How to use Stitch in a sentence as a noun

Gorgeous Personalised keyrings, cross stitch and more. Perfect for any occasion.

Thank you to the new likes and welcome to my page! I am rested after making things for Xmas like an afgan, World of Warcraft cross-stitch and more! I will post pix soon for those that would like to see. My hands were pretty far gone there and I needed to take a mental break for a bit. I am back and ready to tackle some Valentines and Easter goodies. Keep an eye out for new things to be added!

Do you love cross stitch? Take a look at the Bothy Threads website, you'll spot lots of lovely Phoenix artists' work.

The Da Vinci is most commonly used for prostate cancer surgery. Because the prostate is surrounded by blood vessels, accuracy is crucial, especially for stitching sutures. The robot’s arms move exactly like human wrists, and surgeons who previously stitched with their dominant hand can now do so either robotic arm. The time needed to stitch up a patient has been reduced from about an stitchur to approximate 15 minutes.

Just finished and framed a Christmas cross stitch. I have days off until Jan 2, so have started on a primitive black doll. I don't have enough time for crafting these days.

For those of u who had a C-section. stitchw does ur scar look? Is it nice and clean looking and did u have staples or get stitched? A friend of mine might have to get a c-section and is worried about the scaring so thought I'd ask for her Gill x

How to use Stitch in a sentence as a verb

Giveaway from the lovely drawn to stitch. x

Fiddling aroung with seahorse fins and have stumbled on a great crochet stitch. You guys are gonna love this pattern :D

{Saturday Sillies} "there's something wrong with this yoghurt" "that's because it's not yoghurt, it's mayonnaise" "oh, right, good then".... Who wants to take a guess as to what I'm watching tonight while I stitch down binding?

Listen, my children, and you shall hear My sad, sad tale of New year's cheer Me and my friends went out for a drink Which led to another, now I'm in the clink. My arm is all smashed and my leg's in a cast, My car's in a ditch, and my head got a stitch And written in red, down the length of that cast, "Should have called CDz Rides, you dumb son of a b****!"

I know i said the new year but i dont think im gonna make it, i reckon the cross stitch is coming out tonight!! Yojojo is waiting for me lol!

Inbox hi pp no tag plz, my stomach is reli tender n iv gt a stitch type pain in my left side, its been like it since yesterday mornin, defo not pregnant so any ideas y its sore x Naomi x

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Start thinking about your goals for your family for next year and lets start discussing right here. If someone is negative to your post I will boot them so feel free to share. According to my stats we have 25-85 thousand people reading these. I will start by saying that one if my goals is to continue the growth in my family unit. My wife and my two boys are getting along better. I also would like to baptize my youngest son. I want to continue connecting with Olivia my five year old and make sure we don't grow apart if I happen to be gone mining for long periods. I want to pray more than I do and make sure I'm available to anyone who asks. There are a few things I'm going to try to work on. Ofcourse my weight is always an issue. Lol


I have added some new Cross stitch designs. I have plenty more so if you can't see what you are looking for please ask. I can design to order too. Also added new earrings today and yesterday so please do have a look. Please check out my bargain album pinned to the top of the page it all has to go


Good morning,, I am in serious need of sewing machine advice today. I sew A LOT! Like I make about 10 quilts every year, from first cut until binding is finished and I do it all on my machine,, well not the cutting or binding sewdown, lol. Well anyway I have been using a Kenmore from Sears and I had a new one last April,, well guess what,, it seems to be dead!! I will send it to be serviced but the writing is on the wall,, that machine isn't man enough for the work I;m doing ,, soooo I have to consider a replacement. I seriously need some advice on what to look for. I am thinking I will pay in the range of 600 to 8oo,, can I get anything at that price or do I need to get real!! any advice will be considered. Thanks and have a good day,, We're going out for lunch,, yay.


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Smile, if you want to be beautiful. Hindi yung tatadtarin mo ng make up yang mukha mo! -Stitch :>

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What new knitting/crocheting/spinning/weaving/felting techniques do you plan on learning in the new year? •I'm thinking brioche knitting for me!

Please can you give me a shout out? Anyone who does I will return the favour

More snow on tap for the north east! What are you knitting or crocheting to beat the chill?

Lynn asks I used my 4D software with the Montey font to spell the name Rylee. Since it is cursive, is there something I must do to make it look like it is all connected together? Any help would be appreciated to this newbie. I have moved the letters as close together as possible but the l and the y aren't touching

Who would like a shout out later ?? xxxxxx

Why I love Needlepoint: "I needlepoint for therapy. It gives me the time to reflect and sometimes figure out what to do or not to do. The added advantage is that no one can talk back and I have art work when I am done."

Marsha has a sewing Q: "I am in the market for a new sewing machine. I have been sewing for over 30 yrs, I do a bit of everything except embroidery. My Bernnina that I had for 17 yrs got damaged in our cross country move. Looking for something that will last just as long, any suggestions?" -Marsha

If you still have some really great after Christmas sales going on that can save someone a load of money, pop them them under this post! Check out the other posts that have been up to see everyone that has posted over the past few days! Stars

Back in the shop today :D ...making reindeer antlers, don't ask lol x stitchpe you all had a lovely Christmas!! x

I love this, one of my fav patterns....and the colours...

The man shrieked in agony as the whip touched his skin, went into his flesh and came out again. One, said the official counting the whips.

Morning my lovelies, so what have you got planned for today? Tell me all! xxx

Stitch definitions


a link or loop or knot made by an implement in knitting, crocheting, embroidery, or sewing


a sharp spasm of pain in the side resulting from running


fasten by sewing; do needlework