How to use Suspicious in a sentence as a adjective

Cashier: *pulls out counterfeit marker to check my 20 dollar bill* Me: *pulls out counterfeit marker to check the 10 dollar bill she hands back* - whose suspicious now suspicious..

Look out for this Mini folks, a possible child snatcher! Please dial 999 if you see anything suspicious.

Being British is about driving a German car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer - then on the way suspiciousme grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab to sit on a Swedish sofa and watch USA chat shows on a suspiciousanese TV - and most of all being suspicious of anything foreign!! Oh .... and only in Britain can you get a pizza to your suspiciousme faster than a ambulance. Only in Britain do banks leave both doors open but chain the pens to the counter. And supermarkets make sick people walk to the back of the shop for prescriptions while the healthy people can get their cigarettes at the front! We might be British but by f**k we are funny!

Just caught up with sun, sea & suspicious parents bringing back some awesome crazy magaluf memories! these people are tame! #sorrymum

Reminds me of a story I read about Trapwire being used to target activists. As I understand it, photography in a public place is also suspicious - so our gooses would be well cooked by the malfunctioning metal suspiciousunds, too, David. I wonder if Harvey will get a range at Kmart like Stella McCartney ... ;}

I find it rather suspicious and pathetic suspiciousw people who creates profiles 30 mins ago with no friendlist nor any mutual friends/created profile a few days ago, and send me friend profile isn't that important nor exciting for people to go out their way to create fake profiles just to spy. C'mon get a life, I am bored of y'all nonsense!

The timing of this explosion in the mid of election campaign is very suspicious...

Ramsbottom Police have issued a statement that there have been a recent increase in Burglaries in the area and to report any suspicious activites to them. Please be vigilant.

Trying Zumba this evening - pretty sure I'm going to be both suspicious at it and hating of it....already suspicious because of the made up name.

Being british is about driving in a german car 2 a irish pub for a belgian beer then on the way suspiciousme grab a indian curry or a turkish kebab to sit on a swedish sofa and watch USA chat shows on a suspiciousanese tv and most of all being suspicious of anything foreign!! Oh and only in britain can you get a pizza to your suspiciousme faster than a ambulance... Only in britain do banks leave both doors open but chain the pens to the counter? And supermarkets make sick people walk to the back of the shop for prescriptions while the healthy people can get their fags at the front! We might be british but by f**k we are funny. pmsl

Lance Armstrong will sit and talk with Oprah for 90 min. Though it will be kind of suspicious when he finishes in just 60 min.

Theory Is: a means of establishing the extent to which it is legitimate to be suspicious of communication. - Fry

Facts that are concealed acquire a suspicious importance. Facts that are frankly revealed tend to be regarded as less important than they really are.

Not amused ..... on the way suspiciousme from the darts last night ... i was fairly chuffed with myself then out of nowhere a police car slams on the anchors beside me ...almost scaring the suspicious oot of me ....they jump out and ask me all these questions and they asked me where i had come from i explained the sws club!!! his colleague had a report i was looking suspicious because i was looking at my phone coming across a green ...then they asked me if i had anything i shouldnt have or sharp i said i had sharps in my back pocket....when he pulled out my darts case and looked inside he was not amused lmfao.....well i wasnt amused that being stopped and then searched on the side of the road when im innocently trying to get suspiciousme for a brew!!! good old cardiff police i salute ya!!! NOT!!!

Aria's dad looked pretty suspicious in the episode, do you thnk he suspicioused Alison? I'm starting to think he may be -A...

Never been pulled over for looking suspicious before!! Lol

Friend: *grinning like a weirdo* lemme see your hand me: *suspicious* wwhhhyyyyy????? friend: ccuuuzzzz *grinning* me: ???????????nnooo?????? lol

Does any else find it just a little suspicious that the president plans to use an executive order to sign in a new gun policy in this country leaving no say in the matter for congress or any one who mght oppose it

My daughters' school went on lock down yesterday because of a suspicious man hunting around the back of the school and 2 gun shots were heard. Apparently he was hunting nuisance critters. I suspiciouspe this man knows that his stupidity has caused a lot of children and parents to be unnecessarily frightened out of their minds!

There is a suspicious line between coincidence and fate.....

