Top-notch in a sentence as an adjective

Not a big fan of Cuban food, but the nightlife is top-notch.

It was top-notch, but now its just a barren wasteland.

I'm sure you haven't even considered it. These you want to build with one of the top-notch libraries that this survey indicate.

It's clear from the other problems that Facebook's been able to solve that they know how to hire top-notch developers.

That doesn't mean there is a shortage of top-notch lawyers, it means that I am priced out by the rest of the market who are offering them better wages.

You can literally be a twelve-year-old kid with a $200 cast-off computer and yet do top-notch software work.

The reason you want to go to those schools is not their top-notch academics, which you can get that in many other places, but as a shortcut to the old-boys networks.

Not everything will work as you'd expect from your MySQL background, but most issues are known, the tools are great, the community is great and the documentation is simply top-notch.

There could be more of them in the future, but someone who is top-notch at all of statistics, programming, and data-presentation has long been less common than someone who's good at one or two of those.

While I know a few extremely capable medics who have a lousy bedside manner, every medic I know who seems to genuinely care about their patients is a top-notch medical provider.

Top-notch definitions


of the highest quality; "an ace reporter"; "a crack shot"; "a first-rate golfer"; "a super party"; "played top-notch tennis"; "an athlete in tiptop condition"; "she is absolutely tops"

See also: A-one crack first-rate super tiptop topnotch