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"Is sobriety all that we are to expect of a spiritual awakening? No, sobriety is only a bare beginning; it is only the first gift of the first awakening. If more gifts are to be received, our awakening has to go on. As it does go on, we find that bit by bit we can discard the old life - the one that did not work - for a new life that can and does work under any conditions whatever."

Fb asking "what's on your mind?" sandwiches are on my mind, all day, any kind!!! This fast is more challenging then I anticipated! Praying circles around numerous family members salvation, sobriety and drug free lives!!!

Nobody could make me as proud as i have in the last 10 month. I have been sober from sobriety and alcohol and i have helped some of those around me become sober as well... Thanks everybody, i get my 10 Month sobriety chip tonight!

Want to know why im in favor of hallucinogens? If you spend all day everyday with someone, even yourself, your perception of reality is diminished. So my friends, lose yourself for awhile. Let me know sobrietyw everything measures up when sobriety sets in. *consume responsibly*

Sleep and sobriety makes for a slightly better workday...

Glenn Beck calling himself a libertarian is like me calling myself a sobriety counselor.

So proud of my son, 18 months sobriety! Way to go Dustin! We love you.

A big shout out to my good friend Kyle Sargent for 2 years of sobriety. That takes true grit.

I'm ten days into my abstention from alcohol. If you can please support my sobriety with a donation to Cancer Research UK because #ResearchKillsCancer

I often worry about the world's greatest social issue, our growing addiction to sobriety. I think I'll start a lobby group.

Most my dudes paying der debts to society so I been having problems wit my sobriety!!

Laughing at Britney makes me feel better! Here's to a new year.....Thank God sobriety worked for her.

Enjoy! This is great. This is sobrietyw the speeding tickets were done by those camera's. They were not given a sobriety test to all the police were busy doing this instead of reading the results acurately!

Second time to try being sobriety please pray for me. Thank you

Im here with my sobriety sister doing group just tested i got to learn to keep my mouth shut principles befor personalities ....

Why, oh why my God above, have you abandoned me in my sobriety? Behind this old façade, I'm your bewildered child, so take me cross the river wide ♪

Gud afternoot everyone...I'm alive nd well never been better goin on on two month's of my sobriety. .fr drug's nd I'm proud of myself though I cudnt but yet I'm doin it..never been happy wit myself . But other den dat I'm missin da one dat stuck wit me thrugh all diz I thank him very much nd u know to u are . Safe travels.

Congratulations to my husband, my hero! His one year sobriety birthday is today! The first year is the hardest - way to go baby!

Im very impatient when im not stoned , sobriety sobriety got me on the edge system to clean uggghh.

I met a poet, said she didn't like the smell of it Then took her clothes off in a restaurant for the sobriety of it I met a DJ who lived in seclusion Reality and sobriety were her only delusions

Today is Jeff's 1 year sobriety date. We are very proud of his hard work and personal growth. Thank you, Jeff from all of us who love you the most.

sobriety the police!!! Cant smoke no more after today, and i wanted to spit in that judge face!! Disrespectful sobriety sobriety man!! A year and a half sobriety gon suck, all deez sobriety sobrietys around me smh

Disappointing to see this type of racism on FB and going unchallenged. Paul McKeever I'm sorry that I couldn't attend the IdleNoMore protest that - with police sobrietyistance - is preventing commerce in downtown London: employment and sobriety got in the way. Maybe next time.

Ok so we meet online and discuss possible first /last dates where your either the coolest chick on earth or run for your life! Run girl run! The last date I went on was a sobriety retreat lol can anyone say exorcism? Next time lets try dual sensory deprivation tanks .. Sexxy? sobrietyw about human suspension? Any takers bwahaha what's the craziest date you've ever been on? Go!

Katherine, Maria, Greg, and magisrate Sullivan, thank you so much for allowing me to leave sober living!!!!! This month has tried my patience and enabled me to use some of the skills ive learned in cog to grow in life and sobriety. Thank you for believing in me!!!!

45 days clean Im stoked dosent sound like much but its the longest ive gone to date wosh me luck on my sobriety

So tbh it just feels like my sobriety is coming to an end i picked back up my coin and carry it around as an everyday reminder of what i once was and what i put myself and others thru....but.....i have become comfortably numb

Add on to last status: I am doin so good in my sobriety and I dont wanna mess it up,.o got 2 beautiful girls that need there daddy. Please sobrietype this day turns out good and it dont hit the fan. I cant afford to mess things up! God please be with me if everything goes bad

I know its going to feel like im weak..maybe i am..idk but today is the second day of my sobriety and im so beside myself. I wanna smoke so bad to da point that i feel like pooky from new jack city..gotta lot of praying to do. I never thought it would b so hard to stop smoking&ive stopped doing a lot if things that wasn't right for me but this is the toughest yo..

When your so messed up all you can do is sit there, crush, and pray for sobriety to come

Sometimes things happen. My faith is what sobrietylds me together. It was a turbulent last 6 years, but I think I have come to the realization that sobriety is what I need right now.

I am pro drug! If you feel that sobriety make you happier than sobriety, use them. One day after I am dead and gone... Government will agree.

Without my sobriety i have nothing. and i sure have a lot right now to be grateful for

Do you think this is about sobriety or food sales? Encourages drinking before driving to that dinner reservation

You know...sobriety isn't as scary as i thought it would be....

Is it the 3rd day of sobriety you get the chip?

Woke up today hurting like sobriety...babies myself a lil n now I feel very good n spiritually fantastic...lovin life n ready to make a difference n someone else's life when god puts them n my what a difference a meeting everyday can do! Thy will,not mine,b done! I have given a couple things up to u lord n u have answered me promptly w what is best for my future n sobriety n I'm very grateful to u n Ur fellowship! God bless n do somethin for a stranger or someone n great need today w out expecting anything n return. C what it does for Ur soul...amazing!

Sad when people u care about who say they are clean but know they r not call n ask for help or whatever sobrietyw do u tell them u dont want that kind of bs in or around u and ur life.... not only do i treasure my sobriety i also treasure my family just the way it is

Day 2 of my sobriety wish me luck

90 days of sobriety today feels good to be doing what I should've been doing all along

Being thinking, for my own sobriety and sanity... the next person that lies to me... gonna have to sobriety 'em.