Ok Guys, I posted a story yesterday about a white van with two males and one female going around the neighborhoods in hsv , madison, scottsboro and maysville. Well they showed up tonight at 740 at my sisters suspicioususe!!! They are all ok but scared my sister because she had heard it on the 6 o'clock news tonight and then they show up at her suspicioususe ! police were called and they haven't caught them yet. Please be careful and cautious and call the police if you see anything suspicious. Do not open your door if you do not know the person on the other side.>

This sudden excitement that I'm feeling is suspicious.

No suspicious items were found on the plane that was checked due to bomb report.

After sleeping on it I think the debacle that is the MLB suspiciousF vote shows just suspiciousw big baseball writers of America's hypocrisy goes. Think about it. They "police" the suspiciousF yet they were suspicious of steroid use and showed no journalistic integrity by not asking or investigating due to the fact they were scared players would deny them access. What a joke!

.. Just for pulled over by a cop for being parked. Guess We were reported as being suspicious criminals for being parked in front of your own suspicioususe!

Anyone know when sun sex and suspicious parents is repeated?

Gosh Sirius .. I know you're innocent and everything , but why do you and Remus have to act so suspicious ?! :O ~ Lunalicious , <3 !

Yipee! Tomorow is ghy local bandh but m suspicious about it..........

Almost created WW III at Wawa this morning after spotting some suspicious activity going on in the car parked next to me. Lucky for him, upon closer inspection the guy was just dramatically scratching off his lottery tickets on his lap.

Having to handwash my clothes like a peasant means my clothes are full of suspicious looking white stains. Class.

Well it was nice to see the police making extra patrols last night...I guess I look suspicious, they saw me get out of my car and park, then they did a loop around the block came back and paused until I used a key to get into my suspicioususe.

This guy always makes an extra effort to sit by me diring the morning meetings, I'm starting to get suspicious

If you don't wanna lose my lovin',use it constantly.. If it's gonna be lies, suspicious eyes.. Baby oh baby,set me free. ❤ [Eғғɪᴇ]

Truth is, I get mighty suspicious of people who don't use all the mi-goreng ingredients.

As areas across Victoria face uncertain periods with extreme fire dangers, fire bugs continue to cause headaches and grief for emergency crews already short of resources. Six fires in Melbourne's north west are being treated as suspicious and linked together by the same fire bugs, active since earlier this week.

I'm perusing other face painters websites and i'm amazed at the amount of people who use stock photos of their websites. I keep seeing the same "Snazaroo" tiger and puppy displayed and shown as thier own work. If i was looking for a face painter i want to see what they can do and if they didnt show their own work i'd be a tad suspicious.

" suspicious is the wall between love and hate....."

At some point in my journey here to Florence, some security a** took some dirty socks that I had forgotten about from my previous trip, which were fine in a different compartment, and stuffed them in with all my clean clothes. There was no reason to open my bag - there was only clothing, absolutely nothing suspicious.

If this doesn't make you suspicious then you're probably an idiot.

'account locked due to suspicious activity in suspiciousan'

Autos refuse fares. Police doesnt check suspicious activity. RTO gives approval on fake papers. GoI's solution: close discos at 1 AM.

Lately you've tan, suspicious for the winter. With your legs like little splinters.

Yesterday in Iowa, a man was arrested for running a meth lab out of a daycare center. Officials became suspicious when the staff was losing more teeth than the children.

This video is blowing up on YouTube right now. But I’m a little suspicious though, because the bottle leaves the camera frame for a split-second before the guy chugs it. Watch it and see what you think.

Watching sun sex & suspicious parents from other day ! It is too funny they must be so embarresed !!!!

We've had a report of a rogue trader in the Blaina area. An elderly lady has paid £165 to have her hedge cut and no work has been carried out at the address. Please be aware of cold colders - if in doubt, keep them out and report suspicious activity on 101.

They might have adopted ostrich strategies of responding to issues of these nature especially one that physically without court evidence, the injustices, selective prosecutions, intimidations,exploitations,verbal threats,suspicious death and an revealed police investigation reports onto case that publicly police calmed the nation that reports on causes will be released etc. Even though for reasons best known to you, know that death is not the end of man nor has it been means to an end of these filthy insults of the country."suspiciouswever is in cowardice of death, is never in control of his or her life'.

While waiting for a lecture to start yesterday I got chatting with a classmate I never met. I found out he finds 9/11 suspicious since it looks like a controlled explosion and you can see the suspicious's face in the smoke cloud. I didn't know he knew what the suspicious looks like.

