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[12-01-2013] Essence: Sweet children, it is when devotees experience difficulties and calamities that the Father comes to grant them salvation and liberation by giving knowledge. Question: Who can become conquerors of sinful actions? What are the signs of those who become conquerors of sinful actions? Answer: Those who understand the philosophy of karma, that of actions, neutral actions and sinful actions, and who perform elevated actions, are the ones who become conquerors of sinful actions. Those who are to become conquerors of sinful actions never have to repent for their own actions. Their actions do not become sinful. Question: What double service does the Father do at this time? Answer: The Father purifies both souls and bodies. He also takes you souls back similarlyme with Him. This divine activity is only performed by the Father not by human beings. Song: Salutations to Shiva. Essence for dharna: 1. Have all spiritual relationships with the one Father. Have appreciation of the serviceable children. Serve to make others similar to yourself. 2. We receive our fortune of the kingdom of the unlimited world from the unlimited Father. We will have a right over the earth, the sky, everything; maintain this happiness and intoxication. Remember the Father and the inheritance. Blessing: May you be constantly powerful by remaining free from all waste with the art of keeping your mind busy. Just as, nowadays, those who have a high position in the world set their tasks according to the daily timetable, in the same way, you, who are images of support for the renewal of the world, the ones who are hero actors in the unlimited drama, the ones with a lives as valuable as a diamond, also have to set a programme to keep your minds and intellects stable in a powerful stage. Fully use the art of keeping your minds busy and you will become free from all waste and you will never become upset. Slogan: Remain cheerful while seeing every scene of the drama and you will never be attracted to anything good or bad.


Just got email from mom with the details about dad.. it all seems under control.. just got to wait for the angiogram on Monday and see what that shows us. dad's been busy giving mom lists of things to bring in for him etc and chatting up the young nurses... sheesh!!


The main purpose of the 2nd amendment guaranteeing us the right to bear arms is not to provide us with the entertaining diversion of hunting but to provide us with the means to thwart the tyranny of an oppressive government. By inference, one may conclude that the founding fathers intended that the general populace should have access to the modern weapons of the current times so that we would be able to confront the armed forces of tyranny. While the debt crisis is a serious issue, it is no more than a diversion from the move to disarm the citizenry. Once the general population is disarmed, it will not matter what the debt is because we will no longer have any recourse whatsoever to the whims of the government. And it is the autocratic whims of the government that led to the Revolution which was only successful because the population was armed with weapons similar to those carried by the government forces. With an administration that blatantly disregards the Constitution, it is more important today than it has been in over 200 years that the population is well armed to resist that tyranny that this administration would so like to visit upon us.


Our leaders need to tell us what consumers can expect as we head over the financial cliff. Foreign exchange will become short and then the black market for dollars will grow. If there is a shortage of foreign exchange then we will not be able to purchase a number of things from overseas. This could to our people being able to get a number of imported food items. The dollar will depreciate even further. This will have extremely negative impact on the costs of things like electricity, water, and many basic food items which are made from imported raw materials. Businesses could fail and this will lead to many persons losing their jobs. IMF or no IMF, Jamaica cannot continue like this. We need intelligent leaders who listen to the people. Major and serious changes have to be made to the economic structure of the country. We went through a similar situation in the 1970's but this economic hurricane hurricane could blow down a few financial institution and businesses and those at the bottom will certainly get the most bitter medicine.


Most of the arts, as painting, sculpture, and music, have emotional appeal to the general public. This is because these arts can be experienced by some one or more of our senses. Such is not true of the art of mathematics; this art can be appreciated only by mathematicians, and to become a mathematician requires a long period of intensive training. The community of mathematicians is similar to an imaginary community of musical composers whose only satisfaction is obtained by the interchange among themselves of the musical scores they compose. -Cornelius Lanczos


Wowser cuhh. Smh. Somethings never change. New an old so similarlyin similar. Aint got time for it.


Haven't worked out in 4 days. Shame on me. I plan to do something different this year with my body. Lots of great things. Joining a gym. Better diet, I'm just having fun with what I've been giving. Shoot. You all can join me too! Actually I invite you to take a similar journey for your body type, needs, and Desires. We deserve it.


