Sprocket in a sentence as a noun

Another sprocket that can come unglued and bork my app at any time.

Is there a tech on your support staff who's closing more sprocket tickets than cog tickets?

Now it's grown up a little, and although sprocket and yaml files aren't xml, the concept is the same.

When can I walk into the local Pepboys and buy a new sprocket or cog set for my Tesla?

Some UI element or branding to make it look like a sort of sprocket perforations?

Give him more sprocket tickets and occasionally throw a cog at him.

It was probably really hard to produce a metal sprocket and chain before the 1800s.

The asset path and sprocket performance hit doesn't seem to affect most Rails apps, they precompile their assets, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Can anyone point me, where I can read a comparison on Jammit vs asset pipeline/sprocket or could you offer your opinions.

Print jobs were formatted by placing a loop of punched paper tape on two sprocket wheels before sending the job request to the mainframe, and offline storage was to giant vertically-mounted spinning tapes.

The 135 format standard says how big the frames should be and how many sprocket holes per frame, but not how the frames align with the sprocket holes or exactly how much distance there should be between the film canister and the lightbox.

Proper Noun Examples for Sprocket

For instance, suppose US Sprocket International sells a million sprockets at a $10 profit each, in Germany.

Sprocket definitions


roller that has teeth on the rims to pull film or paper through


thin wheel with teeth that engage with a chain


tooth on the rim of gear wheel