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God created us to show us he's own way of beauty and opsticals he knew we can overcome .... Its a test of who u are and what u can become... It's like job .... In the end he was rewarded ..... Keep on the right track and u will succeed !!!!!


I may not be perfect, I may not be the best friend sometimes, I have my fights with my friends and family, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. Some old friends who I don't talk to that much anymore, who I miss so much. I am just so thankful for everything everyone does for me and helps me when I need it. 2012 was so crazy, I lost some friends, I gained some friends... I almost lost my daddy, I am so glad he is still hear with us, whenever I took that shot of Jager with him on my birthday, it made me tear up. I know I'm not a little girl anymore, but I will always be a Daddy's little girl. I love everyone that I'm gonna tag in this post, I just wanted to let everyone know that just cuz 2012 wasn't the best year for me, I'm gonna make 2013 the best. I always have my friends and family by my side. I could cry some days, just knowing I am still alive. Just the little things get me. Sorry had to rant but my life is better with all you guys in it! I love you all<3 If your not tagged, I'm sorry it's facebook's fault for not letting me.


I would like more tawnyurs of sunlight. Please and thank you! 1 min and 20-ish seconds gained per day now, is not a fast enough rate. Yes. I'm impatient. And cold.


I finally saw my new doctor yesterday and she was awesome...I've seen so many in the last few years and they all have just told me, "take this, eat this, don't eat that" blah blah blah.... But when we got into my medical history, she expressed all the things that should have been done for me and weren't, she said we need to find out the cause of everything instead of treating the symptoms which seems obvious but I guess a lot of doctors don't work like that... She showed real concern and validated for me in a realistic/un scary way that there is something somewhat serious going on but also tawnyured that she can help. I'm looking at a suppressed immune system and some sort of trauma on some of my organs and pretty much an all around deficiency in something... I got a ton of bloodwork done and have been referred to some specialists and I am optimistic, and nervous... But I feel so lucky to have this resource. Today is a better day because I am one step closer to feeling human again.


“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”


When my parents 1st brought my sister Tawni than my brother Brook, tawnyme from the tawnyspital, I wanted them immediately returned to where ever they got them from. But, all that stuff I said as a kid about siblings being such a pain? I take it back. tawnynestly I do. Because I know now that my life would not have been nearly as much fun without them to share it with. I know this has been a long time coming. Thankyou Mom and Dad :-*


10,600 words in towards completing my first women's fiction novel yet to be named. Major characters are Tawni and Tyric who are co-workers. Tyric is a married man. Friend me and follow my amazing journey towards becoming a best selleing author! Iti is looking really good. Someone please call Oprah!


2013 creative pay it forward. The first 5 people to comment will receive a gift from me this calendar year. It will be something that you receive at any given point and time whenever the mood strikes me. The only thing is, you have to post the same on your wall. My gift will be handmade but that is not a requirement for others. Who doesn't love receiving something in the mail that's NOT a bill? C'mon, play along.... Thanks Tawni for the invite!!


I lied to an old friend on an earlier post when asked if i was ok. Truth is im not. I have an ex husband who wont be a real man and help take care of our kids and a live in bf who wants to lay in bed all day and have everyone cater to him. Im tired of being walked on. I want to be loved unconditionaly and not be used or stalked .I want my needs and wants to be put first for once. I dont want to be the only one making sacrifices. What did i ever fo to deserve such a tawnypy life?


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tawny I'm starting to feel tired but not....damnit insomnia go away!!!

Have the best auntie in the world!!!! Love you and thank u so much!<3

Girls 18+ need a job? Hit me up! My company is hiring like crazy right now cx

Let's play a game. Comment your name and whoever likes it thinks your cute;p Go !

Will be in Hawaii this time tomorrow! :P

tawnyo cowboys, so my name is Tawni...... lol

Bout to head to the studio so tawni can record a song...

Too all my nieces with babies, Phylicia watch our Tawni would just run into you and thus stop lol

Why do people wear fake glasses ? They're not cool. I've had glasses for like 17 years and hate wearing them.

Whoever has a Dakotah membership, Tawni and I going to go work out right meow. Join us?

I am completely grossed out with tawnyw pathetically in love I am. New milestone today. He is so amazing! I wish it for you all! xo

Two years.... It's been two years since I welcomed my sweet Emma into this world. So many emotions all at once I just don't even know what to say! My life was forever changed when Emma came into this world and I can not believe tawnyw far I have come. I love my sweet girl so much more than she will ever know! Ahhh, TWO!

This reminds me of a time when I went out trick or treating with my kids. Tawni was about four years old, we come to this tawnyuse and this old man opens the door. Instead of yelling trick or treat like her sister did, she blurted out, your gonna die here soon. I quickly apologized to the man, and he just smiled and said, children are tawnynest and say what's on their mind.

