Toast in a sentence as a noun

If your Yubikey dies, your 1Password vault is toast.

At the end of the time delay, it would turn off the heat and pop up the toast.

This works better when giving a toast as a best man than it does at work.

A toaster that only makes toast will soon be obsolete.

It has no benefit, but non-zero risk; toast it.

The toasters in question aren't "needy", they are efficient.

The Think Different campaign was the only campaign we had in our bag of tricks, and I thought for certain we were toast.

From the wikipedia article:"Mouthfeel is the great attraction of the toast sandwich.

If I'm not actively toasting then no amount of analytics or notifications are going to get me to pay more attention to it.

Toast in a sentence as a verb

And for the Australians reading you can realize that Australia is toast if it doesn't get its act together and put in a real mining resource tax.

Tying this to how much the object is used by peers is a great way to answer the question of "how often should the bike be cleaned or how often should someone use their toaster?".

So without some heavy analysis, you end up keeping your local variables in an activation frame object on the heap, and at that point you're toast.

This would never happen if they implemented toast-driven development.

The Newton had a flash-based object store instead of a file system, and the code was such that a power loss or a reset in the middle of an update would toast your data.

Today I toast the man who believed in solar power, space exploration and electric cars so much that he put he was willing to put his entire 8 figure fortune of 2 decades on the line!

"59% of Americans couldn't identify Toyota as Japanese" would motivate a few professional peers of mine in Nagoya to break out the good whiskey and toast their success.

The Novix chip arrived and would have definitely blown the socks of anything that I could have done with a regular PC at the time, if not for one small problem: someone dropped a dime into the power supply and the whole development kit was toast.

Proper Noun Examples for Toast

He said, "Toasters don't just turn bread into toast, they are also used to warm frozen waffles.

Toast definitions


slices of bread that have been toasted


a celebrity who receives much acclaim and attention; "he was the toast of the town"


a person in desperate straits; someone doomed; "I'm a goner if this plan doesn't work"; "one mistake and you're toast"

See also: goner


a drink in honor of or to the health of a person or event

See also: pledge


make brown and crisp by heating; "toast bread"; "crisp potatoes"

See also: crispen crisp


propose a toast to; "Let us toast the birthday girl!"; "Let's drink to the New Year"

See also: drink pledge salute wassail