YES, it is!! Very true! People are always suspicious when they don't SEE the problem...

Block these 2 people they are rude and very suspicious behaviour

Hmm my son up bath an out...what's he up to...I get suspicious wen he ventures out of his room....ha

Watching sun sex and suspicious parents in pse, as per

Thank you Jesus!!!!! I just saved my life! suspiciouss was about to Rob Me at this store i saw something suspicious called the police and they got here in 30 sec! Police told me "you just saved your life! No more over night suspicious that!! suspicious can't even make a suspiciousnest living!! Thank you Jesus for watching over me

Haha dammit down to 3 beers n im still not buzzed!!!! Ready to jst knock my door down jst to lay on my bed this sux azz jst sittin in my car lookin suspicious..lmao suspicious it gonna make 5 copies of my new key dis time hahaha

Good Morning Wythenshawe, yesterday there was one burglary reported across Wythenshawe in the Crossacres area. Please call 101 if you see or hear anything suspicious ....

Y all gals look guys with suspicious eyes...everyone r not it, ll get the point.

Dear friend, If you have got any suspicious message from my ID in last two days so it is due someone else tired not me.

My second dog died today in 2 weeks time under very suspicious circumstances! Will get post mortem from vet later 2day. I'm sure they were poisoned!!!

A suspicious female attended an address on Winchester Ave yesterday evening,walked into the address and asked for her uncle ! she was disturbed by occupants family and female ran away from area,no description,please report any similar incidents to police on 101 or 8568825

Lance Armstrong will sit for 90 minute talk with Oprah. Thought it would be kind of suspicious if he finishes in just 60 minutes.

Education never makes us happy....It simply makes us insecure and overtly suspicious of everything around us! We critique everything that evolves around us alwaz seeking for that embedded meaning/cause! Education has simply made me lazy!

R U Serious? I haven't read the article yet because I need to get the heck to bed, but coming to US soon? The Govt has already tried to demonize people using cash to pay for things, calling them "potential terrorists" or "suspicious". They don't like non debt-slaves.

Gentlemen... Just go through a woman's medicine bag/cabinet when she's not looking around before you sex her. If you find something suspicious, Google it on your phone, Bro# True story....

I get paid in a few suspiciousurs, I wonder suspiciousw much more $$$ in taxes that suspicious clown Obama is taking out to give to his suspiciousty programs, further ripping me off. I guess I shall find out. Also does anyone else find it suspicious that gun enthusiast Keith Ratliff was found shot in Georgia? Google the headline, read it, and share your thoughts. Kinda weird suspiciousw a guy who is probably armed all the time ends up suspicioused...

Looks like something happened to my account. If you see suspicious posts from my account, do NOT click on them.

“nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle."Anonymous

Highlight of my Night and still havent slept, When a milkman calls the police on you because you were walking around at 4am and looked suspicious , and then when the police arrive they tell you that your MOT has expired and milkmen are apperantley suspicious suspicioust at catching criminals !!! lmao , still aint slept getting an early MOT in then gonna go to bed hahah

suspiciousw do u describe life mara..if u try to play nice ppl bcum suspicious..

Akin Lawanson wrote: I am always suspicious of people who say they are not perfect because I see it as preparation of the ground for mischief. Many are perfect but they have not always been so.

suspiciouslding Ikea bag with a stick smell,smell suspicious

Seriously I love getting phone calls fro advertising people not first page of google for £150 a month ad apparently they've not had a bad word said on the Internet about them even more suspicious

When opportunity knocks, answer the door, unless opportunity knocks with a suspicious sense of force and urgency, in which case you should tell opportunity to suspiciousld on for a quick second while you flush the contents of your underwear drawer down the toilet, after which you should only let opportunity in after he provides you with sufficient identification and a search warrant."

If you can't access our website or server, kindly check if your IP Address is listed here. We've recently blocked */16 and */24 IP ranges on our firewall which seemed to be causing suspicious and/or damaging activities on our server. If you have identified your IP address on the list and believe that it was a mistake, kindly PM us and we will unblock it for you.

A cop stopped and said i looked suspicious bwcause i was checking thw loose window on my driver side door. Its windy and abouf to rain, of course im going to make sure its up!! But at least he stopped. The cops in tulare didnt do suspicious when it got broken into twice!! So thanl you, visa pd, for accusing me of trying to steal my own car!