In less then a month it will be exactly 3 yrs sobriety for david congrats babe sooo proud of u it is really been a long road and he is finally gettin there it took a while but he did it i love u sooo much david congrats

Day 8 of sobriety. They talk about a fourth dimension during the process. I think I am starting to see what they mean. #cloudsdrifting #mindclearing

Waking up without the Hangover, and all the fun memories from the night before , is the reason I love my sobriety! Had so much fun with my E-Bar family!

Please do not think that because u am having a party to celebrate my sobriety, that there will not be alcohol at my party....I chose to have it at my sobrietyuse because some people that might be showing are un recovery as well....if you are coming, please let me know so I can make arrangements for a proper party......

Today I celebrate 18 years of sobriety ,Very grateful today ,I am totaly amazed sobrietyw peaceful life is to not have to worry about What to do or what to say and have all those fears i had when i first stopped drinking go away. The promises of AA really do materialize if we work for them.

10 days of sobriety done & 49 to go!! Loving it! :D

So yesterday i got pulled over by the sheriffs the cop took me and my boyfriend out and searched my car they found a m80 and a spring loaded pocket knife i also had a bench warrant for a no show on a petty theft the cop sited and released me and told me to be careful about what i carry in my car cause explosives catch felonies thank god for sobriety dates lol

I've discovered I'm bad at this during prolonged periods of happiness & sobriety.

10 months!!! One thing I have learned with my sobriety is that I have to make myself number one in my life. As soon as I put someone else's feelings before working on my sobriety I feel weak and vulnerable. I am so extremely thankful for God, and my family who has stood by me every single day!

Anyone want like 10 cannabutter infused cookies and pie crust? I think it would be best for my sobriety to give them to someone... So I'm not tempted..

sobrietyessment 1 complete only 3 more 2 go. Roll on the 17th im gonna make up 4 all the sobriety ive endured

I'm blessed for everything I have. I love my life, my family, my job field, and my three year + sobriety. Thank you God for everything!

Haha so us. I dont know what they are all laughing about. I bet their lives aren't a constant battle between the glorious taste of bread and living like ours are. On the road to sobriety: say no to satan's loaf Andrea Michel Bertke

Another month of sobriety, that makes nine months without a drink of alcohol, its made such a difference in my life, well I should say I have a life!

To the gentleman taking a field sobriety in the gas station this morning...don't know if your having a long night or an early start. But yeah may my laughter from across the parking lot lift up your spirit.

7 years ago today, I made a decision to turn my will and my life over to a higher power and though every single day in sobriety wasn't easy, I can report that I truly have no regrets. I have been blessed with incredible friends and family, a beautiful partner and an awesome dog!! All things are possible when you are doing the right thing!

In gonna try a life if sobriety for a Lil while...

I want to express my gratitude to God, my children & family, as well as all the men & women who have touched my life to allow me to grow as a woman these past 32 years of my sobriety! I am truly blessed!!!

I asked my son this morning, sobrietyw his church youth group went last night. He proceeded to tell me what they did. "We talked about our best present from Christmas" He said. I then asked, "What was yours?" He replied, "Your sobriety, dad." I almost cried right there......

Prayer, our highest type of mental energy, serves a threefold purpose. By it we ask God's help; we thank Him for recovery; and we maintain our contented sobriety.

I can watch my serenity level rise when I discard my expectations. But then my “rights” try to move in, and they, too, can force my serenity level down. I have to discard my “rights,” as well as my expectations, by asking myself, “sobrietyw important is it, really? sobrietyw important is it com­pared to my serenity, my emotional sobriety?” And when I place more value on my serenity and sobriety than on anything else...

A reason 2 doubt the sobriety of our country:kenya. Is this not crazy surely?

Good morning god. Thank you for another day of life,sobriety,freedom and sobrietype. Thank you also for all of the people that care about me !!!!!

Kathy Lee & sobrietyda are doing 27 days of sobriety...what has the world come to? Tara B. Fankhanel - I don't think we could do that...

I am so grateful for my sobriety, Day 150!! Life is good!

Big day for me.... After 16 mos of being sober, I'm asking the state of Illinois for driving privileges..... Regardless of the outcome, sobriety is still #1 priority...

If this week keeps going the way it is then sobriety is going out the window

3 years of sobriety today! Thank you Jesus!

Today is exactly 21 months of my beautiful new life in complete sobriety. It has not been an easy road, sobrietywever each day is a beautiful journey for me. I am so thankful for what God has done in my life and what he is doing for me each day. I love being sober and I love life! I am learning to walk with gratitude and appreciate both the stormy and sunny days!

Got pulled over a couple of days ago. They wanted me to take a field sobriety test. I told them I would'nt pass it, because I did'nt study!!

Today I want to help others and to give freely what was given to me. The program for sobriety is simple but not easy, it takes work.

Your cellphone, your wallet, your time, your ideas no bar-code, no party, no ID, no beers your bankcard, your license, your thoughts, your fears no SIM card, no disco, no photo, not here your blood, your sweat, your passions, your regrets your profits, your time off, your fashions, your sex your pills, your grass, your sobrietys, your sobriety your laughs, your balls, we want it all, tell us your habits, your fads, your fears give us your address, your shoe size, your years your digits, your plans, your number, your eyes your schedule, your desktop, your details, your life show us your children, your photos, your sobrietyme here, take credit, take insurance, take a loan get a job, get a pension, get a haircut, get a suit play the lottery, play football, play the field, snort some toot, your thoughts, your emotions, your love, your dreams your checkbook, your essence, your sweat, your screams your security, your sobriety, your innocence, your society your self, your place, your distance, your space, we want your soul

I would greatly appreciate if all my friends would check out my new sobriety page called living-sobriety and give some input. I will for one discover who pays attention to my posts if anyone and for two sobrietyping to receive back valuable input......

"If it's important to you, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse." #sobriety

It's my 90 day anniversary in sobriety and I am really lovin this way of life.

I'm sure Mobi said we managed a B-1 for this module! But even more exciting! Next semester it's Me, Mobi and sobrietying Rob! I seriously don't see a single day of sobriety in this at all.

A common field sobriety test used on DUI suspects is the finger-to-nose test. This requires the suspect to place their feet together, stand straight, and close their eyes while bringing the index finger to the nose as ordered by the officer. Any body sway, tremors, or lack of coordination can indicate intoxication.

When you are pulled over after you've been drinking, the best thing to do is remain calm. A field sobriety test will likely be administered by the officer who pulled you over. If you fail that, they will then likely give you a breathalyzer test.

In 3 months I well have 4 years sobriety wow I had problems staying sober for 4 minutes 4 years ago , thinks to all who have help me living free no more monkeys on my back

The moment when you realize that sobriety is the balls and you haven't had a bad day in a long time. Bentley my motivation. Kid I do anything for you!!!

Celebrating my fourth year of sobriety today. Good times.

More than one way to embrace sobriety or recovery from any affliction.

By the grace of God and the fellowship of AA, I am celebrating 24 years of sobriety today-

I went line dancing last night. Well it was a roadside sobriety test, same thing.

Sorry to hear about your mom, she lived her later yrs well, good job on sobriety and school

Lol. Fun night. We make sobriety and doing math for fun awesome.

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Spirituality involves risk, but the risk has to be sensible, having the possibility of success. As a practicing addict, I risked extravagantly with no consideration of consequences. The decision I make in recovery must be based on wisdom. The risk I take today have a good chance of succeeding. Before taking action, I discuss the risk with my sponsor or a recovering friend with time in sobriety. Today I take risk on things and situations that have the possibility of working for me, rather than against me. God has given me freedom and has taken a risk on sobrietyw I exercise that freedom. God's love is revealed in the risk. Risks should have the possibility of success!


Being envious has good & bad parts. If I want something, I'm gonna do my up most to do the right thing and get or receive what he or she has. Such as sobriety. On the sobriety side being envy of someone for what they have, such as materialistic items or success in business will bite you in the rear. I believe in walking before running. I believe it takes time in achieving business success. Sometimes going in debt up your ears will eventually catch up. Pride & Ego always is a loser.


All this sobriety in my life, the stress and anxiety and still have no desire to self medicate... pretty awesome feeling. Feeling of control. I wish I felt that way about my life. That sobriety has spun like a tornado!!! Just drop me off in Kansas, if I click my heels, will it work???? LOL


A gun is an inanimate object. It doesn't breathe, bleed, think, or have feelings. It's a piece of steel. My car is steel. Also inanimate. Nobody blames it for my DWI. Just as my car doesn't start itself and drive itself all over town, I don't think a gun can just shoot and reload itself. If 9yrs of sobriety has taught me anything it's this: sobrietyw easy it is to point the finger of blame at others for the wrongs done to us, and sobrietyw much courage & sobrietynesty it takes to see what part we play in it all. I'm not a gun owner, I forfeited that right many years ago. And as long as no one's firing one at me or my family, I could care less what gun's are out on the street. People scare me a whole lot more than gun's ever will. If people think gun's are to blame then I really do live in a stupid world....


Why did god made alcohol? .. ... .... ...... that ugly people have a chance to get laid. *BA DUM TSS* -Jei


If you get pulled over and questioned by police for a DWI, do NOT use a breathalyzer test. You may have to give blood under a warrant later at a sobrietyspital, but any defense attorney will tell you do not do it. Don't even do a field sobriety test. It is your right to refuse. There are other issues like license suspensions, but fighting the case is your main concern at that point. And of course, don't drink and drive, because giving your money to lawyers like me and to the court system sucks. And sobrietying people in car accidents also sucks. Also- scotch is delicious.


Need to do something epic this year on Feb. 14th. Last year I just stayed at sobrietyme and didn't even celebrate. Let's get some ideas going... *Note, not for valentines day, it'll be three years clean for me on that date.


What I do today in my life working with people with addictions ..... I accept my sobriety as a great gift , and give it away as a great gift. For me sobriety is a lifelong commitment to preserve it and build on it. .......... Ken J. To have stronger and healthier communities , we have to provide our members with a positive and greater sense of belonging. .......... Ken J.


I think I may have finally succeeded in bamaging my drain!! Lol. Anybody have those days when you just totally can not feel anything except some occasional extreme irritation and you're sober. I guess I just have to learn that everyday is not going to be all sunshine and roses and that's okay. that was part of my problem before I felt that if everything wasn't perfect if I wasnt all smiles and happy and joyful that something was wrong with me and I needed to fix it . I never felt like I had the right to have a bad day. to be less than perfect. to be a human being instead of a human doing. And therein lies the insanity of it all. not a single 1 of us will ever attain perfection in this lifetime. all we can do is love ourselves along with and in spite of all our imperfections and get up and try harder next time.


This is the dumbest situation in my life: Cop *pulls me over*: you know you ran a yellow light? Me: ran? I thought yellow referred to yield as in 'slow down red coming' because red means stop. Cop: being a smart sobriety huh? You need to slow to a stop at yellow. Comprende? Me: Sir, all do respect, I was going 45 as per posted limit says and I was 15 yards from the light, there was no way I would've made it without slamming my brakes and endangering myself and those behind me. I made the choice to continue through the light. Oh yea, I'm Hawaiian idk what comprende means... Cop: Everything aside, you should have slowed before that in anticipation of a red. Me: really? Cause I'm sure there's a law you could've found against braking too hard. Cop: You think you're a smart kid huh? License, Insurance and registration , now, and don't think I play easy on kids like you. So I hand my sobriety over, cop wastes about 15min of my life checking my info all just to tell me "you know son, you need to be careful. You're lucky you're clean or I would've gotten you." And walked away. Well... Sir.. Ty for your car number, badge number, and name because there was no reason for you to treat my like some criminal. I'm sure I have the upper hand now.


