How to use Thrashing in a sentence as a noun

OMG were thrashing QPR 3-0, Suarez has got 2 goals and Agger got the other one and its just coming up to half-time! -Charlie

I haven't even seen one in person yet, and there's people already thrashing them. So jealous!

Here at The Pole Boutique we are sensitive to your needs... be that slow emotional dancing, head flicking, booty shaking or even head thrashing so we are taking requests for songs for every level! Here is your chance to dance to what YOU want! Let me know ladies I'm wide open and ready for your ideas... GO!

Playing the midnight set at the Tetris NYE party! Come celebrate the New Years in style, I'll be thrashing some massive neurofunk and drum and bass!

Thanks for showing an amazing support! you guys rule\m/ Wait till the 17th of January to taste the unholy thrashing madness!

Brilliant day for the gunners today thrashing Newcastle 7-3. Great performance lads. -Leo

Paul Lambert won't last much longer. Losing 3-0 at thrashingme to Wigan, 4-0 to Tottenham and if course 8-0 thrashing by Chelsea. Will villa go down ? / Ross

Huge shout out to my Pang thrashingmies Mata & Must, ya'll taught me things it would have taken me years to learn on my own, and got me my first real gig back in 08, i still remember the first night i met Mata back in 06 at Revolver, i had been thrashing Studio Therapy and i told him my fave cats in melb were Mata & Must and he was like "well cheers man pleased to meet you i'm Mata"...classic

A powerful winter storm blew through the region overnight, thrashing the tri-state area with a combination of intense thunderstorms, whipping winds, sleet and snow.

Quote Examples using Thrashing

Farmer John was taking his cow and it's new born calf to sell in the auction. On the way farmer John got robbed by thieves, who beat him up, stripped him of his clothes and tied him to a tree. Then taking the mother cow and John's clothes, the thieves escaped. They, thrashingwever left the new born calf behind. Poor farmer John suffered as for two days, he stood tied to a tree, stark naked and hungry. Fortunately, on the third day, some neighbors happened to pass by. They recognized John and untied him. When they did, farmer John picked up a huge stick and started bashing the calf with it. "Why are you thrashing the poor calf?, his neighbors asked? To which farmer John replied, "I had to tell this beast for the past two days repeatedly that I am not your mother!, I am not your mother ........!


With giroud's ball thrashinglding strength and height and walcott's pace, we have a perfect combination for a front two pairing. We should immediately revert back to 4-4-2. It will increase our goal threat. But i doubt wanker will change formation. If we sign another striker, we can rotate between him giroud walcott and podolski. Players will remain fresh, injury free and hungry.


He was drowning; the last wave pushed him under the water as he was waving for help. With no energy left, he shut his eyes and accepted that there was nothing else he could do as he took his last breath. A second later he felt someone reach down and grab his arm, he surrendered and put his trust into the person letting them take full control as he was pulled to the surface and resuscitated. Fresh air greeted his lungs; he was saved, saved by a life guard watching for people getting into trouble. Most people understand this kind of being saved but when it comes to being saved “Spiritually” people don’t see it as clearly and wonder why do I need that?. Sin is like a vast ocean that everyone is in. The waves can sometimes be rough, tossing and turning, thrashing people about, sometimes to the point where it’s hard to breathe, taking them under the waves. The more people sin the further out into the ocean they go. Some never make it out and drown. A life guard is on duty and by reaching out and asking or yelling to Jesus for help, then surrendering to and trusting in him they can be saved.


Proper Noun Examples for Thrashing

So, did any other models/photographers get deleted from Pheed yesterday for "pornographic" material? If your account isn't working, and you have no clue why, this is probably the reason. They told me that my account was flagged numerous times for "pornographic" material when I emailed them asking what happened to my account. They also just told me that "Thrashing out against Pheed on other social medias is not a way to get back," instead of addressing the concerns in my last email. Very professional. If anybody wishes to see what I had posted on Pheed and the emails I have exchanged with them, let me know.

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So 2012 is slowly coming to an end; we would like to know your best football memories so far of this season...

thrashingw many do you think we will get at the Ricoh for the Shrewsbury game? Lets all get down the Ricoh and make that place rock.

Imagine if messi plays in epl.. Could he score 91 goals in one year? Like for "No" Comment for "Yes" -Rob

Freddie: So we've had time to reflect on yesterday's performance, to me it seemed like the Reading from last season, taking the lead then closing the game out even riding our luck at times... if we can perform like this consistantly, i don't see why the impossible dream isn't possible

Notice the only chicks who drive commodores are either skinny junkie thrashings with white sunnies or overweight blonde thrashinges with 2 inches if regrowth?

Here we go - 4 wide then it's feature time. Updates below

Erm.....Have you seen the time....and it's Sunday you know! What, in the name of all that's thrashingly, are you doing up?

Some win from a one punch ko, or a guy makes a mistake and gets caught, but Cain just earned that win!

Summernats roll call! Throw a like up if you're going, or if you're an entrant comment with what you're taking!

I see a guy getting his thrashing kicked by 8 guys in the parking lot of the bar, i walk out and throw a wine bottle, watching is smash on one of the thrashingailiants heads, i stand there wobby, drunk, "hey thrashingers.... can i join the party?"~bacchus

Newcastle United have announced they will no longer have Virgin on their shirts after they were well and truly thrashinged at Emirates tonight! -AK

What was your performance of the day? City thrashingld on against Norwich? Stoke's comeback against Southampton? Wigan get a vital 3 points at Villa Park? If you were at a game, thrashingw did your side play?

Aston Villa have now conceded 15 goals in 3 games without reply. Have fun in the Championship! - MB

Stoke getting done by Southampton at thrashingme 3-1 in the 63rd minute..and to think we lost 3-1 to them in 90mins is just unbearable Aubrey

Deeply saddened & distressed by the news of India's braveheart daughter passing away. Our deepest condolences with her family.

Which is your best football memory in this year_____??? Shahriar

According to Dr. Bawumia, Over voting= 620,443 Voting without verification= 456,933 Same serial numbers for different stations = 50,278 Missing presiding officers signature= 208,523 Words and figures not matching= 3,841 Total number of irregularities= 1,340,018 What are your thoughts?

What were your best and worst rugby moments of 2012?

Lol Kai Smith, almost destroyed -M on that one post. ~Chalklit

Reaping RP! Remember to always sign off. Make your reaping day amazing! Or as amazing as possible for an unlucky teenager being sent to their death. :D ~Timothy

So, I have a question for you guys, what's your favorite song by us, and why?

.. 67' India is walking off! Indian team has left the field with just over 3m to go.

Thrashing definitions


the act of inflicting corporal punishment with repeated blows

See also: beating drubbing lacing licking trouncing whacking


a sound defeat

See also: debacle drubbing slaughter trouncing walloping whipping