Stalls in a sentence as a noun

Medium, a better place to read thingsthat show up in the bathroom stalls at the Onion?

What evidence is there that ********* use "stalls careers"?

They feed on paper, torn cloth, household scraps and small quantities of food stolen from market stalls.

The OS gives the CPU two tasks ahead of time, then when one task stalls, the CPU can switch over to the other one and work on it for a while.

People who volunteer rarely volunteer to clean the **** out of the horse stalls, no they volunteer to ride in the races and build a new horse.

For some people, the Facbook Timeline is like inviting a complete stranger in to the bathroom with you, and not a bathroom with stalls and dividers.

Many of these instructions are branches – and inherently unpredictable ones at that, which means that pipeline stalls will be normal.

From what I've read, every piece of property they couldn't carry was taken, and they were rounded up and forced to live in horse-stalls for the duration of the war.

Did hallways full of students and teachers run into bathroom stalls every minute to check the latest messages?Gee, I don't see why people are so freaked out by this gatling gun I'm carrying.

'Between the crashed helicopter, burned animal stalls, and bullet marks everywhere, I can safely say I will not be utilizing AirBnB again - the place is completely trashed', Haddad told us"

The insight in slightly more detail:> The reason mediocrity sucks more than failure is very simple: Failure lets you move on, mediocrity stalls you and keeps you from reaching your potential.

That being said, there are a lot of tasks where everyone is going to land on the same linear or logN basic algorithm and the main difference is going to be the algorithm that misses cache frequently and is stuffed with branch mispredicts and pipeline stalls vs.

Stalls definitions


a farm building for housing horses or other livestock

See also: stable