Staff in a sentence as a noun

Way more than a blog with 10 or so staff.

Some were killed in jail, either by inmates or staff, because they flipped out and people got scared.

Amazon's dev staff made a lot of discoveries along the way.

He had an insatiable hunger for quality staff.

If you or anyone else drops the ball the angry customer is right there, including the angry wait staff and angry team mates.

First sanity check: _no_ staff scientists for any of these companies thought to go look at a textbook and the intertubes and do the same thing?

Staff in a sentence as a verb

The event staff is overly demanding and inconsiderate of speaker time.

"In appendTo, we’ve constructed our business model to encourage our staff to keep an effective and balanced schedule.

The appropriate course of action would have been to show the picture privately to staff and have them talk to the parties involved individually and maybe bring everyone together to talk about it after-the-fact.

Nearly every ******** job requires a BS degree, they employer just want to make the company staff looks "better educated"These "hot" majors are not really teaching any knowledge, but an easy way to grab a degree, so the students can gain their entry to various job titles.

Now, if youre not from the USA, I can already hear you objecting that its impractical to drive a small fleet of ocean-going vessels on suburban streets, or that its wasteful to retain a staff of thousands just to make the daily commute, or that its not all that great, environment-wise, to knock over city blocks every time I make a Starbucks run.

Staff definitions


personnel who assist their superior in carrying out an assigned task; "the hospital has an excellent nursing staff"; "the general relied on his staff to make routine decisions"


a strong rod or stick with a specialized utilitarian purpose; "he walked with the help of a wooden staff"


the body of teachers and administrators at a school; "the dean addressed the letter to the entire staff of the university"

See also: faculty


building material consisting of plaster and hair; used to cover external surfaces of temporary structure (as at an exposition) or for decoration


a rod carried as a symbol


(music) the system of five horizontal lines on which the musical notes are written

See also: stave


provide with staff; "This position is not always staffed"


serve on the staff of; "The two men staff the reception desk"