Stratified in a sentence as an adjective

Yes, in many ways life-science is stratified just like high school.

This is the living proof that the "web app market" is really stratified and the value perception within each customer group varies immensely.

Professional orgs and conferences can be an escape from the heavily stratified world kids are stuck in for most of their lives, and help people develop interests early.

They live in societies that are highly stratified and tend to learn, quickly, to obey the hierarchy when it comes to outsiders, because if they "step out of bounds" the consequences can be ugly.

The German school system is very stratified, "locking in" a child's destiny at a young age. Via parents who understand this and fight tooth and nail to get their child into the highest tier of the school system, it leads to high correlation between parents' and children's academic achievements.

It's a highly stratified network of ideologies and schools, some of which are only vaguely united under the pretext of social justice, but which have radically different views.

The foundation, flooring, central masonry stove, and a 5,000 gallon stratified thermal storage tank all store and scavange thermal energy both passively and actively.• Moisture control.

Because the classic model lets you make draw state changes at any time preceding a draw and the state changes are no longer stratified, the state validation can no longer be done incrementally.

Larger companies tend to treat talent as interchangeable where the only units are the number of warm bodies, perhaps stratified into "junior", "midrange" and "senior" whereas we all know there can be a 10x or greater difference between two engineers in terms of productivity, hence the more productive talent is harder to attract and retain.

Stratified definitions


arranged in a sequence of grades or ranks; "stratified areas of the distribution"

See also: graded ranked


deposited or arranged in horizontal layers; "stratified rock"

See also: bedded


(used of society) socially hierarchical; "American society is becoming increasingly stratified"

See also: class-conscious