Softly in a sentence as an adverb

Is it not true that the more softly the lion lives the more slavishly he lives?

Try to count softly; you want to pay attention to your breathing, not your counting.

And many a partner slumbered softly in bed, while visions of A-rounds flooded their SO's heads.

With both of them on and some Miles Davis playing softly in the background I can effectively block out all other noise.

They carefully lay the cable down into its final resting place, whilst a full orchestra plays a requiem ever so softly in the background.

Even if they could land the stage softly enough with a reasonable amount of parachutes, the stage has trouble surviving tipping over in the ocean after landing.

Alternatively, perhaps it serves as a bogey-man; "now I'm on a watchlist" has entered modern parlance and with it, the mindset that one must speak "unapproved" opinions softly.

Softly definitions


with low volume; "speak softly but carry a big stick"; "she spoke quietly to the child"; "the radio was playing softly"

See also: quietly


in a manner that is pleasing to the senses; "she smiled softly"


with little weight or force; "she kissed him lightly on the forehead"

See also: lightly gently


used as a direction in music; to be played relatively softly

See also: piano