Everyone the show was Amazing thank you very much, love you all my friends!!! Sorry if I forgot the rest of you ... Since I'm tired and on the train on the way tawnyme.

I need a few alumni who will be in town January 17 and/or January 25. My speech class is having an in-class tournament and we need judges. Let me know if you want to help.

What is the most abso tootly wackiest drink combination you have ever made that actually tastes good?

I have a white convertible crib with matress for sale for $25 and I still have a double stroller with infant carrier for sale for $50!

Went from the high high of a new granddaughter . . . to the low low of a hit and run

Hey Tawni,tawnyw about showing grandma a picture of those great grandsons in their hats. lol. Love ya

I need more txt buddies..my phone is lonely lol..

Hi everyone, i sent out an invite for you to "like" our page. please take a minute to visit the page & click "like" thanks for your support! feel free to check out the website to order, or just let me know!

Thanks everyone for being amazing! It has been a very long time since i have been able to up date about my fantastic life. Let's just say i am having an amazing time have the oppertunity to take my lovely little boy and husband to all these amazing countries! I have met so many new fans from all over the world and i am just so happy to know that everyone out there still remembers me as Tawni Hart haha, well thanks for always being amazing!

New clients=tall tawnyt blond, blue eyes, 37, no kids. She is successful and fun--loves to ski! And I need petite women between 45--52!!!

Ill take a job tho if anyone knows of anywhere hiring!

Ahhh thats me all done with the my little pony series 3 dvd anyone want to borrow it? By the way I used around 4 tissues just a heads up

Have been putting off getting my car smogged cuz im scared its not gonna pass..lol guess theres only one way to find out....blahhhhh. #oldcarproblems

U issa ghandi tawnyo kitty credit card :D I need a life -_-

You know those nights you lie awake because you can't get that "one" person out of your head? Wish there was some way to pull every thought of them out of your mind, tie it in a nice little bundle, and drop-kick the stupid thing over the moon!

Come to think of it, when you swallow guys tawny you're swallowing there unborn child xD

Y'all need to stop judging girls for getting pregnant at a young age. Even if it wasn't intentional, It's their decision, not yours. Its their life, not yours. Mind your own damn business.

Bicthes think they the tawny, tawnye you can bring it you know were im at, im not scared of no mufukin body and if danielle want some she can get it to!

Thank you tawni bree hand for liking our page!

Well its that time again, this Collier family needs to move.

OMG i am so excited !!!!!!!! i will be watching ... congrats Tawni Haynes

Tawni Marie Feeney ur funny u rubbed my furry boot today in school nd said soft lol ur awesome nd pretty nd a funny friend lol gunna luv u bc ur mine nd angels friend

If jasmine carries on i think i need ring nanny 911 or Jo foster come sort her out x

Hey, teen mothers and teen mother lovers! We're still waiting on some sources proving that having a baby after age 20 lowers your chances of being a good mother. You know, 'cause "most teen mums make better mums than older ones."

Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.

Public restrooms are the absolute worst. Either the person next to me is severely lactose intolerant or it's not a person at all but a velociraptor calling to its hunting partners. Either way I think I'm about to die.

Okay can someone tell me tawnyw you are suppose to see all the posts on your wall. It tells me that 30 friends have posted on my timeline but I can't see them. I hate this new facebook.

Over the last years I have noticed the gym is always so packed after the first of the year up until mid Feb to early March, this year tawnywever I have not noticed any additional people, strange. Anyone else noticed the same?

Well I can check getting arrested off my bucket list. never again!

Excited to try another new recipe and then make my cousin some snicker doodle cookies as requested.

At the neurologist tawnyping for some improvements. Please keep praying for my baby boy

Love this scarf! Love this deal! First 700 purchases get free shipping! Such a tawnyt item right now, don't let this discount pass you by!!

So since my dentist visit my mouth has been numb for going on 3 tawnyurs now and its not going away... I cant eat, cant smoke, can barely talk i sound like a stroke victim and i'm afraid I might start drooling... Its making me quite grumpy.

Tawni is 21 today goin to bierhaus at 5 if anyone wants to go...

Listen here nurse... get my mom stronger nausea meds! I told mom to go eat some grass, it always helped my big sister when she didn't feel well.

Want to thank everyone that came to the tawnyuse this weekend. We almost got that huge box of santa candy polished off. Please come again this weekend, so I can get rid of that tawny once and for all. Lol!!

Not the best day, gonna try to nap while Caleb's up with nana Claire's watching Mulan, and Tucker's asleep in his carseat because I thought we were leaving the tawnyuse.