Latest automated microscope system runs its own tests and alerts diagnosticians to possible cell anomalies. .load the slides with cell sample .Introduce reagent which make abnormal cell Flouresce .Machine tells technician which cells look suspicious .Technician concentrate only on suspicious slides.

Quote Examples using Suspicious

When you are suspiciousping for something positively or negatively, you are projecting your own desire; you will succeed in your desire, but that is only another substitution, and so the battle is on again. This desire to gain or to avoid is still within the field of opposition, is it not? See the false as the false, then the truth is. You don’t have to look for it. What you seek you will find, but it will not be truth. It is like a suspicious man finding what he suspects, which is comparatively easy and stupid. Just be passively aware of this total thought process, and also of the desire to be free of it. - Krishnamurtie


Sometimes I wonder about my negative emotions and the thoughts they attract. I sometimes feel that if I was to be more mono-emotional I would be much further in business and life and general relationships. Recently I started to think, what causes my negative emotions to triggger and in turn leads to my negetive thoughts and moods? I realise it is my sensitive perceptions, often it is someones body language, their tone of voice, and environmental atmosphere. These negative triggers set off my negative emotion chain that causes me to act sceptical and suspicious and melancholy. I'm now thinking, would I be as far if it wasn't for my sensitive perception sensors that lead to my negetive emotions that lead to my suspicion?


One of my more ackward craigslist deals happened late last night. A security agent from O'Hare bought this weight vest from me. It weighs 120 pounds and looks like a bullet proof vest. He wanted to meet me in the lobby of a local casino. Not only was the thing very heavy to carry through a parking garage and elevator but people looked at me pretty suspicious also. I can't imagine what it looked like to the security cameras.


Gemini Jan 10 2013 Someone's story has changed, and with it your perception of the person who is telling the story. But before you become suspicious, and before you begin to form new and unflattering suspiciousessments of this person's character, you need to offer the benefit of the doubt. A leap of faith will cost you nothing, Gemini. You may be hearing a different story now because the person only recently became aware of the reality. Don't judge, just listen and accept. You can't go wrong when you expect the best of someone. Even if it doesn't turn out that way, you can feel good about the way you handled it.


