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Thanks for all your solstice celebration suggestions. Share them with us on the air tomorrow!

Tomorrow take time to rejoice in the long road to get you to where you are in that moment. Feast on some beautiful food whilst imagining & setting your intentions forward of what is possible & seeing this come to fruition with each step forward you take... Summer solstice is an amazing time with powerful energy & coming to the close of a shift is significant to each of us in our own unique way whilst still remaining part of the collective energy. xx

Heading off to the Library to share the magic of story during this solstice time! Come on over for this free event! Starts at 7pm.

We had our staff solstice party this evening. My colleagues are such a source of light!

News update: Friday will not quite be the end of the world as some groups claim, but will merely mark the winter solstice as far as PAG ASA concerned.. Ntakot aq sa blitang end of the world n,but I do have faith and I do believed in GOd! <3

What are you planning for xmas lunch? And can your recipes be tweaked to use seasonal ingredients? Bring on the mango, cucumber, purple bean and avocado salads sprinkled with sunflower seeds! The fresh tomato relishes and trays of refreshing stone-fruit! We're so lucky in Australia that our festive season falls in an abundant harvest time, unlike the Winter solstice austerity that the calendar is based on in the North. May we celebrate our Summer by supporting local and organic farmers, by getting to our local markets this weekend and by sharing the surplus with those around us.

:D it should be a winter solstice dance :P -Katara

Remember we are getting ready to celebrate solstice beginning tomorrow! Be sure to be on our mailing list and visit our website to see what Gaia has to say about this year's solstice!

Our celebration of the solstice last night was fabulous! A wonderful way to ring in a new year of light. A huge thank you to everyone who came out to dance, drum, vend, or cheer!

"On winter solstice, the world will be joining together in a moment of peace to unify the planet."

As with any solstice, but most especially with this one, clean out the old so you dont have to drag it around the new with you! Especially end those old and irrelevant commitments or relationships. Start the new era clear and bright and ready for action!

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Good evening to all here at the fire...I solsticepe the following prayer will help folks get through the next few days....just remember it's not the end of the world...much has been written elsewhere about this time & it's probably safe to say don't believe everything you hear. It is a time of transformation, but the solstice is always a time of transformation. Whats important to remember is the sacredness of this time, to connect or reconnect with the sacred ones. Smudge, pray, dance & drum, spend some time out on the land...yes even in the snow & cold... light a candle...for every candle is a sacred fire...Be at peace with one another, spend time with one another, & time alone with yourself too. At this time it's good to reconnect with yourself...Breathe, pray & just relax... we will be fine... Besides it's already tomorrow in Australia.... Have a good one folks ~ Irene


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Good Noise Snowmageddon is all set to go with about 47% more solsticeliday music than last week, which had none. We'll even cover Solstice and Hannuka.

If anyone is going to the Solstice then go to Tara tomorrow night on 20th, bring really good winter clothes and tent if possible. Before dawn we leave to Newgrange before for the dawning of the Sun, Admission free! Blessings to all!!

More Solstice thoughts as we head into the final countdown to the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of a new cycle of time ... "This is the dawn of a new era and the one we have been waiting for. It is the time frame that marks the end of the hierarchical, competitive and success oriented approach to life and marks the beginning of a relationship, cooperative and community oriented cycle. It won’t happen overnight solsticewever, we must take advantage of this time through our attention and focus. If you plant the seed right, a beautiful growth will follow."

Christmas has come early with our Summer Solstice Sale! Visit the website for details and to find your cruise now!

Some people still believe the world is gonna end tomorrow.. Psh.. I will watch 2012 and laugh at it tomorrow.. >:P tomorrow is the Solstice! Not the freaking apocalypse! :P <3 Kitty <3

Get ready for the post tomorrow regarding the Winter Solstice. The winter and summer solstice are important health events for the endocrine system as well as being a calendar event.

Despite small in number, last nights Summer Solstice observance was well received. Whilst the Temple is officially closed for the summer break, unofficially, it is business as usual.

I will be doing a special Shaktipat blessing and meditation of Solstice. Free of charge. Pre-register on the website to attend!

♥ looking for some meaningful last minute gifting ideas? consider giving one month's worth of energy balancing sessions for yourself or a loved one. if purchased by the Solstice, a special $300 investment fee provides the recipient with 1 attentive session per week-a savings of $200. these are powerful, beautiful times of endings and beginnings. a gift of supportive care could be just the thing for someone special in your life. ♥

Due to lack of interest we will be canceling our tour for the Maya Solstice Celebration. We will be schedule another tour on that day. Details to follow.

For those who aren't able to join us for our Solstice Celebration, some thoughts: Participate in the pulse of Nature's rhythms, as we are all inextricably bound to them... Plant the seeds of new directions/new growth and know that some of them will begin to manifest themselves in your world as they respond to the light... Rather than "resolutions", consider removing roadblocks to the flow of Life's energies as a goal - as a daily practice... Remember that "Namaste" is also to solsticenor the spirit in yourself as you recognize and solsticenor the spirit in others... From the darkness - light.

轉貼: "It’s not the end of the world, but a damned good time to set our intentions, goals and plans for a more enlightened way forward. A renewal of respect for our Mother Earth, each other and a renewal of the the aspirations that will ultimately guide the system. We want change on so many levels and we look forward to implementing the many things we raise our voices about. The promises of global enlightenment won’t come overnight, but we can all help by spreading the light at this Solstice as we contemplate the meaning of Capricorn and what we have established or need to re-establish in this world"

Many have waited a very long time for their path to open, for their soul's direction to reveal itself. May this Solstice bring fulfillment for all who have waited, for all who have yearned to know God's presence on Earth.

Goodnight to you all...I will see you all tomorrow for the eve of the Winter Solstice and the eve of the eBook and games!

Happy Solstice everyone! They say that something big will happen on this solstice. solsticepe everyone is well and may Lucifer's light shine on the solsticeliday season. Steph

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Gordonvale Music the sound of that? If you would like to see a music festival happen in Gordonvale next winter please start the conversation here. All ideas welcome, bands, genres, venues, dates, let us know so we can start planning for something new and exciting in our town.

I'm not going to lie, I'm completely surprised I only have one 12-21 wedding. I'm also wondering if 11-12-13 will be as popular as 12-12-12 was now.

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solsticew will you celebrate Jesus' birth this year?

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either of the two times of the year when the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator