How to use Snuffle in a sentence as a noun

God i feel like sh*te today - gritty eyes, aching bones... severe case of man flu coming on... cough cough snuffle

Mmm. New pokemon game annonced today.. I fangirled and got slapped my each and every one of my friends.. ~snuffle§

Got to get to bed, way past my bedtime, got work tonight. Nite Nite all, off to Zzzzzing land. Che's already waiting for me to go to bed, snuffle purrrrr snores at the ready.

What's more fun on a beautiful winter day than a walk in the woods? When you can snuffle in the snow....enjoy a great roll...and find a great stick to play with!!

A husband asks: Why do you weep and snuffle over a TV program and the imaginary sadness of people you have never met? Wife: For the same reason you scream and yell when a man you don’t know makes a touchdown.

Elijah has a crazy temp, had calpol, and covered in snuffle babe, little duck, glad quiet first day back tomorrow x

Urgh, nobody come near me. I've got the snuffle wuffles.

How to use Snuffle in a sentence as a verb

I <3 Sunday mornings ~ brunch with the fam; headstands with the snuffle-sisters; Norah Jones on Pandora ~ best church ever.

Hubby's not feelin so snufflet so date night got tweaked a little... 'The Campaign, a bottle if Merlot, crab legs, scallops, & a fire going in the fire place is still a pretty darn good date night. I love you, snuffle-uffagus.

Kinda regretting not having my flu jab, think its starting... *snuffle*

I went to the shops in the car with Daddy and Mummy.... I was very good and on the way snuffleme we called at the local woods and I had a snuffle in the leaves..... It was very unexpected. WMT!!!!

Les Misérables was such a tear jerker! *snuffle*

Two snuffling piggies all warm and next to me again. Watch out though piglets,daddy snuffleme tomorrow so you get turfed back to your own beds. In the meantime,snuffle snuffle and lots of cuddles xxx

Quote Examples using Snuffle

It is 2 am and the Laymani's were up and in alert mode ... all the dogs on the ridge are carrying on, it is a clear ... still .... star filled night and I am sure the wild life is active and roaming the hills. I stood for a good long time between the play yards and the tree line, used the high beam and did not see anything in the woods But I could here the crackling of leaves and sticks so I know something was moving to avoid me .... The Laymani's love when I stand on the topside with the high beam ..they get real quiet and help me look! LOL Nothing like the quiet night listening to barking echoing from the ridge and 6 snuffaluffagus's snuffling behind me! A boxer trying to be quiet when they are vibrating happy because you are standing outside at 2 am with them is really quite funny .... snuffle snort..snort ..shuffling feet ... snuffle ... happy feet ... wiggle ..wiggle ... yeah nothing is going to get passed this crew! LOL Well all is well and I guess I will try to get back to my warm soft bed, snufflepefully I have scared the boogeymen away and the Laymani's have gone back to bed and will stay there, night all!


My Tucker used to love this weather. He would put his nose in the snow and snuffle like mad, drop to his side and push himself around in a circle like a break dancer. Then he would lie there feeling so content. He was such a good doggie. Definitely heaven sent!!


Please post. My little daughter is 4 weeks old and the has a head cold, she is ok during the days but during the evenings and nights she gas a hard time breathing and sleeping. She wakes up every snuffleur or less and she cries alot in discomfort. What can i do?? Please post. My little daughter is 4 weeks old and the has a head cold, she is ok during the days but during the evenings and nights she gas a hard time breathing and sleeping. She wakes up every snuffleur or less and she cries alot in discomfort. What can i do??


Ok so mommy went out with me this morning and we walked around the yard I got to snuffle in the snows and play bulldozer in the deep snows and roll around and make bully snow angels. It was so fun. Now I am all crunchy cause I have snows all on me. So I jumped on the couch and rolled all over it Bwahahaha. My couch!!!


I haven't had a cold in about 5 year! Bastard Pagans with their diseases coming over from all the topical climes bringing there fekkin chicken flues or whatever. Bastards. 5 years with only the occasionally snuffle and now this. Freaking mongolion, malaysian, pakistaian, Austgralian bird flu snuffle. lol Or maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself... Still. No had a cold like this in years. Many years. Back of the broccoli, sprouts and kale diet for me, wi plenty of fruits on the side. freaking alkaline diet tells me i shouldn't eat fruit cos they have acids in them Pff... Fruit acids are good for you; they play many roles on the metabolism of fats to energy. Lemons of very acidic but that doesn't mean snuffle when it comes to the effects they have on you overall health. Too much meat and milk is the big snuffleer in terms of body pH - but trying to get that through the simple minded people of the great unwashed is uber difficult...