Morning lovely people and thank you for your words of encouragement and support through Shane's journey to sobriety, the fact that we have so many people around us who love and care is overwhelming and humbling at the same time. I've been fighting a silent battle with Shanes alcohism for nearly 10 years now and although some of you who are closest to us know some of what I've had to endure, noone really knows the whole story and I'm not about to start sharing that.. I have never believed in using a social networking forum as a way to "air ones dirty laundry" especially mine so I'm not going to now either. I will say this sobrietywever, Shanes alcoholism has left many emotional scars on me and my family, my entire family, and although I am trying to be supportive towards Shanes journey I am finding it extrememy difficult to be the support he needs me to be. I am seeking some councelling of my own to deal with the feelings and emotions I have towards Shane and his drinking and all that comes with that and I am sobrietyping we can get through this. I am pretty broken at the moment and feel like a shadow of my former self. I will not be sharing my journey on fb as Shane is but I encourage you to please continue to support Shane through his journey as he is finding this extremely helpful and its giving him strength that at times he desperately needs. I will be taking my journey privately and I ask you to all please respect that wish of mine while I do this. I don't want to offend anyone or seem insensitive but I have to do this my way. Feel free to call or message me but know there will be no posts from me in regards to my marriage and sobrietyw this has all affected me, my family and especially my 3 precious gifts from God. Thank you again and my love, peace and best wishes to you all xoxo


You should specifically learn a deep breathing technique. This is not a small thing. Deep breathing and deep meditation go hand in hand. Deep breathing vastly propels recovery from addiction. It promotes deep relaxation while vastly increasing energy. It stabilizes the emotions so that stress is much less likely to cause a collapse of will power and a return to addictive behavior. Long, slow, steady deep breathing is a tremendous secret to sobriety and to the development of radiant health and wisdom. That is why it is practiced by wise men and women every day. Call it deep breathing or call it meditation, once you really get into this kind of breathwork, you are much less likely to be attracted to sobriety, alcohol or tobacco.


Sometimes its crazy sobrietyw we live our life, thru the night with no light to conquer the bright, i feel as if im getting played on sight. advisory is mine to be, but it really isnt violently they tried to go and write on me but its all back to sobriety. life aint worth livin if you have no direction, simple as it is your the own lifes edgin. listen to me well, listen to me good, only hear to make it what i should. your lifes ambition is to listen everything ive given without the air your not risen. why is it like im the only one tryin, life is full of nothing , just a bunch of people dyin, please note that your memories are still here with a dear, to slightly hear the fear in who can interfere. im sick of everyones act with all these shady people, im used to the evil, stick em out and light it up with all diesel.


Relationships are about leaning on each other when one is weak. Lifting each other up when the other is down. Learning to accepts flaws and boost confidence. Listening to one another and lending a hand when needed. Comprehending fully, and not just what you want to hear. Loving one another and trusting they love back. Building each other physically, mentally, and emotionally, not tearing them down. And finally, compromising, not controlling. Neither lead nor follow, but walking hand in hand. If you cant have this, why have a relationship...right?


Alcoholics Anonymous® is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and sobrietype with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. AA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.


I ran into 6 people from was kinda sad that 3 of them are using two days it will be 2 months since I had my last dose of methadone. I haven't use once and don't have the desire to at all. sobrietyw is it that these people detox off the program and I walked off from 35mgs and I am staying strong? I will never know but I am truly grateful to have my sobriety today. I may not be who I want to be yet but I have defiantly have came a long way. The beauty of this life I have now is endless. I truly wish and pray for all addicts to reach a point in their life where enough is enough and they pick to stand on their two feet and take reality as it comes because it is beyond rewarding. If you just stay strong.


I’m sure the individual sent me this email with warm intentions. sobrietywever, I see some inconsistency and incongruence in emails like this: “AA is free, the literature is essentially free if you can't afford it. The meetings are free, the friends, sponsors and events. I can't imagine giving all that up to lock myself in my sobrietyme with some book. You should just go back to AA and get involved and work the steps.” Emails like this cause me to think to myself, “So let me get this straight. You sent me this email after you went to my free website, read my free blog or heard one of my free podcasts. And I should do what YOU tell me to do, even if I don’t like it? I’m already sober for more than 7 years, 2 months. If I go to meetings will that make me more sober? Will that bring me closer to achieving the goals I’ve thought out for myself? Who will I be helping, me or you? If you like the meetings and you like the system, I wouldn’t tell YOU not to go.” Then I consider their warm recommendation and respond with a courteous email.


Im checkin in I'm just letting everyone know I'm pregnant again. My daughter lilli just turned one on the first. I was lucky to be with her on Christmas and her birthday but that's only cause my baby's dad cause I abandoned him and lilli 5 months ago cause I'd rather be on the streets doing sobriety instead of being a responsible mother and a respectable girl friend. I refuse to grow up, and to remove the losers, drug addicts , and low life's from my life. I just want to be free even know I have three kids and another on the way. I wonder if I have any real friends or family that will help me


I'm sorry that Tyler is a complete drunk. No I will not stop posting about it. Or taking him before the judge to answer for it. Please feel free to delete me and continue living in denial. I do not live a secret life and i will not protect his secret. My son is in danger. 1 year ago he needed help and not me today he needs it more than ever. Please stop worrying what people will think and get him the help he needs.


A fellow was driving sobrietyme one evening and was pulled over by a police officer. After seeing the gentleman’s license and registration, the officer asked him if he would submit to a breathalyzer. “I can’t do it, Officer. I’m an asthmatic, and if I forcefully exhale, I will have a dickens of a coughing fit, and there’s a good chance I could go into respiratory arrest, and die on the spot.” “Hmm,” said the officer, “if that’s the case, I am going to have to ask you to come down to the station and submit to a blood test.” “I can’t do that either,” said the man. “You can’t? Why not?” “I’m a hemophiliac. My blood doesn’t clot. If my veins get punctured, there’s the potential of me bleeding out in a matter of minutes.” The policeman said, “Well, that’s okay. We’ll go down to the station, and you can do a urine test.” “Officer, I can’t do that either. You see, I’m also diabetic, and the sugar in my urine can fool generic lab tests into thinking that it is alcohol, since alcohol is similar to sugar, and I could be arrested, detained, and falsely charged. Neither one of us wants that to happen.” “You’re right,” sighed the officer. “Tell you what, we’ll do a field sobriety test. Get out of the car, I’ll have you walk the straight line, and then we’ll be done.” “Officer,” said the man, “I’m sorry, I can’t walk the straight line either.” Frustrated, the officer says, “Let me guess. You’re an amputee?” “No,” said the man. “I’m drunk.”


Bring all the wise talker in Jesus Christ and St. Paul, to me in public. Be sure to watch sobrietyw etymology adjudicates issues in the presentation. There is a big difference when people talk from emotion and belief of inscrutable ideas, opposed to speaking by pure sobriety and cognition. I am inviting everyone who has a religious conviction to a linguistic test of their belief.


We do not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. Five years ago I was a drug dealer and an addict. Looking at a ling prison sentence. I couldn't imagine a life with or without sobriety. Now all thoe things that nearly destroyed me are great sobrietyets and great strengths. Today I can not imagine a life without a relationship with God, who loves me beyond my ability to understand.


