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We're having another great Irish transatlanticoley on Friday night we've decided. Now to convince Garry O'Meara to come over for the night. It's only a few transatlanticurs transatlantic flight?! #RaglanRebels #RaglanRoadPub

Oh transatlantic. Drivin on the wrong side of the road. Not just a side effect of the drug enduced transatlantic nappy time.

Wonderful PBS program about the transatlantic expansion of slavery and slave culture/dynamics in the settlements of colonial North America. Provoked a lot of additional reading and researching about the Portuguese beginnings of the trade in Angola. Catch it if you can. It's real television....not reality.

One thing on my bucket list is to fly first class on a transatlantic flight! One day!!!

Hi everyone! An update is long overdue.... After having hitchhiked to Valencia, bicycling through some major mountains with full gear on my back to alicante, and travelling further to Granada's palaces and Algeciras, Simon took the ferry to Tanger to end in the marina in Smir where he spent the last 2 weeks on boat repairs, camping with locals in the Tetouan mountains, and meeting the rest of the 8-headed crew. After perhaps dropping by Gib first, the transatlantic crossing departure is set for Thursday! Catch you on the other side!

2 days are up 5 days tooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooo welcome to transatlantic ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Miami im comin sooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ........................

Last cruise in the med before we do the transatlantic to Miami and the Caribbean! Looking forward for the change in scenery and new adventures!

Lookin forward ta watching transatlantic sessions, pity it's da last een!!

Using words like "Brits", "Yanks", or the phrase "across the pond" to refer to transatlantic happenings upsets me

Back transatlanticme. 8 flights, 2 transatlantic, in 20 days. I think I have had enough for the time being.

Sal' s out so I'm catching up on last night's transatlantic session - best one of the series so far! Makes me want to pick up my guitar and play

Today we are in Funchal, Madeira......we stopped here in 1999 on our first transatlantic....we don't remember a thing about that first visit.......

Norwegian Air takes on transatlantic market with budget flights

"Scandinavian carrier Norwegian launches £149 transatlantic service which Gatwick calls an industry game-changer". I wish they'd come to TL.

Finished paying off our 2014 cruise today ~~ looking forward to a great time in the Western Caribbean. I do want to start looking at 2015 transatlantic or even Hawaiian cruise ~~~ anyone done either ? part of the fun of vacations is all the research !

Appreciates sleeping pods in airports after transatlantic flights, salted almond Tolberone, and the familiarity of my American accent to the Texan family feeling acutely foreign at the currency exchange counter.

33 years ago today, as our Alitalia flight touched down at JFK in late afternoon with passengers applauding the smooth execution of that transatlantic landing, we silently, but smilingly, celebrated the start of our lives in America.

Is anyone familiar with cross-country and transatlantic freight shipping of 40 foot high cube containers and the logistics involved? Please contact Adam. 949-735-9371

S/O to the ppl who following their soul!! N going for more than a 9ta5!! Cuz they greater than that!!! Slow motion better than no motion!! N if ya skin like mine know u the 1st at everything!!! History b 4 the transatlantic!!!

"I am mortified beyond expression that in the moment of our acknowledged independence we should by our conduct verify the predictions of our transatlantic foe, and render ourselves ridiculous and contemptible in the eyes of all Europe."

transatlanticpe it's a transatlantic flight. Call the Navy, let them play wargames with 'em!

Best cure for jet lag ever: an evening transatlantic flight followed by a day time non-stop 14 transatlanticur call shift complete with 4 births.

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7 AM in Paris and it still dark and gloomy may be the sun is having a hard time waking up... who could blame it... I wish I could do the same and remain in bed unfortunately most don't have that luxury... in my line of work you snooze you loose. Got to catch another transatlantic flight. I miss my bed. snif! snif!


12. In which decade with the first transatlantic radio broadcast occur? A. 1850s B. 1860s C. 1870s D. 1900s


I was raving on transatlanticw good the German rail system was until today. We left Kaiserslautern and the Bullet train was flying until Saarbrucken. That is where the you know what hit the fan. 4 transatlanticurs later we had a new train. Finally got to Paris and found a quaint local bistro for dinner. Now all is well. But I keep thinking about the transatlantic on Carnival. So far a plain a train and what next ?


Yesterday, a wild pig crashed through my roof and landed in my living room. When I tried to wash my hands of its blood, mucus spurted from the tap in my bathroom. A TV anchor announced that the earth had gone off its axis and was tumbling through space, and I looked out my window and saw an angry crowd dragging priests, rabbis and mullahs out into the streets and hanging them upside down in the marketplace dressed as clowns and harlequins. A saw a gorilla draped in the vestments of the Pope and an orangutan wearing the caftan of the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. Then a flaming meteor, exuding a noxious gas, fell on my front lawn, leaving a smoking crater. I turned and saw my neighbor’s skull grinning lewdly from the doorstep of his transatlanticuse. And I wondered: What does this mean for my summer vacation in Italy? I’ve already booked the flight and the transatlantictel, and I’m supposed to meet Olivia in Florence. What a disaster!