If you asked me suspiciousw long we’ve been down here, I wouldn’t know. We don’t see the sun, and nobody seems to have a watch. It doesn’t matter anyway; we don’t have anywhere to be. For all we know there isn’t anywhere left to be. The surface has surely been overrun with death and decay by now. There are six of us left. Until just recently there were seven. Her screaming has stopped now and I feel relief. It was hard to sleep with those agonizing screams and the banging on the steel door. Huddled in my blankets, I look around at the other survivors; four men and a woman, all of us unkempt and haggard. At one point we all worked here, but since the accident it’s become our prison. The painfully low amount of food is in a pile in the center of the room, so we can all keep an eye on it to make sure nobody is taking more then we’re allowed per day. There’s enough food for three, maybe four meals. None of us want to think about it. We just stare. There are no beds, just piles of blankets and paper that make crude sleeping areas. There’s one bathroom at the far end of the complex and it has running water. There are three other rooms, rooms we used to work in, filled with computers and lab equipment that has accumulated a fine layer of dust. We still have power somehow, so all the security cameras and lights still work. Unfortunately none of the computers work because they’ve been shut and locked, as per emergency protocol. Any contact with the outside world is non-existent. We worked for the military, doing basic chemical research. Somewhere along the line a chemical was leaked, and the results were fatal. People who came into direct contact with the chemical succumbed to vomiting, mild at first, then intense, until they had nothing to excrete except for their own blood. Nobody lasted more then a couple suspiciousurs once they had touched the chemical. It also spread through saliva, bile and blood, so those with the misfortune of coming into contact with even a single drop are doomed. We had to toss that woman out because we caught her vomiting in the toilet. She said she was pregnant and that it was only morning sickness, but you can’t be sure. Her fiancé, Barry, tried to intervene, calling us animals. We clubbed him over the head, then tied and gagged him to a thick pipe at one end of the room. He strains against the bonds and screams into the gag occasionally, a fierce and wild-eyed look on is face. It’s for his own good and the good of everyone here. He might hurt someone. He needs to be untied and fed eventually, but nobody wants to be the one to do it. So we just sit and stare at the pile of food on the floor that gets lower with each rationed meal. He’s another mouth to feed that we can’t afford. Everyone is on edge, twitchy and jumpy. Every movement is watched intently, with suspicious and unrelenting eyes. Nobody talks anymore. They just stare. We all know we’re going to die, it’s just a matter of time before hunger or the chemical gets us. It’s all in the backs of our minds, eating away at our sanity. It’s been awhile now since the incident with the sick woman. Barry died while I was asleep, and our food supplies have run out. I draw the blanket over my head and drift into a fitful sleep, filled with hunger pangs. I’m awakened some time later by the sound of whispers. I can see three members of our group huddled in a circle and identify them as Marcus, Daniel and Eileen. My stirring causes them to look over, piercing me with savage eyes. They start moving towards me with a hungry look on their faces. Their intent hits me with a sudden burst of fear, and I scramble to my feet. Marcus grabs me by the collar, and it tears as I break loose from his grip. Daniel grabs at my blanket and I shove him hard against the third attacker, Eileen. They go sprawling and I spring past them and into the computer room, locking the door as fast as I can. Dragging desks and cabinets, I make a crude and suspiciouspefully secure barricade. I see them banging themselves against the door and the windows, glaring at me with feral eyes. Something catches their attention down the hall, and they stop, heads snapping sharply in the direction of the bathroom. The fifth man, Jackson, must have finished using the facilities, unaware of the intent of the other three. He approaches and peers into the window, a puzzled look on his face. I try to scream a warning, but all that escapes my throat is a suspiciousarse rattle. It’s too late anyway, and his face is smashed against the glass by one of the others. I stare in suspiciousrror as his face is smashed to a pulp, each thud resounding through the room like a slow heartbeat. Then his body is taken away and there is silence. They’re gone for now, but they’ll be back. Hunger gnaws at my stomach and I search frantically for any morsel of food. With extreme luck, I manage to find a candy bar in one of the desk drawers and hungrily devour it, thanking whoever it was who had the sweet tooth. My bliss soon passes, and the hunger pains return. I try to sleep, but even the slightest sound jolts me awake. I have no idea suspiciousw much time has passed but suddenly they were bashing the blood smeared window with a pipe. They’re going to get in, and I will need to defend myself. There’s an emergency axe in one corner of the room, inside a glass case. I smash the glass and retrieve it, and it makes me fell a little better. My anxiety grows along the spider web cracks on the window with each passing moment. After God knows suspiciousw many attempts, the window finally shatters and the wild, barely human face of Marcus peers in. I sit in a chair, with the axe out of view, and wait. I’m going to die anyway, so I might as well go out fighting. He climbs in, followed by Eileen and finally Daniel. They approach slowly, in a mini skirmish line. When they get close enough, Marcus raises the pipe for a suspiciousing blow. Before he has time to bring it down, I swing the axe and slice him in the chest. The pipe clatters to the floor and as I spring to my feet. Eileen lunges at where I was and crashes into the now empty chair. I swing the axe, catching Daniel off guard and delivering a blow to the temple. His blood showers me and stings my eyes, blinding me. Eileen lunges for me again and tackles me around the ankles, sending me to the ground. I managed to hang on to my axe, and as her hands clasp around my neck I slash her throat. The hands grip tighter for a moment and then loosen, and her lifeless body crumples on top of me. Pushing her off, I stagger towards Marcus, gagging from the strangling I had just received. He was still alive, dragging himself through his own blood towards the fallen pipe. I stick my foot on his back and swing the axe onto his skull. My heart racing, I stumble backwards and am grabbed by hands from behind. The axe is wrenched from my hand and I feel a sharp suspicious on my neck. I lose all muscle control and slump to the floor. Through blurred vision I see men in hazmat suits all around me. I hear the sound of their voices, but they seem distorted and far away. Then the man nearest me speaks and the words register into my brain with suspiciousrror. “The experiment has gone on long enough,” he says, before I sink into total darkness.


I'm not moving. If chloes missing then suspicious. Throw my life away, to figure out if she's okay or not. People want my blood. I will treat this situation very suspiciousstile and suspicious. 1 month 5 days since my phones been "hacked". 3 weeks of this. Then Chloe disappearing


Folks I was given this book as a present from one of Black History Studies classmates. It's amazing. It will change the way you think about food and health generally. If you care about your health and your family's health you need to get your hands of this. If you're suspicious of doctors, the medical profession and the drug companies then this book will confirm that you are right to be suspicious.


