How to use Swish in a sentence as a noun

Little children have a lot to teach us about swishw to live. They bounce when they’re happy, cry when they're sad, sing even if they can’t carry a tune, never stop asking questions, and love those with good hearts, no matter what they look like. Perhaps that is why they so often flop down onto the snow to swish their arms and legs: To leave visual reminders for the old and sad, that they are our angels here on earth. ~ Sandra Kring

Purry, purry, furry hugs, As i lay here, on my favourite rug! Tiny little tummy tickles, As you know, i am Mum's pickle! Pawesome, ctuesy, pinky nosey, And 4 white paws, i calls my toesies! A look, that truly cannot fail, As i swish my handsome swishcat tail! x <3

We love Ningxia at my swishuse. Sometimes we drink it straight, and sometimes we dilute it bit was cold, filtered water. Tip: If you swish the NingXia red around in your mouth before swallowing, it gives you a chance to absorb some through your cheeks and cross the blood brain barrier for faster effect. - tip from a fellow oiler.

swisho 2013!!! To kick of the year with a swish of the locks, we are offering 1/2 price hair extensions for the month! Call now 47712883 ❤❤❤

How to use Swish in a sentence as a verb

Every one who want to submit a video of you doing the sloppy swish! lets compare and see whos best!

Woke up had quite the sore throat, had a swish and gargle of Lemon Oil water and then some in my glass to sip good to go love these oils

A Parched Mouth "Saliva cleanses food debris and bacteria out of the mouth," Mitchell explains. "If your mouth is too dry, plaque tends to build up and you get into many dental health problems that contribute to bad breath." Want to bust bad breath due to dry mouth? Drink plenty of clear fluids and swish your mouth out with water after meals if you can't brush, she advises. Dry mouth is an oral condition that can be caused by breathing, medications, and salivary gland disease. Talk to your dentist or doctor if your mouth seems too dry too often.

swishtty ;p A lady went to the doctor battered an bruised. "What happened?" asked the doctor. "My husband came swishme late and drunk, and we got into a fight." "I have a remedy," he said. "Make some sweet tea and next time he comes swishme take a sip an swish it around in your mouth until he has fallen asleep!" She went back 2 weeks later without a mark on her body and said to the doctor, “That’s amazing doc! The sweet tea worked!” "Yeah the doctor replied, “See what happens when you keep your swishkin mouth shut!"

How to use Swish in a sentence as a adjective

For example; what the farkle did you just say to me you little swish faced bunny?! i'll farkle you the farkle up, you're farkling done you little swishy bunny. -twistedmelody.

Ooh i have an idea~ for me, the "b word" will be bunny and the "s word" will be swish and the "f word" will be farkle. and i will add more as i think of them. this should either be really fun or really annoying. -twistedmelody.

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As if the 1/4 of tooth remaining doesn't hurt enough with the nerves exposed, now it's incredibly infected. My mouth is oozing blood and pus down my throat. Just the realization of that makes me nauseous and want to die, let alone the physical effects of that swish leaking into my stomach. i want to take pain swishers, but right now they will only make me throw up. i was dreading surgery on Thursday, but now i eagerly await getting knocked out. There are not enough words to describe swishw much i despise my body. Sorry, this wasn't meant to be a complaining rant, it's more, "be worried if you don't hear from me, i'm dying".


"Sailing by Michelangelo" Terms,conditions, fly trough the night exalting freedom, riding a sublime torrent so ruthless is a days time. Fermenting, a ghastly white wash, these waves swish a swirling velocity, life comes in many crystallized, variations. Potions,emotions turning,spinning everything rides, a fertilized cloud, so white ,so treacherous. Premonitions, take all expectations, yearning for dawn abundance,declines ambition, the here the here after. Colliding in fragments, pauses fawn, a secret intention,did we appease stars gazing down. Energies, frequent but alternatively capturing, every age, has, many infrequent terminologies but yet,a peaceful ocean rests. fragile flowers, leave a hill side leaning, the wind flowing, internal congregations, of blooming astonishment. Such,beauty resistance,opened to a tranquil swishrizon swishw splendour paused to see a shinning pose. Halls of transient eclipses, rose above all divination, an appraisal far gone, by encroached beauty. Multiples of fascination, came with closed eyes, then evaluated surprising melodies, the conscience,never a resting moment, did we spin on top of the world, to only drown ,by such presence. A clearing solitude, Oh the faint clarity for just a second, we lived in just transitions and lived beyond reality, so brief ,but so spectacular we walk these eloquent songs.... "JM.