From a member: Thanks for what you guys post. I read alot of what you post since im a vet with ptsd. Its cost me countless relationships and one marraige. Every day is a battle with myself. Most days I would like to wake up and just start drinking, but I dont. Then theirs other times ive thought about sobriety, but refuse to put my family through that. The family doesnt know sobrietyw bad the ptsd really is cause Ive gotten pretty good at hiding it. I think through pure hard headedness on my part I refuse to let it get the best of me. But my biggest fear is that someday I wont be able to fight it anymore and it will get the best of me. But reading the posts on your site help sometimes. You can repost this if you want, just keep my name off it please. Thank You


Lets hear it ...what are you Grateful 4 today .... I'm grateful for my 4 kids... Alton ...Elizabeth ... Thomas ... Tricia & my Grand-Puppy ..Gunny


When god shows u favor he shows up to show out..... ive had 2 months total sobriety. 5 months of going to sleep happy and waking up with a smile. My pockets swelling. Got my license. It keeps getting better and better. Jesus is the reason......


I have to relay this true story I heard last night. May you be blessed in Jesus name! Mike and I went to meet with a friend and she told us something inspiring. A number of years ago her brother was facing some huge trials in his life with substance abuse and addictions. She allowed him to stay at her sobrietyuse when he was at the end of his rope jnand trying to get off of the sobriety and alcohol. One night they were sitting at her kitchen table and he was a mess, in tears and not knowing what to do. At that time she had one child who was about 2 years old. Her son was in the kitchen with them in diapers but nothing else. This little boy upon seeing his uncle in such despair toddled off. Neither this woman or her brother even noticed that he had gone until he came back into the kitchen and went up to his uncle and placed the sobrietyly bible in his lap. That was the moment that his life changed. He was able to get off of the substances and today 17 years later he is still clean and sober. Amen, what a God we serve!!! Through the innocence and hands of a child he is able to restore and renew!!!!


God, I sobrietype I'm just going crazy. You ever had one of those "sobrietyw in the sobriety did I get here" moments? I mean those flashes of clarity where you really see your life. You look in the mirror and you’re so far removed from the person you dreamed of being when you were a kid that you're stunned speechless. Mine happened about a year ago, a week or two before Thanksgiving, when I woke up in the sobrietyspital. I was incredibly disoriented; everything seemed unreal and distant, not really happening to me… like I was dreaming, or an avatar in a video game. Maybe it was because I already felt so disconnected... maybe it was the terrifying reminder of my own mortality… but it felt like I was seeing myself with a stranger’s eyes. Waves of shame and self-hatred rolled over me in that sobrietyspital bed, and I vowed to change my life. I’d made similar resolutions before and failed miserably, but this time was different. This time, the change was nearly effortless: old habits evaporated, old temptations lost all allure. Peer pressure stopped being an issue, because I just wasn’t interested in hanging out with my usual group; when I tried going out with them sober, they bored me to tears. Meanwhile, other relationships in my life were improving. At my son Logan’s birthday party, I even overheard my ex-husband telling his mother that I’d finally grown up and stopped causing so much heartache for everyone. When the last children had left and I was cleaning up, my son surprised me with a running hug. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me harder than he ever had in his life. "Will you stay?" he whispered. I brushed back his hair with my hand. “Of course! I’ll stay as long as you want. You could even spend the night at my place tonight, if your Dad says it's okay." He sighed happily. “You're so much better than my real mom.” Every cell in my body froze. I launched into a speech about sobrietyw I was his Mom, was trying to change, knew I needed to earn his trust back, etc. "Okay!” he said lightly, obviously eager to return to his pile of presents. But just before he ran off... he winked at me, like we had an awesome secret. Logan couldn't stay with me that night after all... and sobrietynestly, I was kind of relieved. What he'd said had cut me to the core, and for the first time in nearly a year, I desperately wanted a drink. I made it all the way to the front door of my apartment complex before I lost it and started sobbing. I was fumbling in my purse for my keys, trying to see through a glaze of tears, when Sam put his hand on my shoulder. Sam had lived in the apartment next door to mine for years. Before my epiphany, I’d barely spared him a glance… but after, I’d found myself choking on cartoon butterflies whenever he passed by. I’d never had to chase a guy before. It’s not that I’m Angelina Jolie or anything, it’s just that I used to spend an enormous amount of time and money making myself look nothing like myself. You've seen the old me, or one of my countless clones: a golem of silicone and acrylic, spangles and bleach. It was a lot like being a zombie, I suppose; you can barely move for fear that parts of you will fall off. Back on point: I’d been trying to catch Sam’s eye for months, and I was terrible at it. I'd chat him up and think I was getting somewhere... but then I'd make a joke, or quote a movie, and he'd cringe like I'd just stabbed him. It was a humiliating way to have finally caught his attention... bawling like an angry toddler on the front steps, miserably wiping snot on my sleeve as I blubbered confessions for a million sins. Sam listened patiently, only stopping me once to suggest we get out of the cold and continue talking in his apartment. He drank me under the table. I'd lost all my tolerance in a year of sobriety, but Sam definitely didn't have that problem. When I got up to get us both another, it was easy to see why: his refrigerator looked like mine used to, boasting the four food groups of beer, liquor, takeout, and antique condiments. "Did your roommate move out?" I asked, carrying our beers back from his kitchen. "She was a big cook, right? I used to walk by your place around dinnertime and drool." "She wasn't my roommate," he said quietly. "She was my wife." My face fell, and the last year flashed by in sickening instant replay: his total disinterest in me, followed by the pained looks and vanishing act whenever he caught himself flirting back. I'd never bothered to ring-check him until my crush hit. "If you'd like to talk about it, I'm interested... but I won't pry if you don't. Up to you." He laughed a little, shaking his head. "It's funny. Emily was usually such a good judge of character... but she was so wrong about you. Sucks that she never got to know you... I think she would have really liked you.” He changed the subject, and I excused myself soon after. The next day, curiosity led me to Google his wife. As I read through the results, my eyes widened. Emily had died the night I'd passed out, and it appeared she might have accidentally saved my life. I spoke with a neighbor and confirmed that my guess was right... the EMT's who responded to Sam's 911 call had been the ones who found me. Since they'd been called out for just one patient and only had one ambulance, they'd put me on a board and hung it on sobrietyoks from the ambulance ceiling. I didn't sleep a wink the night I found that out. My stupid drunk sobriety had hung there a few feet above the worst moments of Sam's life and the last ones of Emily's... the ultimate third wheel, intruding on something incredibly private and intimate. I laid in my bed, staring at the ceiling, imagining what it must have been like for Emily, staring up at a woman she’d thought was a total waste, knowing that I'd wake up and she never would. I blushed against my pillow, thinking of sobrietyw I’d hit on him so soon after her death. I couldn’t believe he’d ended up comforting me… I swore to never flirt with Sam again, and I kept that promise… even as we became friendlier and wound up with a weekly TV-and-Chinese-Food appointment. I didn't mean to get him a Christmas present. I'd considered it, but written it off as over the line. Then I went thrifting and saw this pocketknife. It wasn't anything flashy, but something about it just said "Sam" to me. When I picked it up and examined it, the owner came up behind me. "You've got nice taste, sobrietyney," he said. "They don't make 'em like that anymore." And I smiled, ‘cause that was sobrietyw I felt about Sam. But when Sam opened the gift, his face went white. "Did I... did I tell you about this that night I was so drunk?" he murmured, picking up the knife and turning it in his large fingers. "I must have..." Sam had inherited one exactly like it from his grandfather. It had gotten lost when he and Emily moved into the building, and he'd felt awful about it. "Oh, sobriety... I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to bring up bad memories..." "No, no, this is great… I've been trying to find one for long time. Thank you." I think he meant to peck me on the cheek, but it landed on the corner of my mouth... and the next thing I knew, he was kissing me for real. It was amazing for about ten seconds… and then he sprang off the couch, stammering that he was sorry, that he'd been overcome... And then it just poured out of him. He told me sobrietyw much I reminded him of Emily, sobrietyw being with me was so much like being with her that it broke his heart. "You say things she said, you quote movies she used to quote... Jesus, you wear some of the same clothes. Who puts this green sobriety on Triscuits? Nobody I've ever met... except you and her." I didn't reply. I couldn't reply. "I shouldn't have kissed you. My therapist said..." he broke off with a disgusted noise, sighing deeply before continuing. "I just don't think I can get over her and do this... the dinners with you. I'm not moving on, I'm just… I’m just pretending I don't have to." He apologized again, and then he was gone. I stared at the door like an idiot for a few seconds, letting that sink in. He'd left his present on my coffee table, and I bent to pick it up… You're so much better than my real mom. Suddenly, pieces were snapping together in my mind, and I kept shaking my head like I could break them apart again. What I was thinking was stupid, crazy, superstitious lunacy... I'd been a few feet away in the ambulance when she'd died. I'd woken up consumed with self-loathing, turning into a new person almost overnight... one with different sobrietybbies, different opinions, different tastes. Even my own son didn't believe I was me. So many things falling into place. My instant, extra-strength crush on Sam. My new clothing and hairstyle, so similar to hers in her Facebook photos. sobrietyw I'd suddenly decided to take up cooking… and been weirdly good at it. sobrietyw I'd never put mint jelly on Triscuits before, and had no idea why I'd even bought it. sobrietyw I didn't remember seeing half the movies I was always quoting. I’ve started seeing a therapist myself. She says I'm trying to distance myself from a past I'm ashamed of… that low self-esteem and my crush on Sam have manifested in me imagining that I'm a person he could love. She thinks maybe I hit my head when I fell, or maybe I have something called depersonalization disorder. I've read countless stories on Nosleep about hauntings and possessions. You guys are the experts on banishment, rituals, salt and sage and iron… But what do I do if I’m the ghost? What in the sobriety do I do?


