Toxin in a sentence as a noun

CTX is a temperate phage that makes cholera produce toxin.

Further, my experience is that while toxin load matters, it isn't everything.

"Is alcohol a dangerous toxin foreign to our bodies?Quite to the contrary.

It comes in third to palytoxin and botulinum toxin in potency.

The word "toxin" has become a signal for pseudoscientific medicine, so I also furrowed my brow at that.

In the 1980s, a mutant variety of zucchini began producing enough cucurbitacin toxin to hospitalize a number of people.

These babies are then therefore continually exposed to toxins from these clostridium bugs, some of which may have neurotoxic properties and can result in autism. The goal of FMT is to alter the gut flora enough to get rid of these Clostridium species and stop the toxin from reaching the brain.

Worst case is probably accidentally creating a GMO plant that does something vary useful and also produces a novel toxin which Bio-accumulates and is not discovered.

Given that the contaminant is a pesticide, specifically designed to inflict death upon insects, bees are uniquely affected by even trace amounts of the toxin, in ways that humans are not.

They used different toxins in different tests, a modern bacterial toxin targeting mosquitos, and then simply boric acid, about which they say: … and it kills in so many ways that there’s never been resistance to it.

An individual bee inflicted with the trace quantities is capable of recovering to normal health, when the toxin is administered under direct observation, and can be reintroduced to the hive without noticable effects.

" Seriously?Normally I wouldn't care - sugar alarmism = more candy for me - except that, as the article notes, "Lustig ... calls for sugar to be treated as a toxin, like alcohol and tobacco, and for sugar-laden foods to be taxed, labelled with health warnings and banned for anyone under 18.

This will get boring quite fast because a sizable portion of people participating in threads like that find the idea revolting that actions can have, you know, consequences, but what the heck...If you would find a recipe for a toxin that is deadly, untraceable and can be mixed together from common household items by a talented 14 year old, it's probably a bad ******* idea to post that to 4chan.

In fact, for most of these, the SF element is something that will be quickly introduced and got over with to come to meat of the story, similar to how better folk tales and fables work: "Let's just assume that animals can talk, now one day ...", or "Aliens have invented a pheromone/toxin that turns sexual urges in males into uncontrollable physical aggression, this is what happens to humanity".

Toxin definitions


a poisonous substance produced during the metabolism and growth of certain microorganisms and some higher plant and animal species