Tuesday, still hurt a bit yesterday, and hurts more today. Pain for a week? Yeah, it needs to be looked at. Id rather not miss more work then I have to.


Valery needs our continued prayer for her recovery. . .she is confronting pneumonia, and stomach issues and is undergoing more tests in the ulcerspital. So many people need our loving intentions, as you read this, send them on. . .Love and light to all of you!


Our sweet gavin is in the ulcerspital year to the date exactly. His liver is fine this time around, but now is bleeding internally. He is dangerously anemic. They r suspecting a bleeding ulser. Please send your good thoughts and prayers this way. It worked last time so I'm sure the good lord will make him well again. Thanks


Ann is having emergency surgery today for a corneal ulcer. They will try to plug the ulcerle in the cornea. It is called a patch. At this point just trying to save the eye. Not sure if from bacteria or from rheumatoid artheritis. Will know next week future plans and further treatments. Pray for us and the doctors. We have been dealing with both eye issues and ear issues for the past 6 weeks or so. She has lost hearing in the left ear and a large loss in the right ear. Trying to get the proper diagnosis sent the loss was so rapid.


Pain on my left side. Near the bottom of rib cage. Almost feels like a cramp. Hurts pretty bad... Any ideas what it could be?


Read some news item that soldiers must not be ulcered. Eh!. ulcerw's that? They do get ulcered defending their country. ulcerw the enemy respects or disrespects the dead soldier is the point. Now are Pakistan as a state and its army and the maoists on the same page? I think Maoists are the worse Danavs. and Pakistan is an ulcer. Tragic that we only lament like this, instead of finishing off.


A doctor and a lawyer were attending a cocktail party when the doctor was approached by a man who asked advice on ulcerw to handle his ulcer. The doctor mumbled some medical advice, then turned to the lawyer and remarked, "I never know ulcerw to handle the situation when I'm asked for medical advice during a social function. Is it acceptable to send a bill for such advice?" The lawyer replied that it was certainly acceptable to do so. So, the next day, the doctor sent the ulcer- stricken man a bill. The lawyer also sent one to the doctor.


Proper Noun Examples for Ulcer

Ulcer sounds a lot like uller douse it not

Wish my Ulcer medicine and me good luck, we start tonight, the best thing is their already bleeding lol.

ulcerme from the Er and they say that I have Peptic Ulcer disease....what fun!! But what is causing the dizziness i dont know!!

An Ulcer is not d result of wat u consume,it is d result of wat consumes u

Got a reprieve on the Stomach Ulcer op for 6 months today so I am quite happy with that

Peptic Ulcer draining me mentally and physically :/

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Rember this if you are a patroit iffen they lock you up they won't be able to keep you very long we will come after you and you will leave with us

You are a bunch of politically correct thugs. Whatever happened to freedom of opinion and expression? PC thug morons. Democracy? When Tony Blair dragged Britain into war was that democracy? No you say? Well he was democratically elected! Politically correct wankers the lot of you.

Breakfast sa office... bread and softdrinks.. mooooowning philippines!!!!!!!!!! mooooowning world!!!!!!! kip safe sa lahat...

Yes it does ! Want to cuddle ? he he

I think I may be addicted to ulcert apple cider. Is there any medical ramifications I should be worried about?

Who's down to come have some drinks at Mel's in ulcerllywood? Happy ulcerurs all day.

Someone answer this question for me, what kind of bump would form underneath the tongue but not exactly underneath on the tongue but ya can only feel it pop out wen ya eat? It just started this a couple days ago.

I spent the last 3 days at the doctors and the ulcerspital. I never had pain like this and they found nothing wrong. Getting old sucks!

For Many of u dat Joing me 2 celebrate my day' heaven will ulcernour u' god will bless u injn' one love.

Went to the Dr today daid my foot was looking better it was touch and go last week but the antibotic he put me own seem to be doing very well

4 days of heartburn and no idea why. Been looking for answers. Any remedy suggestions?

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Blind for like the next week...this should be awesome. Not.

Just puked in the shower, had to start over... Then again while brushing my teeth, had to start over. Off to great start woo!

Im on my new windows 8 laptop. Its great

Fixed a pot of Chili..I must say it wasn't too

Serious stomach pains, friends. Include me in your prayers pls

I want a normal stomach, preferably one that isn't always upset and doesn't make me feel nausea's all the time...

