Statute in a sentence as a noun

Reading statutes is a lot like reading code.

This strange doctrine is not supported by statute or common law.

To your later edit: there's no statute against "public example making".

Yes, including acts by employees that, though wrongful, may not have been within the contemplation of Congress when it passed the statute.

Natural law is one of those tenured ideas that we always rediscover or reinvent when our statute laws start going too far astray.

Nothing in its authorizing statute expressly permits it to impose the rules now known as net neutrality.

Statute in a sentence as an adjective

Brief summary:The story opens describing a statute of Richard Altmayer that stands in the center of the courtyard of the capital of the galactic union.

If you don't address a term in a contract a court will try to divine the intent of the parties, or look at industry norms, or use defaults established by statute law, and try to do something reasonable.

On the technical issue, patents laws are governed by statutes enacted by Congress but no existing statute requires that a clear-and-convincing standard be applied to this issue.

We construe criminal statutes narrowly so that Congress will not unintentionally turn ordinary citizens into criminals.

Apparently Congress specifically intended this restriction, because earlier drafts of the statute had broader language that merely included "proprietary economic information having a value of not less than $100,000".

The statute of limitations on unfiled taxes is essentially infinite, but the window to audit a return is only six years, so if you just file a 1040 with a zero on it every year and 20 years from now the IRS decides to get frisky, you're covered for all but the last 6 years automatically.

Statute definitions


an act passed by a legislative body


enacted by a legislative body; "statute law"; "codified written laws"

See also: codified