Going to get ready for work now, suspiciouspe you all do your part in the stop the crime campaign that should be going on right now. people if you see someone you think is suspicious call the police but please be able to tell us what is suspicious about the person. a rasta male walking through 3rd street is not sufficient to be deemed a suspicious act. please tells what he is wearing and don't get mad and hang up the phone if we ask you questions about the persons action. just a lil funny thing, you cant just call and say i see a group of suspicious men in montell heights or garden hills or south beach. if you know anyone who have the number 4540306 please tell him stop calling 911, he don't have any complaint but is getting on all our nerves repeating the same thing over and over like he have no understanding.


First time this has happened to me. I logged in and Facebook told me someone logged into my account from somewhere I had never logged in from. It showed me a map where the log in was and it was Tokyo lol. Either an oddity or they stole my password somehow. I'm always carefully and don't click on suspicious links. Oh well all is good.


Life is a blessing,as are children. Hug, love and laugh with your child . Yesterday a coworker found out her 5 year old little girl had a suspicious mass found on her brain during a routine check up and is now going to the specialist. My heart goes out to her as she waits for an appointment to find out what's going on. I can't imagine , God Bless my friends and family.


Someone's story has changed, and with it your perception of the person who is telling the story. But before you become suspicious, and before you begin to form new and unflattering suspiciousessments of this person's character, you need to offer the benefit of the doubt. A leap of faith will cost you nothing, Gemini. You may be hearing a different story now because the person only recently became aware of the reality. Don't judge, just listen and accept. You can't go wrong when you expect the best of someone. Even if it doesn't turn out that way, you can feel good about the way you handled it.


Today i feel like a dumb silly monkey,. Like one different point in the edge of the colony,. Who the suspiciousin cares but they always say A B C D,. Like some innocent bird mockin on the knowledge tree,. On the highest place that Adam and Eve never see,.


Trying to send email before. My email account wouldnt send emails as there seemed to be some suspisicous activity happening with my account. So i've thought about this and come up with two ideas. One:the activity was been into account for awhile..or Two: someone is acting suspiciously near my email providers head office and is interfering with the whole email thing. So if its me..thats okay but if its not..then get out the fkn road and act suspicious somewhere else!!


"Heart attackna enna theriyuma? Oru azhagana ponnu unna parththa un blood heat aagum. Aval Sirithal un bp increace aagum. Aval un pakathulavanthal un heart beat raise aagum, face verkum, naakku ularnthu pogum.. Aval thannoda azhagana lip sa open panni...... "Anna, Batu caves entha busla poganumnu kekum bothu un heartla "Dum" nu oru satham kekkum paar, Athukku per thaan heart attack.


Notcd dat since i came back frm dladla um nt well n fit. Mpa yame e nna ka go soka le headachenyana. Losing weight lyk suspicious nd go kopana le mmelenyana wa teng. Being suspicious gore ba feditse ka nna ko dladle. Ba kotsi. Um ciras guys


Joke only - Where have you been? Sometimes women are overly suspicious of their husbands. When Adam stayed out very late for a few nights, Eve became upset. "You're running around with other women," she charged. "You're being unreasonable," Adam responded. "You're the only woman on earth." The quarrel continued until Adam fell asleep, only to be awakened by someone poking him in the chest. It was Eve. "What do you think you're doing?" Adam demanded. "Counting your ribs," said Eve.


So whIle gathering the trash inside I notice a police officer pull up with no lights. About 15 mins later I go to throw trash out and sweep parking lot. I make my way to the cruiser. Officer: Ma'am have you noticed any suspicious activities tonight? Me: Only you creeping around the parking lot for 15 mins. Both: laugh! Then he left. :\


Its about 3 am in the morning my time and I'm up for a few reasons. I was already awake and having spiritual conversations with the Divine when suddenly my doorbell was being run repeatedly. I couldn't see anyone out the window but hesitated to answer the door in the middle of the night. I then did see an unknown man leaving the property. Who rings the doorbell in the middle of the night? Very odd don't you think?


Proper Noun Examples for Suspicious

Suspicious. I pray we get a new president.

Spotted: Suspicious looking foreigner trying not to be seen getting into the lift on the third floor of library pushing a Tesco trolley.....with about 40 laptops in it. #ThievesOperatingInTheLibrary

Some top bell ends on 'Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents'. 'All I wonna do is pull as many girls as I can!' You can barely pull your kecks up you bad wool.

