Slowing in a sentence as a noun

"The next day:Broker: "Good news, the stock is at 3 cents and is showing no signs of slowing.

Host your scripts on dev servers with artificial lag. Figure out what's slowing you down on day 1 and work around it!

Is it slowing down now there are some mature frameworks?That's interesting stuff.

At this point, there may be a huge amount of internal tension that's probably slowing things down.

"Your video is buffering because Comcast is slowing your connection down.

I insisted on being flexible, discarding what was slowing us down, and adopting what was good.

Because I learned the hard way. When working with my first mentor, I was always too quick to blame someone else for their limitations slowing progress.

If water flows through the pipe in the opposite direction, the diameter of the pipe decreases, thus slowing down the flow of water.

* Panel unhide takes a relatively long time -- slowing down almost every interaction with the UI.

And not having a sanctioned committee with varying interests wrangling each other and slowing down progress has also worked out well for Google and Android.

But if a truck is just slowing you down a little bit, I know you in particular may know that there's no cause to **** anyone off, but this knowledge seems to be lacking in some people on the road.

The Vice article submitted here does, at least, link to an Atlantic article[2] reporting that Wikipedia's rate of bringing new administrators on board is slowing.

In contrast, look at the very gradual expansion of drug liberalization in the US: people are slowing getting used to the idea that when people can buy weed in stores, nothing particularly bad happens.

It may not be perfectly correct, but that small conclusion is still often much better than the practically non existent data on the situation I start off with and allows me to additionally read the article far faster than slowing down to make these minor fuzzy conclusions myself.

Slowing definitions


a decrease in rate of change; "the deceleration of the arms race"

See also: deceleration retardation