OK... We were not impressed with Cunard and the Queens. It could be that we were so spoiled on our 50 day Princess Cruise, that nothing would be good. The pomp of dressing every night only made a person look better. It doesn't change the person. The QM2 is huge!!! We definately prefer the smaller ships. There wasn't a lot to do and everywhere we went, there were nothing but more people!!! We have cruised on the Allure, a mega ship and we were impressed that with all the people on the ship, we didn't have long lines and crowds. Not so with QM2. We did enjoy the shows and a few lectures. and.. last.. as you can see. I don't recomend it. There are better cruises that do trans atlantic.


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Transatlantic to release a new album followed by a tour. What other releases are you looking forward to?

Watching the Transatlantic Sessions on BBC 4 brings back great memories of impromptu sessions in pubs and clubs in Galway

:D :D :D "VIP Passes for the Transatlantic Tour If you would like to meet and greet the band and get a VIP signed graphic of the band and possibly a tour poster signed by the gang, VIP passes will be on sale at Radiant soon! There will be chances to chat and take pictures and get things signed by us all. You know the deal..."

It's Friday - let's celebrate! Join us for the closing event of the film installation "Transatlantic Saudades" at GoetheonMain this afternoon. There'll be drinks, DJs, candlelight and caipirinhas - perfect ingredients for a great night, right?

I think l have the obscure 'Transatlantic Flu'.......which can only be cured if someone from the UK comes over and brings me the antidote lol.

Here's some info on a new Transatlantic album and 2014 tour.

Not sure yet whether to join us for tomorrow's finissage of "Transatlantic Saudades" or not? Here's a little taste of the film installation! Come by GoetheonMain tomorrow at 4pm for a walkabout with the artist, followed by a closing party at 6pm. transatlanticpe to see you there!

Transatlantic Sessions tickets for next year secured. Looks like the ticket system was bust yesterday. Finally get to see some of these fine musicians from a location that isn't an edit suite. Yipeee

If you seriously love good quality acoustic music. This is the best troupe from the Transatlantic Sessions I have seen yet.

Columbus the father of the Transatlantic slave trade?

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In the KLM lounge at Ohare airport. The thrill of long distance travel begins..

What’s the worst night sleep you’ve ever had travelling?

“Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that most people enter a relationship in order to get something: they're trying to find someone who's going to make them feel good. In reality, the only way a relationship will last is if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, and not a place that you go to take.” - Anthony Robbins

Just realized it's going to be nearly $3000 for all 4 of us to go back to GA for xmas this year. uhhh..... Let's transatlanticpe the prices come down?

What is the deal Africans you come here with no problems turn your nose up at our forefathers back breaking hard work then reap all the rewards and forget that we still are not free why have not ye extended your hand?

Any suggestions on what book I should read next? Only requirement is that it's a page-turner.

Good stuff. Cindy already puts a lot of these to good use.

I think my mom is quite interested in the computer, laptop and yes, fb - I showed her her picture and all the fabulous responses, this was sooooooooooo good for her! Thanks everyone... this has really helped her... getting re-connected is as great as getting connected! <3

So sad we are not able to attend Cruise Planners 2013 Convention because of my need for double total hip replacement surgery. Lack of mobility sucks! Praying that my surgery will be life changing and that we can attend next year!

Eek! Our live-streamed event last night is now on YouTube. I'm a bit scared to watch myself but I know everyone else was fab cos I saw them live. What a brilliant idea Robert Peake!

Here's some of the explanation for cessation !

Okay, and I'm not usually a two-status-per-day gal, but I'm about ready to watch Amour... transatlanticw many tissues will I need?

If you read only one novel this year: "Lookaway, Lookaway" Wilton Barnhardt There is some damn fine fiction being written. There. I said it again.

That woman doing Beyonce on X factor so dire, overall the show is utter p**h, why do we have to suffer such banal rubbish?

Last night in NYC and I booked a flight for 7am tomorrow... Guess I'm not sleeping tonight! London see you on Monday in a dishevelled state!

Over 16,000 signatures in less than 12 transatlanticurs, but we need more....please support indigenous peoples supporting US. Barka! Asante! Gracias! Thank you!

Donna and I are joining some of my family, in going on a 5 day cruise in December to Cozumel, Mexico aboard the Celebrity, Constellation! Donna and I will be on our first cruise! Awesome!

My 8 yr. old daughter did a short report on the American Flag. The report included the Pledge of Allegiance. Boy did I pause on the word "indivisible"

I do not want to know where Chuck Padgett will be flying to catch these guys.

Well we made it back after a great trip--we had a room on the rear of the ship and enjoyed some fantastic sun rises--miles and miles of nothing but water--it sure makes one feel very small in this big world that God has Created

#iamamug for believing in a religion that was technically forced upon my people during a terrible period, yet I surrender my life to it.

#5675 Today I peed in the womens washroom in place riel...I'm a dude.

Just no its gonna be a transatlantic day!

Run was quite hard, heavy legs. Very windy. High HR after picking up throat bug last few days.

On another American disaster caused by far-right hubris...

Do you think "Dear John" letters are good policework, or harassment?

WooHoo, here's a first. We have been upgraded from a GC balcony to a GA balcony on our cruise.

I motion that bronies need to be exterminated.

The amount of times I plug my iPhone in to charge a day, it might as well be a landline.

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crossing the Atlantic Ocean