How to use Squire in a sentence as a noun

Heard that Tyrion's squire got so nervous in front of the queen once that he blew his wad in his britches. #podricksstain

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Happy New Year everybody. I am going to bring in the new year with a bang, ie hunting tomorrow. Looking forward to 2013. Should be a fun and exciting year. What are your plans?


Just a short announcement to let everyone know that I am calling it quits. No more online Yes fandom for me. This page will be gone in a couple of weeks. Sadly, I don't think this band is going to be able to get it together again before the end so there's really no point any longer. I'll always cherish the music, but Yes is over for me as an ongoing concern. Thanks and bye.


Closing in on the end of yet another year. Looks like the prophets of doom were wrong again. Wondering what the next big and obscure "end of the world" prediction will be floated for them to profit from next year. Hmmm..... In the meantime, squirepe everybody can celebrate the incoming year with friends and loved ones. Peace! CW


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Thankyou to all who attended the NYE party at the Squire. What a fantastic evening. 4 sets of kicking tunes to a packed venue. Many thanks to all the staff at the Squire for a brilliant night. To all the people who danced, sang and screamed. Wow you were all brilliant. See you all in 2013.

Haven't decided what you are doing tonight for NYE?! This is your last chance to buy pre-sale tickets at $65 for Stand & Deliver at James Squire Brewhouse - Docklands! Otherwise it'll be $95 on the door tonight. So call now & mention Stand & Deliver for cheap entry!!... Call 9606 0644. Can't wait!!!

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Sean and Mary Kate wish you all a happy new year! Everyone is heading to Cohan's to ring in 2013.

Still got loads, and i`m off out tonight, whatever doesn`t get played tonight will get played errrrr soon-ish

If you could be at any New Years party anywhere in the world where would your dream party be?

Calling all affluent Facebookers! Does anyone have an indoor swimming pool that they'd let us borrow or hire for a day? We're a very respectful bunch of humans and will show it a good time, that much I can guarantee!

9th Batch Order Europe/UK - Is open & expected closing by 31st Dec or 1st Jan 2013. Kindly pls submit your order if u have any... :D

Squire definitions


an English country landowner


young nobleman attendant on a knight


a man who attends or escorts a woman

See also: gallant


attend upon as a squire; serve as a squire