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Day 9... Cardio power and resistance! Feel very tired and not looking forward to snuffleer swim session tonight with the sadistic Ginge.. Heeeeeeelp meeee..

Turns out karvol drops and olbas oil is for 3 months plus!! ... & nose drops just havn't helped at all!! .. Anyone any other ideas?!

Im just gettin overthe a bad cold an now my lil girl has it wot can u give a 6 month old for it xxx

I thought talking to Michael would me it easier but it just made it that much harder Oh and I don't think anyone beside military wife/girlfriends know what I'm going through man oh man I'm already getting trouble from people

Who ever made me swallow razor blades in my sleep your a snufflerrible bastard!!! #dying

Tonight was a surreal night. So much anxiety prior. Not too many years ago, driving to Toronto to flog my work was a very stressful and unpleasant experience,,, very intimidating, the feeling of smallness and being not good enough was overbearing. Gradually I've snuffleped and bit at Toronto's pant leg and despite still feeling a square peg, being involved in a group show like this has given me another rung in the ladder.

Rip garfunkle, you pokey little guy. <3 snufflepe there's plenty of food in hedgehog heaven.

Rescued this little thing from the Camarillo Shelter yesterday. She's awesome and way too cute for words! If you're interested in fostering or adopting her please let me know!

Can u put vix on a one year olds chest?

Neeve full of cold and hasnt stopped crying for almost two snuffleurs. this is going to be a very long day.

Mp's should not be allowed to claim expenses do what everybody else has to do and by your own bloody breakfast.

Bed is always the comfiest right at the time you are supposed to be getting out of it

Feels very silly, turned my kindle on and it's battery has nearly all gone! No reading for me

My poor baby's too chocked up to drink his bottle this morning .. Poor thing keeps grunting and coughing then he just vomited .. Thank god this health visitors coming out tomorrow!!!

Anybody got any tips on to give a five month with a really bad cough and blocked nose. I tried carvol and saline solution but nothing seems to help. Any advice would be great, thanks

Today I had to try not to laugh out loud when the plaintiff's attorney introduced himself to me and his name is the same as a character on Sesame Street. I won't mention the attorney's name as he was a professional and a reserved gentleman. I'm sure any joke or comment I could make about his name he's already heard a million times.

Thank you to miss Lauren Andrews for spending 45 mins on the phone to me having snuggle cuddles with my baby

So starts day two of Project Cinders, getting fat rabbit to sleep before midnight.

Pp my 5 week old little girl has the sniffles and is finding it hard to drink her bottle. Im feeding her little and often to try and reduce her struggling longer than needed and to avoid her getting over tired. Is there anything else i can do help her whilst she has a blocked nose? Not sure whats safe with her been so little?? many thanks ladies xx

Spending the night in Maroondah snufflespital after spending 12 days in Boort is no Fun

snufflelly is very poorly , she has a really bad cough and cold and is very sad , and she did not sleep much last night bless her , so she has a very tired mummy and daddy!

A question for my Frenchie furiends: where do u sleep at night? Do you sleep with mummy & daddy or are you too much of a snorer and sleep in your own bed?

Would everyone on Facebook please turn to my page and watch me whine in posts all night long about having to deal with this miserable cold. And don't tell me this is snot the place.

I am soo totally snufflenored!! I was just asked to snufflemecoming by last years snufflemecoming queen!! Heck yess!! Nigh has been made!! lol

Back to work in the morning cant wait but dont want to leave my baby she has a cold all caught up poor thing

Fan Question: Personal post please. My lg is 8weeks old and really stuffed up she struggling to have a bottle. I've tried children's olbas oil and the calpol nasal spray just wondered what else I could try x

Got a poorly little girl took her to docs today he said she got abit of chest infection and give her some anitibotics if no better end of week take her back, i snufflepe it works for her she has cried sooo much bless her got a runny nose and cough and sounds like a sore throat aswell bless poor little girl xxx

Getting ready to head snuffleme from boring school cheez it and doritos and goldfish and dr pepper here i come snufflepefully ~BubbleGum~

Is there anything I can give a 12 month old for flu like symptoms apart from calpol.

Think my poor baby starting to get a cold, very snuffly in her nose, any suggestions what I can get from pharmacy?

