Sophist in a sentence as a noun

Well, I'll be patiently waiting for the day when a sophist moves the ball for us and not for their scheme.

Being a sophist is not the same as being logically consistent.

Until you can prove it better than 2+2=4 then I can judge you for a sophist at best, a dipshit less generously.

That's fine, Its his website whatever, but let's not pretend he's not some sophist ***** like so much of the rest of america.

He sneaks a bit of sophist elision in here:In the end, facts not unfounded claims will determine the outcome of the suit filed against us.

That's morally repugnant, a deadweight loss, whatever sophist arguments you can come up with for why really the right thing.

Ethics to me is fundamentally about improving life not some nonsense sophist rhetoric.

Because despite your sophist argument there are huge practical differences between what normal people call "renting" and what normal people call "owning"?

Technically true, but sophist's experience is consistent with scientific findings.

This is sophist ****, reverse-engineered to justify your dislike of urbanites.

Some of these approaches are more justifiable than others: market momentum, qualatiative prediction of the company's valuation trajectory, trendy but questionable financial metrics, sophist technical analysis etc.

Sophist definitions


any of a group of Greek philosophers and teachers in the 5th century BC who speculated on a wide range of subjects

See also: Sophist


someone whose reasoning is subtle and often specious

See also: casuist