How to use Suppository in a sentence as a noun

The one situation where a suppository is the preferred alternative?

Mine did a bad a job and that's why my next sentence will be bitter:If a company wants to make me use a telescreen, they might as well make it a suppository.

[1] It's a vaginal suppository that supposedly encourages lactobacillus growth.

Now the only way to make further gains is to explore other form factors to deliver our message in, such as a convenient suppository.

Perhaps the Jag's inefficiency is the price you pay for an EV that doesn't look like a suppository.

V2 will be available as a custom suppository.

A really sneaky method would be to create a USB suppository, that looked like a large USB key but would leave the active part inserted inside the socket after the target pulls out the seemingly defective key.

Suppository definitions


a small plug of medication designed for insertion into the rectum or vagina where it melts