Traction in a sentence as a noun

At the bottom we have start-ups that don't have traction.

Then we have start-ups with traction but no income.

2+ years on I'm still failing to see traction in the SE sites beyond SO.

I think it would be great if there were a place that Ask / Show / Tell / etc. posts could get more traction in general.

It's hard to win with open specs without getting consumer traction.

If you’re new at this — and by “new at it,” I mean 15 years in, or even 20 — you’re just starting to get traction.

Google is almost guaranteed to drop any project that does not have high traction and/or high income within a few years of release.

I've been waiting and hoping for the anti-carousel movement to gain cultural traction among web developers for some time.

Finally, Aubrey De Grey's unapologetically straightforward logic [1] regarding aging has gained traction with the crowd who has the means to tackle this grand challenge.

Now the NYT, the employer of the author of this article, is, like many traditional media organizations, financially threatened by independent bloggers who have been gaining massive traction and readership over the last decade that draws away from traditional large media.

Traction definitions


the friction between a body and the surface on which it moves (as between an automobile tire and the road)

See also: grip


(orthopedics) the act of pulling on a bone or limb (as in a fracture) to relieve pressure or align parts in a special way during healing; "his leg was in traction for several days"