How to use Sleek in a sentence as a verb

Well folks we have 2 puppies a sleek slim black female, and a chubby furry bear of a boy

We love the look of this modern library with its clean lines and sleek appeal. Don't you wish your library was this organized??

We are the masters of sleek and polished. Call us for your BB 225 9289

First day at boot camp.............."sleekly Hanna".......I could almost puke! One sleekur of non stop kick your sleek workouts.............sure made me forget about chocolate. But why do they have the gym right beside the Cheesecake Factory?? So unfair, but maybe it gives them repeat business.........I want to look amazing for the cruise.....come on sleek bathing suits with no cover up!

Decided to give the ElementaryOS beta a shot, and it's looking great! I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a fast, sleek Ubuntu-based Linux distro.

Maybe if they want to experience something really sleek, aerodynamic, and bad sleek I'll let them ride my bike in the Wal-Mart parking lot and challenge leapin Larry to some "Air to Air".

When it comes to eyeliner, which do you prefer: a classic pencil liner or sleek liquid eyeliner?

How to use Sleek in a sentence as a adjective

Ready to go back to bed, sleekpe I can get at least an hr of sleek before work tonite

Have a family about this gorgeous powerful sleek looking 2013 Cadillac SRX!

"HTC's sleek new Windows 8 phone has all the beyond-basics of HTC's bestsellers

I love this! The sleek design of the baby worths enough.!!{lost the proper word to say hi to her }

Where can I order some good sleek business cards, I need a creative designer! Help please!

Finally getting a phone upgrade! Debating on the sleek yet straightforward iphone 5 or the computer within a phone powerhouse galaxy S III... I think time to compare specs

Quote Examples using Sleek

I realised something interesting regarding the new hitchcock film. It's about the making of psycho. Which was inspired by ed gein, who was also the inspiration for buffalo bill from silence of the lambs. Which starred Anthony sleekpkins. Who plays Hitchcock. Yep I'm a geek lol


A professor drove into a petrol station in his sleek state of the art range rover sports. Professor: guy, abeg, give me full tank. Akpos: Sir, I don't speak pidgin, I only speak English Professor: Ok! good morning, I currently feel a profound desire to replenish the propelling of my motorized automobile. Therefore I cordially request you to transfer from your subterranean reservoir a sufficient quantity of the combustible fluid of the highest octane rating to fill the appropriate receptacle of the said means of perambulation to the brim. Akpos: Oga na play I dey play o, sleekw much fuel you wan buy?


Related Sentences for Sleek

Where can I find the perfect pair of boots that actually come all the way up to my knees, and not part way up my calf? Why do boot companies advertise knee high boots for short legs? Aaahhhh!

I have had 2 windows & my front door open since noon! I may go blind from the damn eyes....but its been nice! I'm sure its a teaser...its only January! Exactly 10 more weeks!

Time now to buy some warm gear to ride in til the summer. Rock on fitness drive

Could those buses be any more beautiful of an update on a classic? Why can London do such great things in transit design?

This sleekh is revving up that chevelle around the corner from my crib damn that sleeke is loud!

Well, my BBQ is goin to me retired soon, it's 7 yrs old and I've pretty much worn it out plus replaces most pieces, new BBQ time :D

Sleek definitions


make slick or smooth

See also: slick


having a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light

See also: satiny silken silklike silky slick


designed or arranged to offer the least resistant to fluid flow

See also: aerodynamic flowing streamlined


well-groomed and neatly tailored; especially too well-groomed