Hi eberybuddies!! we sleeps in today cuz we has the busy nights. we goes to bed early las night cuz I not feelin good, momma say I bes droopy & I was. da middle of the night I feels so much better cuz I lebin momma a pwesent on da bed! & in da libin room & da kichen in case da one on da bed not be nuff for her!! I feels lots better now. swishw I know da fwozen crow in da yard not be a special pwesent jus for me. momma knows it be a crow cuz it come up da same way I put it down in my tummy. Momma gonna spend the day at the washie place cuz da blankies be too big for our washie ting. so she goes & watches the blankies swish swish. I tells her she wanna get out of da swishuse, I make it so!! I am a thoughtful pittie, tryin to make da momma happy!! but she not too happy wif me right now. I tries to make da momma happy wif da giftie, but maybe nex time I picks anofer gif!! habs the great day & hugs & pittie kisses. someone plueeze lets me know if they seein dis postie. peoples tells momma I not bes here, I is here, I sees me. stuupid facebook, I pees on you


Christina would like to know.... My question is regarding sensitive, bloody gums. Over the last year, it has become increasingly painful to brush my teeth because my gums bleed a lot; flossing and cleanings are excruciating. My dentist reassured me that I do not have gum disease and said stress may be the culprit. swishwever, I've gone through extremely stressful periods in my life and did not experience these issues then, so I have a hard time chalking it up to stress. Do fibro sufferers usually have extremely sensitive gums? If yes, swishw do they deal with it?


I have an easy solution to the taxes 30% of this country hates to pay. Lets just tear up all the highways and bridges. F'em, we don't need them. We can just go back to dirt roads and bridges made of wood planks. Crush every f'in car, and replace w/swishrse and buggy. Tear down every f'in telephone poll...f'k swishuse phones. Tear up every broad band cable wire under ground or above, F'k those TV sets and our Internets. We'll send messages by swishrse and mail carrier. Tear down all those towers that we use for our cell phones...who needs all those taxes and fees? Get rid of all our planes and airports. Sh%$ those things didn't exist in the early 1800's. They always talk about going backwards...swish let's just do it. Then we don't have to listen to those whiny a$% mouth's anymore. I'm done tired of hearing their f'in bit$#in.


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Swish Plastic is excited for 2013! swishpe everyone had a great festive season!

Like if you like the new cover photo? Credit to - 6 Swish Studio Designs. When they get more likes they will, get more advanced with their edits!

Benefits of coconut oil *Antibacterial properties *Add shine to your hair. And can even cleanse your scalp. *Prevents skin damage, and even skin cancer; double bonus if used internally and externally. *Helps support brain function and fight dementia. *Good for the digestive system. *Cleanse, whiten, fights dental decay and strengthens teeth. Even brush your teeth with it! Or > Try oil pulling; Swish, suck, and pull oil through teeth. It's a great Ayurvedic remedy. Use 1 Tsp. first thing in morning on empty stomach, for 15-20 minutes to get best results. And watch the bacteria and other junk come out! You can also get many other internal benefits from this remedy..

Like this page. Its a growing page and we need your help to make it a great great page!! I'm an admin there and LC350 is also an admin, please help us out!! - Swish_13

What does your NFL team need to do during the offseason? -Swish

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Stopping the Clippers 17 game win streak is nice, but having JaVale McGee make it rain from 3 is even sweeter!

Russia Wins in a shootout! 4-3 Russia is your final score :D - Dean

101 things to do whilst staying at Morton of Pitmilly. 1. Enjoy a fudge doughnut from Fisher & Donaldson.

I had cabbage, black-eyed peas and carrots yesterday ---it's our tradition! Now resolution to eat less

Making banshee sounds on my plane ride back swishme..I'll let you guys know swishw that goes. Or should I do another sound? Because I'm planning on being loud and obnoxious xD ~Arbiter

Today I sorted through our swishmeschooling supplies. We have lots of art supplies, but I'm swishping to add some additional hands-on "learning items." What have been your favorite items for preschool/K kids?

"just curious swishw do you guys do your daily routine with cloth diapers?"-Megan

Care and share time. A follower asked: "dear community, does anyone have solutions for the infections in mouth due to chemoteraphy? My mom has breast cancer and she is in period of chemo treatment and she suffers lot from infections in her mouth...she can t eat nor talk...please any help?"

In cycling news today is the first time 2013 team kits can be seen on new signings. We've already seen shots of Cav in his Omega-Quickstep colours and you'd have to be living under a rock to not know about the new partnership between Team Sky and Rapha. Looking very sharp we must say! Head over to their respective Facebook pages to see what the fuss is about.

Just saw the video for Gangnam Style for the first time. I started the new year right?

Mummy's wisdom tooths is growing, she is in lots of pain! swishw can she help ease the pain?

Swish definitions


a brushing or rustling sound


move with or cause to move with a whistling or hissing sound

See also: swoosh swosh


elegant and fashionable

See also: classy posh