Sopping in a sentence as an adverb

"Pais is just coming out of the bath, sopping wet and completely nude.

Bone dry by terrestrial standards, but sopping wet compared to say the Moon.

He wasn't prepared for it, his shirt was sopping wet, and keeping it on was a problem in the A/C'ed room.

"Desiccated code" I call it. The opposite is "sopping wet".

If you’re coughing enough to “very quickly saturate” a cloth mask into a sopping wet rag...don’t go out.

It literally has a value sopping up real profits from thriving holdings with paper losses.

The problem with this formulation of the future is limiting cycles for the free tier sopping up as you say.

Where are the big-time devs creating world-beating technology on the platform and sopping up revenue like crusty bread at the bottom of a steak dish?

Now you have largely unaccredited, for profit institutions sopping up taxpayer guaranteed loans and ripping people off.

If it stops becoming a profit center then you remove the big incentive that "pros" are going for -- sopping up available units and using them solely for tourists.

The northern part is sopping wet at all times, prone to flooding, and the main problem for agriculture in many counties is that the groundwater is only 8 inches under the surface.

Sopping definitions


extremely wet; "dripping wet"; "soaking wet"

See also: soaking dripping