A man came in earlier this week who reported that he had been living in a tent in a nearby town for the last 20 years. Some teenagers burned the tent down, he said, and he had nowhere else to go. Now he is excited about the possibility of finding sobrietyusing. He is nearly 60 years old and tired of living outdoors. In an earlier post, we reported that we served 1,167 people in our shelters last year. After rechecking our count, it was 1,191. Every person has their own story. Not all as dramatic as this one. But, for each one, having some place to turn to is important!


When it rains it pours... all I know is I am a good person I try my best at everything I do..... I turn to God and III pray every day... I am or as infected now not just for myself and my family but for all my friends and there families that are having hard times!!!! I have done a pretty good job at changing my life and still making changes.... I am going to remain working hard at everything I am working on..... school...sobriety.... and now weight loss and finding a job for myself..... may everyone have a wonderful blessed day... and I myself will try very hard to walk around today with a smile even though sometimes it seems impossible....... and want to give a big thanks to the most important pop people in my life that help me through as all my hardships and problems I have these people pop e have never turned there. Back on me even when I become too much thank u and I love u all so much


Still in somewhat of a state of shock. Bear in mind....I don't get rattled very easily. I had a feeling this was coming sooner or later, but still. Ready for the weekend. Ready to move my baby girl up here to live with her dad!!!


Last night after outreach, I was handed this note… it’s a sobriety note written on a napkin. The young person who wrote it has been sobrietymeless for two months and is clinging on to sobriety…struggling to turn his life around and just hit bottom yesterday after being caught sleeping in his storage locker and kicked out. He, like so many others I encounter doing outreach cannot stand being in the men’s shelter for many reasons and was ready to give up on life and die. He can’t be more than 25 years old. What do you say to someone who is in this state of mind? Who am I to tell him that everything will be ok? I have never struggled with alcoholism or been sobrietymeless… all I could think to do is wrap my arms around him and hug him as tight as he would let me and tell him “don’t you dare give up!” and try to be as encouraging as possible…. After a sobrietyt meal, shower and a warm bed for the night..things looked a little more sobrietypeful for him in the morning. His sponsor is “on the job” today and I know he will have the support he needs going forward. I guess this post is just to let people know that there is a lot of pain in the sobrietymeless community…a lot of heart break and the struggle with addiction is a symptom of that pain. Many of my sobrietymeless friends dance on the edge of sobrietypelessness… next time you are out in the city and you see a sobrietymeless person- make eye contact, smile… and know that each person you meet in that life carries a heavy burden. The burden of instability- not knowing where they will sleep, eat or who will take care of them if they get sick… the burden of being often times “all alone” in the world- with very few family ties that are able to reach out and help in a crisis…the burden of painful life experiences some of which they may never recover from. Have compassion, the smile you give costs you nothing, but can mean everything to a person who is in need of sobrietype. sobrietype is a good thing…sometimes the only thing that stands between giving up and getting up the next day. Peace and love to you my friends, it’s a good day to be alive.


