Tidings in a sentence as a noun

Glad tidings of logic & fact; Logic & fact.

They say not to shoot the messenger of bad news, but I think it's more than fair to upvote the bearer of good tidings.

We know this so-called "Holy Day" Is but a Pagan feastGlad tidings of logic & fact; Logic & fact Glad tidings of logic & fact.

I have, like many people, heard of Ulrich Drepper, who appears on this list, and the tidings I hear are not entirely positive.

You may confuse the tidings of a bipolar disorder with external effects like co-workers.

Since the 15th century it has been used to mean 'tidings, the report of recent events, new occurrences as a subject or report or talk.

The reason you don't **** the bearer of bad tidings is because if communication breaks down, you have lost all hope of a diplomatic solution.

I am sad to bring sad tidings but... This is very beautiful, it just puts the burden of the proof on a more abstract setting, which may be more difficult to grasp.

Tidings definitions


information about recent and important events; "they awaited news of the outcome"

See also: news intelligence word