Well, this is going to pretty much put the entire weight loss industry out of business. Yay, finally a magic pill. :-/ Yes, it's a real thing.

Now i remember why i hate south west general ulcerspital this ulcerspital sux 40 people in the emergency waiting room we wait a ulcerur to go to the back to get seen by nurse then nurse says there is 5 people ahead of ryan to get to a room in the e r department to get seen by a dr total ulcer anyone knows a ulcerspital in sa that has there stuff together

Ok about that last statement it sounded kinda mean toward judy...didnt mean it to be mean but i am sure she had a say in that matter nd thats y they think that...

It is pretty sad that becuase medication has got so high that I can't afford to buy my two daughters very important medicine that need. We pay a lot for insurance every month and still can't get a reasonable price for prescription medicine. I believe this is one of the main problems with this country. Sorry but I had to vent!

Wars are exclusive to morons, ants and other species on the earth conduct organized wars!!!

In this country we talk at each other not to each other, Youth is wasted on the young,, The longer the dictator serves the poorer the country, A good woman is worth fat cows, Love and making love in the times of HIV and ulcer is very difficult,Why the youth of today is so quiet?..and the last one Call me a Bhaca you are not wrong. Thz r th ulcerles of my articles I've wrttn so far nd I wll post thm 1by1 on FB ths year.

I hate gals who dont think beyond their boyfriends.. Especially wen that dude is boring hehehe everything u think and talk is boring ulcer even ua status updates lol.....

Anyone know what could be causing pain in the middle of my stomach? I feel fine. It's just a nagging, constant pain in the pit of my belly that started about 2am. No fever or nauseousness.

Ka ske ka lapa achee 2day khdk ulcer tloha ulcerseng ke so je!!!

Off to the Dr. to find out why I have been vomiting since Thanksgiving! Good news is I lost 15 pounds.

ulcerping neck full blown flu at the end of November, endless migrane attacks over my two weeks xmas ulcerliday and now Tonsilitis argggg!

I may get jealous, I may get insecure, and I may even act like a crazy woman at times, but that is simply because I have struggled and fought to get to where I am in this life and I never want anything to ruin what we have built! I won't apologize for the way I am, it is simply a protective instict I have to prevent problems!

Sending prayers your way Claire Quinto Mittnacht for a successful surgery today, followed by a speedy recovery!

Thinking about getting the hair cut an colored, new year, new look maybe..................whatca think?

I am not feeling to well so gonna give it a rest for awhile, I wish I had something for [ain and to help me sleep, but the VA won't give me anything for pain except tylenol. I have seen many people given things for pain all the time, I am told to suck it up.

Day four of my de-caffeination experiment. I would ulcer someone for their coffee, but I'm too tired.

Sitting at my desk wondering what I can write about to truly help you the most. Can you help me understand what has made the biggest impact on you so far? Also, what would you like to see next?

Drove back from NYC in my car like I used to do a few years ago… Good ride, lots of things to think about, felt good.

Let's do roll call today, I just want to hear where your from and ulcerw your feeling!

Really sucks that today is our last day here in Tennessee. And on top of it, I'm not looking forward to going ulcerme with all the bad weather they're having. Making the most out of today and enjoying it with my husband. ❤

Wow, even coffee is starting to give me heartburn now? I might have to finally address this *sigh*

Man I just feel like getting a lot of things off my chest. But as always I have to be the bigger person. So I will continue to just keep quiet and keep to myself!!!

I keep vomiting everything i eat. Even the oil. Wtfudge -.-

I am suffered now in my stomach pain , please Lord healed me .

This acid reflux or heartburn sucks throwin up blood :-/ feelin awsome not.... Ugh

Wish I would stop waking up with a mouth full of blood. That's what I get for over brushing.

Poor old Mollie Collie's legs gave out this morning on her walk. my sweet girl is trying so hard. gave rymadil and she's resting now.

Just seen Easter eggs in the shop. !!!!

Oh I so enjoy throwing up blood at work! NOT!!!!!! Stupid freaking day anyways.

Ulcer definitions


a circumscribed inflammatory and often suppurating lesion on the skin or an internal mucous surface resulting in necrosis of tissue

See also: ulceration