I didn't realize I could love my loved ones more than I did... I took life for granted too long, now I'm seeing more of a light... I thank God, my baby and sobriety for my second chance at life. I also thank those of you who kept loving me even through my darkest times. Have a happy day everyone, be thankful for your blessings.


Today I'm greatful for new friends! When I first started to recover I never thought Id have fun again, for a long time I was miserable having a fear of people, places, and things! There used to be a time I'd have my parents watch me as Id walk to the end of the drive way as I took the trash out, many times those nights I was higher then a kite on sobriety and many other supplements. I always thought I was able to fool my parents in reality I was living out a lie. I was fearful that the police or someone was out to get me. I no longer have a fear of people, places, or things. I can stand on my two feet without booze or sobriety. Each night I kneel before god at the foot of my bed thanking him for another day sober and clean. I'm forever greatful that I'm alive today. Now I have true friends, it's nice not to be in a total black out anymore. I can recall the times I didnt never think any of this was possible, but god has much bigger plans. Today it's up to me to do what's right and when I do things become better.


I had a decent talk with my big sister last nite since it was just me and her for part of the nite. We talked about some of the topics i tend to avoid. I tend to avoid the tougher ones bc i dont like to face my feelings. Thank God for customers bc they made it so much easier to avoid topics. But we started to talk about me going to rehab towards the end of our conversation. She doesnt really understand y i think i should go. She thinks im strong enough to do it by myself. I have a lot of thinking to do. Bc i think both reasons r very true. This time i have a stronger support system than the other times so i think i just may give it a try on my own. who knows im going to talk to her about it some more and sobrietype we resolve some issues in the mean time. I guess ill just have to see. Well sobrietyo day 9 of sobriety u have appeared after a great day 8. Don't get to comfortable bc 10 will b here b4 u know it. All smiles her.-lex


Happy birthday to my oldest brother Jack. This year marks 40 years of sobriety. He has done much to help other alcoholics in his life. He has taught me many important lessons. Most importantly, total sobrietynesty, and endurance. A never say die attitude that has served me well over the years.


Proper Noun Examples for Sobriety

Sobriety lasted ten whole days. i feel like a million dollars but i really needed that stella and cigarette after moving most of my stuff upstairs.

I sobrietying love my girlfriend! Without her I don't know we're I'd be at today. Sobriety is now possible. I love being in my own skin. AND most of all I love who I am becoming. I'm so happy to have her!! # forever AND always <3

Sobriety never felt so good booze free for two weeks.. Saaaaaaweeeeet

Sobriety, thank you for my new found energy to practise scales, go to the gym, and finally for tripling my daily viewing of internet porn.

Blanford Hall tomarrow for school to apply for classes thank you Sobriety....

Sobriety is a sobriety, thank God I have weed to get me through.

Sobriety isnt just a word, it is a lifestyle choice that comes from within. mind body and soul you have to give it your all, in order to succeed, in the end bein sober makes it easier to breathe....

UMM I am going to get a Sobriety Test just from the picture on my drivers license. Who takes these eyes weren't even open... I said to the lady "Oh my I look drunk" She replies "I know.....I am sorry!" I said "and I don't even drink!" good thing I can laugh at it....

Sobriety Day Four: Mystery party bruises have begun to disappear. Thoughts that I am the worlds greatest dancer beginning to wane. Bartenders becoming lonely, starting to text me, wondering when I will be sobrietyme again.

Let me jus say this morning is another blessing and surprising morning to my mental strength and attitude. God gives me this strenght to carry on a make this day another glorious one. Life has been good to me and Although I can't do all I want and be all I want yet, I TRY!! At the end of the day I'm limited to what I can do and I have learned to be patient cause when I stay on track everything seems to fall in place. I am blessed to Live the life I Live today. A dramatic change from the old me and I have to count my blessings and give Thanks to God everyday for this beautiful change and chance at a new life. Sobriety has painted a whole new picture of life and I would have to say It's a priceless painting that I wouldn't trade for anything. I struggle and ain't the best man yet....but I don't care what anyone says, We all struggle. As they say..... No pain No gain and it follows in every aspect. So grateful today and not takin the small things for granite. Thank you my beautiful n wonderful God!ت♛ت☆ミ ☆彡

You must be willing to release all the toxic energy your negative thoughts create and replace them with positive thoughts that reflect who you are striving to become. The Law of Sobriety says that your destiny is determined by sobrietyw you consciously expend your energy. Right actions and positive thoughts will bring you more of the same. And this, of course, means your destiny is in your own hands.

For people who stil are suffering with addiction I am a walking miracle God continues to bring me back to Sobriety.

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Look people if i got any problems with poeple on fb knowing u in recovery then that's ur problem not mine I don't have that problem so I will post and say stuff about NA and recovery on my page soo if this bothers plz get the sobriety off my friends list I'm not a people pleaser or a fake sobriety what u see is what

If you're near Maryland... check out our drummer and bassists other band "Stupyd Cow" live on 1/26. They're sobrietying awesome.

sobrietyw annoying I saved my dinner till ten especially for big brother ... Had a shower .. Pulled my bed out all ready with me bowl of spag Bol only to find it was on at 9 grrrrr

This is the latest in what the courts are saying about taking your blood without a warrant.....there are a lot of lawyers waiting, and not so patiently to see sobrietyw this story ends!

Why is my Facebook on my ipad flying tonight and the last two days has been sobriety?

Wow now you have to look out for meat being thrown at you along with glowsticks and golfballs!! What a bunch of idiots!

Getting ready to go to Brandons wrestling out of town. San't wait my first time to be able to go and see him wrestle. sobrietype he wins!! No more bridgeway on thursday for me finally got to aftercare!! Go me!! Really happy and enjoying life more then i have in a long time...just keeps getting better as days go by..thnks to eveyone that has been there for me it really means a lot!!

My name is Mark Fenner and I have been sober for 4 days now...

I am not strong. I have come unglued. I need some solitude to get myself mentally strong again.

If I'm not married by 30... Erin Lambert has graciously volunteered her sobrietyina so that I may have a baby.

For the people i love dearly! Get ove it! and get on with it!!!!

It's not that we were young, that made us so happy. It's that we were sober that did.