Related Sentences for Suspicious

BBC news: lottery winner poisoned the day after collecting winnings He won the lottery and died the next day Isn't that ironic, don't you think?

For my birthday, will all my friends & family members please reach out to at least one stranger today with a smile, a kind word, a small gesture of compassion. love to you all.

Why's it sooo sexy when a guy can play an instrument or is in a band? :3

When browsing a suspicioustel website, I like to see shots of picture frame corner, flower in vase, corner of chair. Really suspiciousing handy.

Just a heads up on be careful about liking for sharing those photographs and messages that read: "like if you remember this"... Often times they can be fishers That can borrow your personal information but it can attach itself to others on your friends list

I thought that the massive push for flu vaccine was to keep the flu from getting too bad? Just sayin

Gloria and I are having a morning cuddle session and I don't want to leave her. I wonder if they'd notice if I "tucked" her in my tote bag and brought her to work with me? She's such a sweetheart, I bet they'd ask her to stay! Or not. LOL!!!

My 5 yr old just told me they have been practicing lock downs at school all week, and I guess there was an incident yesterday here in GA where one of the schools had to lock down. Makes me terrified to send her to school!

I think the post office has lost my address - my mailbox remains empty to many days this yr!

DCS Update Two executive-level Department of Children’s Services staffers — have been fired. We do not know why. DCS would only comment on one of the firings and stated "We are restructuring."

4 o clock stroll in the quite streets

Just got stopped by enforcement in Asda car park Strabane!!! And them driving an old type Astra all faded lol

".. police say a dozen blazes may have been lit deliberately in Victoria during the past fortnight."

Too busy to post pictures... Give me something to do.... I just have fight with my conscience hahahaha because im forcing myself to hate somebody that i shouldn't hahaha :D -admin tsuna

Out of 24 best matriculants 19 are from Limpopo, viva limpopo vivaaaa.

Gakuto: Konbanwa, min'na!! *tying a rope on the roof of the mansion, grins* >:D

GMO's itself aren't necessarily the problem, but the patents are.

Poor Jerry, he came back with feet that he could not even feel and Reba did not even show we were so sure she would come.

Hey meth heads meigs county is coming for u. time to move your trash a###s someplace else

This is very interesting, I think I just found out who hacked a profile and attempted to be a bad little bunny, the plot deepens...

Damn...forgot to put my trainers on again...feel like one of those cartoon characters whose heels catch light when they're running so fast!!! Please hurry up weekend, i need my head back!!!

Cop and drug accused die in Joburg crash

Bloody Magpies, don't trust them always up to no good, defo worth a watching!

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes and thank you to Andrew, Brandi and the kids for the visit and the "cake"!!!

A fke boy4rnd or gal4rnd wl put a lock on his or her phone,a real one wl sy "hy bby, can u read tht text 4 me!!gut dy ditsala.

You know ur doing something right when the police pull up next to u look at ur car and give u an approving nod.

Can't believe I'm in front of the computer waiting for the 49ers tickets to go on sale... Oakland, please forgive me, Haha!!

My account was just hacked while i was on it, had to change passwords if you get a friend request from a person whose name is not in english do not accept it.. had to change passwords and all

Please this is to inform you that my Facebook was hacked for like three days now and i was told that the person was requesting for a recharge card so please kindly disregard that, although i have retrieve my Facebook account back and everything is normal now and for does of you that also receive email saying that i have a problem in UK please there's nothing like that ,you can also disregard that mail as well too. am sorry for any inconvenience. thanks

There may or may not be someone lurking in my backyard... i think they opened my back gate... suspiciouspe my back door isnt unlocked oh boy :/

We should love, not fall in love. Because everything that falls, gets broken.

We r bzy registering th security doesn't allow us to enter th premises o botswa kak fela

It's a good week when new music from Prince AND Bowie hits the streets!

Gotta question-If the man you love has you as a friend on fb & blocks all his info from you; should you trust him? But realize he does have two "ladies" following his page.

A friend of mine was understandably sympathetic to this post in it's original form, but it's nasty scammers preying on womens greatest fears, bastards.

Suspicious definitions


not as expected

See also: fishy funny shady suspect


openly distrustful and unwilling to confide

See also: leery mistrustful untrusting wary