Tide in a sentence as a noun

I'd say its close to being a reality but it isn't too late to turn the tide.

The tide may be turning and Apple losing a bit of its shine, at least in my circles.

"The proliferation of WebKit will be a rising tide that lifts all boats.

I realize that I'm fighting the tide, but I'm going to ask anyway: please don't do this very often.

> from the water to the high tide lineThat's what I've seen reported elsewhere.

Tide in a sentence as a verb

"some beaches are private" is actually incorrect - all beaches in California are public from the water to the high tide line.

As usual, Stallman was not only ahead of his time, but also swimming against the tide of conventional wisdom, immediately after the attacks of 9/11.

The moment they can go independent and accept subscribers without going through a cable company is the moment the trickle of people dropping cable TV in favor of internet media turns into a tide.

That rising tide will lift all boats, keeping the consumer devices edging ahead; that is unless, you are harking back to the "give consumers bare minimum craptaculous cloud terminals".That's been tried about every 3 months for the past 35 years or so and has never gone well.

Unlike guns, which can be manufactured so cheaply and at such a scale that no one organization could hope to stem the tide with markets, vendors can stop immoral abuses of their own software simply by participating more actively in the market.$200,000 sounds like a lot of money, but it's under the cost of one senior headcount at a major software vendor, and vendor cash flows are expressed in high multiples of their total headcount cost.

Tide definitions


the periodic rise and fall of the sea level under the gravitational pull of the moon


something that may increase or decrease (like the tides of the sea); "a rising tide of popular interest"


there are usually two high and two low tides each day


rise or move forward; "surging waves"

See also: surge


cause to float with the tide


be carried with the tide