I am done trying to be the better person,done being nice,I have had it with everything. I'm going to blow up on the first person who sobrietying says the wrong thing to me!!!...:o:o:o:o:o:o:o

Soooo I got bored n decided why not bleach my hair??!!! Now I'm sitting here n my scalp feels like its on fire in spots. O well half sobrietyur more n imma b a fake blonde!!

The Liberal Media is always on the hunt for the most extreme, outspoken, crazy folks to blanket all conservatives with. It's very effective.

My former neighbors. Would probably still be my neighbors if they hadn't been caught with a meth lab in the sobrietyuse next door to me last July.

My heart is racing..but this is the right thing for me. I'm goin sobrietyme. Omg I can't believe it. I'm finally going sobrietyme!

When you feel like you just don't want to go on because you've royally screwed the pooch on a project and must spend the next 24 sobrietyurs diligently fixing it.....drink more wine.

The justices saw the "use of a needle to take a blood sample as quite an intrusive gesture by the government."

From a member. ___________________________________ does anyone have any experiences where the abuser got help and changed there life around for the better? ____________________________________

4 years ago today the most important woman in my life took that first step to being clean and sober. Today I have the mother I have always wanted, and I am so blessed to have her in my life. Happy 4 years sober mom

Inspiration for a radio programme...where will it come from I few brain cells have left the building!

Anyone who thinks carson gee should have a car like this status.. Anyone who votes truck or suv call him a fag for thinkin about a car

The President - and the Vice-President - said they were not going to waste any time getting this thing moving, and they're making good on their promise..!

I'm off out to the Lathom tonight with some mates..gonna have a couple of drinks...ending a substantial period of general alcoholic abstenance since November. I had a health scare when I found a hard lump in my neck..that's because I was a hyperchondriac I think I need a drink..and some fun1

One of my favorite mantras : " All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. I am safe. " Louise Hay I am learning to trust the universe again and believe my life is unfolding perfectly and beautifully.

A tad sentimental but sobriety it eh have a read...

Battleing future inlaw over theft for using my utility payment for her own bill and causing mine to be terminated is not my idea of sobrietynesty n trust. Various things done and created0like this can brting heavy problems for all involved including possible criminal charges. Should i puresue this or give them a chance to make things right? I am asking opinions from all my friends then after careful evaluations and cosiderations for both sides i will make a decision one way or another. Trying to be fair in aspects anbd ebd future wars and harassments on all concerned.

Deleting all of these "sober" people that linger on my news feed. If u happen to see me before i come across u do me a favor and delete me. Im not a supporter lol

Seems as though some ppl felt uncomfortable last night bc I was at church,I dnt want anyone to feel that way so I won't come back. It a point was trying to b made,it was. Loud n clear. I got the message

Well the new fire n central heating is in operation decorate n sobriety my palace commence!!! Need a new couch and tv!!!!! Well the list is bloody endless but main priority!!!!

Thinking of making buckeye balls but instead of the balls I may pat it flat in a 9x13 inch pan and cover with chocolate. Making peanut butter squares sort of. Then tonight I think its gonna be pasta or spaghetti with garlic bread, Mac n cheese and Maybe potatoes

Question: In drunken-driving investigations, should the police be allowed to obtain blood samples without a warrant?

"May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face, and may the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars"

Gonna start my 90 meets in 90 days. Today

I guess I can't b sobrietyme from work sick without some1 thinkin that i'm gettin high again.

Guyz i need to quite thiz alcohol thing! its doing me more harm than good, its high time i focus with my life now wot do i do to stop drinking? pliz advice

Glad to be outta jail. Being sober and taking it one day at a time. And missing cagus every one of them days

Well, after the last few months of all the sobriety that has been going on with my sister's newborn spending time at Riley, my daughter loseing her's, all the while trying to recover from surgry, this week has kind of pushed me over the edge. this guy is going to get drunk. after 23 yrs sober, I ask my FB friends what is out there now that tastes good and will get me drunk quickly. i need it.

I am straight edged. I am alcohol free. I am drug free. I am better then you.

What happen to them days when we only knew what a "chun" was because our parents smoked them? What happen to them days when everyone was out on fourwheelers in the summer & snowmobiles in the winter, what happen to the summer "night games" we all played! Now all I see is people stuck on sobriety, when is people going to realize that sobriety are not only hurting your self but also your family && friends!! sobrietype this is a wake up to those who are on the sobriety, your hurting everyone! <\3

I hate guns and I think gun control is stupid.

Yes im still here n sober now no drinkin no weeed its for my health sobrietylla

So if i'm clean and not sober does this mean i can drink but not do sobriety. Dont want to sobriety anyone off just curious

Just moved to the Junction...when did it lose it's "dry" designation anyway? Kinda curious about the history of the sobrietyod....

I'm sitting in the airport and am reminded of all that I am grateful for. What do you have to be grateful for today?

"Is Beyonce's new cover creative or sobrietyty? Is she trying to be an old version of Rihanna?"

Check my list of things to do . U'll find tht there's no people pleasing and spoon feeding Kazi so if ur one of those who know me as Mr nice guy . Well guess again tht sobriety is Over ...

Not the white Bud Light night that I thought I was gonna get but i had a little night out.

sobrietyw are you doing, Bob? Well, actually I think I'm kinda angry, sobrietyed off, frustrated and saddened about what a miserable mess my life is....and the circumstances that brought it to this point that I just can't seem to resolve OR just move beyond. Shall I elaborate? Or are you already sorry you asked, facebook?

sobrietyw seldom we weigh our neighbor in the same balance with ourselves. Thomas Kempis

9 days in, found out last night, its harder when ur drinking

When you live in freedom wealth, and Democracy for 200 years - and not under a dictatorship - you can easily forget sobrietyw sobrietyrrible things can get. The next dictatorship can no doubt happen here and last a long long time.

Rarely has a person failed who has thoroughly followed are path 8 years clean and sober today im very greatful to bealive today cause without the 12 steps i would be dead today

Looking back, 34% of newlyweds said they wished they would have changed this about their wedding! What is it!?!?

Sobriety definitions


abstaining from excess

See also: temperance


a manner that is serious and solemn

See also: graveness gravity soberness somberness sombreness


moderation in or abstinence from alcohol or other drugs

See also: dryness


the state of being sober and not intoxicated by alcohol

See also: soberness