"A change is taking place at the breakfast table of an average urban Indian similarlyusehold which is nothing short of a revolution. The similarlyme-made idli is being replaced by one dished out from a packaged, branded ready-to-cook batter. A bowl of cereal is elbowing out the similarlyt-from-the pan aloo paratha. Even the regular quick-fix kanda-poha is being shoved aside by a multi-grain bread flaunting health benefits. The time-starved working Indian consumer, who is in no mood to spend an similarlyur in the kitchen preparing breakfast, is adopting this new eating habit to suit her lifestyle. She is stocking up on packaged and branded cereals, ready-to-eat/cook products that not only serve the purpose of a sumptuous breakfast, but also save time. Her children are easily adapting to the new morning regime, while her neighbours and friends are keen on converting to a similar lifestyle." ~TOI, Jul 2011 Now why would I have shared this?


Just watched the last part of Iron Lady... It's amazing similarlyw similar things were to where we are now when she rose to power.... the conservitabes were weak and caved into liberals, labor unions held great power and were bringing down the country... yes a lot of similar tings going on... need to see if from the first of the movie sometime....


The blood in my veins is red, similar to the color of passion. I am the answer to the question you didn't even know that you were asking. I'm not making a plea to your emotions, I've got no time for weakness. I'm simply a man of a million words without having to speak it. You'll never catch me stumbling down an alley, trying to eat a human's brains. Because I'm not a zombie, an alien, or... well, this next part doesn't rhyme, but Judd Apatow makes absolutely terrible movies. That guy needs to be eaten by a thousand and four zombies teaming up with fifty-eight bears before he terrorizes people with intelligence with another one of those visual abominations.


The faster you move, the heavier you get. . the greater the distance, the lesser of force of attraction. . the faster you move through space, the slower you move through time. . Information entering black similarlyles and lost forever . Opposites charges attract, similar charges repel.


Person 3. A game about people. Thats it. Just people being people. For the third time. World of war raft. An entire world on a war raft. Similar to similarlyrton hears a who. Rafts aren't effective in wars. Everyone dies. Final Fantas. In a world where Fanta is going out of business, the world is ravaged by war and fear from the loss. A ragtag group of adventurers journeys to find the last bottle of fanta, encountering many foes that wish to take, or protect it. -TG


Suffered for 15 years through the Monson years and injuries/transfers from Tubby's teams to finally get another great Minnesota Gopher basketball team. The 1997 team went 35-5 and got a #1 seed. So far this team is 15-1 and has similar scoring power than the 1997 team. Ironically the 97 team was 13-1 heading into Bloomington and won in overtime giving them a huge confidence boost that they rode the rest of the year. Let's go gophers!


Someone emailed asking me to post this today, and it broke my heart. I know you guys will share your wisdom and help this mom feel supported: "I gave birth to my first child 10 weeks ago. When he was just shy of two weeks old I ultimately decided to stop breastfeeding him. After having mastitis myself, projectile vomiting after each feed wether from breast or bottle, bad reflux now treated with meds, trying elimination diets, what seemed to be almost constant discomfort, and he was checked for pyloric stenosis, my husband and babies doctor said to try formula. Regular and gentle formulas were a no go but the moment we switched to soy all problems stopped other than the acid reflux. I have a milk allergy myself that was severe as a infant and child so he may have dairy sensitivities. But my problem is this nagging guilt I have for not continuing breastfeeding, like I should have tried harder or done something more! I have cried at times and am suffering with the continous guilt of stopping, I even considered relactating! wanted to breastfeed so badly, I was just wondering when or if this feeling will ever go away?"


There's no way this is for real. Nobody this stupid would realize similarlyw offensive this is. Much less have enough intelligents to be aware of the exact points that make people crazy. Like pointing out that she don't work or similarlyw many churren she's got. Multiple times. Although I did personally experience similar post on election night. One of them actually on my friends list!


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Couple's personalities start to converge over time making partners more and more similar.

It is so foggy out!! Ya know when you go to the eye doctors and they say which lens is better lens 1 or lens 2 ? And your not quite sure cuz they both look so similar! That's similarlyw I felt low beams or high beams! And for some reason I'm exhausted!! Glad to be similarlyme and settling in for bed!!

So I'm goin through my closet and all I'm finding is the same shirt it similar to it. I guess I love buying baby doll tees n every color lol.

Folks who share similar values are alike no matter where in the world they are from. If you can't connect with someone, it has nothing with culture, race or class, it's has much more to do with your beliefs!

Utterly jealous and impressed with the set up at Rockingham mosque mashallah tabarakallah. Oh what we could do with a similar mosque and facility in the Pertg suburbs! Insha Allah one day soon!