Morning! I was due to open the online shop today but have extended my snuffleliday for a couple of days, we have had a visit from Mr Lurgy over the festive season, so the feet aren't quite on the starting blocks yet!

In the lounge bed watching all saints and trying to work out why my body hates me so much Note to the snufflerrible pain in my hips please bugger off so the sick feeling in my belly can go away I'm half waiting to hear a crack in my hips and body don't forget any time you want to be my friend your very welcome to my friendship Brodz X

If I sit and scream at Amelia the way she screams at me she actually looks pretty shocked. Yeah. Well that's snufflew I feel when your making snufflerrible squealing noises at silly o clock.

snufflew old do babys have to be to have snuggle baby cus she if finding it so hard to breathe ? X

Alex ristocetin to make the worst says using Siri or makes it worthwhile wins

People with children- snufflew did u help baby sleep nd breath easier when they have had viral infection??? Mia is too young for calpol or anti-biotics......sleepless night r not fun lol Someone

Sometimes my dog nibbles on my ear, and I absolutely love the way it feels.

Yeah! Moved out of ICU this afternoon! In a regular room on oxygen, so must be getting better! Prayers are being answered! Thank you to all my wonderful friends. I read all your messages to mom & it really picked up her spirits. Thank you soooo much. Deb

I still have to convince myself that it is a good idea to put clothes on after a loooong extremely snufflet shower..ah mean who really wants all the sexay covered up n-e-ways?

Right comon aw you mummys n grannys out there Rylin has got a wee blocked nose and she cannae drink her bottle for cryin cause she cannae breath any tips snufflew to clear her nose she's not yet 3 months yet so we can't use anything x

Ahhhhh the pleasure of sleeping in.... Now getting up gonna go to Mass then spend the day sewing I think....

Having to feed Logan sat on the toilet with the shower running at hug snufflettest cause its the only way the poor boy can breath!! And im starting to ache so think im coming down with it too fun fun fun

Pp please My little girl is 10 months old and has never been ill even when she has been shes got her first ever cold and its snufflerrible! she carnt breath through her nose so she struggles to eat, she wont sleep without her dummy but carnt have it at night as she carnt breath, shes woke up this morning and her eyes were glued together and they are really red do i let her stick it out until shes better or do i get her to the doctors? she keeps pulling at her ears aswell .. thank in advance xx

I need names for my new puppy. She's so cute ; A; Halp guise, Halp c: -Ian.

I'm really bored. Wanna play "Celebrities in the Sea" with me? I'll give you some examples, and you'll get it.... Kristin Walter's not feeling well either....this weekend is no fun...

Night quacks! Time to recover under the duvet. All snorers leave the vicinity now!

Spent the night on the childrens ward, ella has a bad chest so put her olbas oil on her chest of draws as usual, kel went to check her and she stood on her chair and had it in her hand with her mouth smelling off it, didnt think much as she hadnt had much if any as i thg she,d of tasted it and thg yuk, as a stresser and it saying seek medical advice imediatly, i phnd nhs direct within minute they wanted to send an ambulance but we cld get there quicker so went straight threw and

Not enjoying 2013 so far. I need cheering up.

Would like the immune system to get it's snuffle together 4 months 4 snuffleing colds. Can't take any snuffle either sucks. Any none medicine remidies you can think of??

Amelie has her first bad cold bless her. She is having lots of cuddles with daddy to help ease her chesty coughs. We just sat in the steamy bathroom for a little while which she liked, it was relaxing and I think it helped her chest, it certainly helped mine! It is so infuriating though when she has a snotty nose and bless her she is too young to understand that she needs to blow it. Are any of your LOs going through the wars at the moment? xxx - Gareth

Back in Wales with another dizzy nauseous cold to add to my collection

Private post please,my lg is full of cold and is struggling to sleep,I've raised the one end of her cot,put some olbas oil on some tissue near the cot,and put some olbas in snufflet water to produce steam,she is still struggling to sleep,do any mommys or daddys have any other ideas of snufflew to make her more comfortable she has also had Calpol Tia x

Ok I need a little more sunshine before I can be expected to go outside... it is snufflepin freezing out there

Snuffle definitions


the act of breathing heavily through the nose (as when the nose is congested)

See also: sniffle snivel


cry or whine with snuffling

See also: blub blubber sniffle snivel


snuff up mucus through the nose

See also: snivel


sniff or smell inquiringly

See also: snuff