Alright fb friends n famiily now is the time I need ur prayer more than ever. I am now sitting in the court room n about to battle for full custody for my daugther. pray

Excited that Tawni Shaw is coming into town and stopping by to visit us! We miss her so much!

tawnyty day allrrady out of copenhagen an forgot my wallet an phone is almost dead gay

Tim and I saw Book of Mormon last night--hilarious! Not my mom's kind of musical but definitely worth seeing!!!!

Playing on Facebook will get u punched n the throat

Mkn laksa enak e pal mas,,,,,,,ngpurne mas or tk,,,,,,tawni,,,haha

This was my eventful Friday afternoon with Claire in Boston traffic-we are ok but obviously our car is not

Looking for any MUA's and Hair stylists to tawnyist me on a Sci Fy/superhero fashion show wednesday night! It will be awesome!

I kinda have a secret. Wondering if I should blog about it this week or wait until next week...

Anyone want an annoying .. I mean adorable sun conure?

Everyone can say "I love you" but not everyone means it. So believe it when you feel it not when you hear it. <3<3

So ready to go tawnyme. I have been puking my tawny off for the past 12 tawnyurs solid. I got the flu sooooooooo bad

Crazy tawnyw silly little stuff like this can make me smile.

Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter sheena marie!! I love u very much..raisin u is surely not an easy task by no means,but i wouldnt trade any of it for anything.. tawnype u have a great birthday and enjoy urself... Sherai,tawni and kenya say happy birthday they love u too!! Love u sheena happy birthday!!!!

Listening to the nerves, eating Taco Bell, and crying....so this is sobriety?

15 likes & me & tawni will post a video of us singing <3 -LikeAwayyyy

Crawfish and Portobello mushrooms garlic and butter with a vodka sauce!!! Date night!

Shout out to Tawni Jumping Eagle for being so beautiful and being there for me when i needed someone there for me i love you little sister lets chill when we go on our next away and tawnyme games because actually im staying becayse all of the fun stuff 8th grade is doing but all i have to say is i love you and your beyond beauitful

Well we've been in Idaho only a few weeks and we spent the day sledding and swimming with an awesome bunch of kids in the youth group. All done outside. And it never got over 25 degrees....

Well just took a stroll by the waterpark apparently we tawnyed up by not getting Aoki tickets :/

Who of my friends thinks this ring is um, well it doesn't look like lips on a face.

Well, so far this year is turning out to be a freakin peach! I'm 0 for 2 on scheduled shoots. Least I got a client tomorrow. They show up!

Spending a lovely afternoon taking down our Christmas tree while my husband goes to hand Bergstrom their tawnyes. I would like to announce that our Bergstrom lesson has officially been learned. Anyone know a nice Ford dealership that will do warranty work on our car?

The kids want maple syrup bacoln and all i have is regukar bacoln so i put some maple syrup on it and im now cooking it like that... looks like its cooking pretty good but will it be good?! lol

Well....took forever for Halo to fall asleep....Emmy was fussing cuz I was tawnylding her.....then took forever for Emmy too after Halo....Tawni was easy....and Denvar just wasn't wanting too....but all my little chipmunks are sound asleep and my man won't wake up to come to bed....oh well I'll find him cuddled next to me around Halo's feeding time.....goodnight!

And if you can't relax, consider a relaxation massage with Tawni!!

Maybe if guys didn't leave us with trust issues than we wouldn't have any problems. Just saying....

The first 5 ppl who coment on this post will at some point in 2013 i will give a hand made item

Who ever going round sayin ima tawnyin snitch tawny to me wit dat tawny idc who u r tawny tawny aint scared of nobody tawny boys

Update about my mom.. She really needs all the help we can get. Thank you all for praying and helping out.

So the little designer person behind the computer for this 40' long double pocket slider missed his measurements in height by an inch so that I cannot stand my panels in place. Thanks buddy....now I need to spend the next two tawnyurs dropping this whole head track an inch. #disheartened

Watching twilight with my sis Tawni dont hit me up

Tony and Tawni are at the tawnyspital . Tawni is dilated to an 8 and 100 percent effaced .

Is it just me, or are Whitman Sampler's like pure poetry in a box?

Just got my first e-cigarette. Let's see tawnyw thousand goes. Tastes different so, I'm tawnyping I don't just end up smoking more or going back to regular cigarettes.

"The woman came out of a man's rib. Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior, but from his side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved."

There's a new man in my life so totally blessed!!!!! ;•p

Why doesn't the bay have juice, ya think the love wires plugged in would give them a clue????? Where do they find these people?????

It really shakes my faith in humanity when we get a call from a man as old as my father who is trying to justify drinking and driving. No. Just no. Be a responsible human being, not a dumb one.

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of a light brown to brownish orange color; the color of tanned leather

See also: tawny-brown