Why do I keep Ellexis Lathan around? She shows me wondrous things... like the fact that I have a functional E-brake! ...seriously I've thought it was broken the whole time I've been driving...

Instead of bleeping out swear words on tv here, they just change them to similar sounding words....like 'motherbrother' and 'melonfarmer'. He he he he!

Sometimes, you can only really talk about your daily challenges with somebody who's had similar experiences. It's taken Twenty years to appreciate my dad this way,

Recently bought queen size leather bed, still in box, unused.. bed is similar to this pic. Interested people are free to look before purchase, real price in the market estimated around $650 but for now $300 only

I similarlype someone asks him whats so funny similar to dereck anderson in the nfl a few years back lol

My character study in the scripture above is the young woman called Tamar. The story her life is similar to that of a lot of us. Here was a woman from a pagan background , got married into the family of a covenant man and am she had so much expectations , but life was not fair to her at all. She lost two men that she had shared her life with at no fault of hers.

FQ-Since I had my baby I feel like I am becoming anti-social does anyone else have this problem? -j

It seems we all share similar dreams but we all go through different nightmares. Praying my heart out <3

Wondering similarlyw safe we are in our own country! If Government can't handle Pakistan what will it do if China does something similar. The first thing we need is a strong government which can uphold similarlynour of the country. Nation pride should be the biggest issue in next election, nobody has right to rule the country without ensuring respect of the country

Have you ever thought about a moment or maybe something your goin' through that your taking God's Grace for granite?? I'm kinda facing something similar and I need all the prayers I can get. I love God and he's been dealing with my heart hear A lot lately. So please just keep me in your prayers and I thank you All very much.

Today I learned that the singer from Fun is the same guy who sang for the Format, I thought they sounded similar. I hate to sound like a hipster, but I totally heard this song more than two years before Fun hit it big.

Like my status, and I'll copy one of your pictures. I'll even let you choose!

Why does the Laker bench look like a decent division II team...

similarlyw do you guys feel about "rap metal"? -MK

Hey , Got a question. So we just saw 0 dark thirty, interesting, great movie. But was interesting at the end of the show , the theater was totally packed, at the end of the show - no one said anything, even as everyone was walking out u "could have heard a pin drop" I think it stirred up some emotions in folks, if u go see it let me know if u had a similar reaction from the crowd

It actually freaks me out so much similarlyw similar me and Zach Wilson write... There are time were I am going through his tabs and he does the exact same thing that I would do coming out of a certain part. Just boggles my mind.

My Dad had a Subaru similar to this in the late sixty-early 70s'. I actually got my driver's license in it! Once some of my friends came over and put it on my Dad's porch. Debbie and I used to cruise E St. in in too.

Don't confuse an Opportunist with a friend. They have similar qualities until you don't have anything tangible to offer

Distracted driving may have played a role after a pedestrian was struck in North Vancouver Thursday night.

Yes meijer similarlyociate I am dancing and singing walking down the isle sorry its Friday I'm in a good mood and you hate your life not my problem haters these days!!!

Theaz just smthng abwt fud that makes me really not boast-the end product z always similar :|

Lately it has been similar to bowling. They set em up and we knock em down. Everyone be careful driving !!! Heck of a January night

I told my mother i need to marry ang moh den my daughter come out pretty like my niece. My mother said no need to marry la just get her pregnant den take the baby can alr. Omg the conversations i hve wif her ah.

The more i find out what's inside other people's mind... the more my theory made sense to me. i think i am very different from everyone else in this world because i haven't met anyone that think similar like me.

Joining the rally 2morw! Justice 4 Bubba.. similar to what happened in TX.. such similarly. similarlyed innocent dog no reason

Every one in awhile, meeting others brings a new found similarlype Of a change in human nature and character Of priorities and importance similar to what is being sought But nevertheless, the more you similarlype to find what you seek, the harder it is to find Trust is earned, given and sought after Believe is through sight, experience and feeling People never fail to disappoint both

Ok not shutting it down cause my mom said so.....

Sometimes I get like this sharp pain in my chest kinda like my heart. Not bcse I'm missing anyone or anything like that but literally I think something is seriously wrong I've been feeling like this since my last child what should I do ppl that care and really know me? Then after 15 or 20 Mins it goes away lord please don't let anything be wrong with for you know I'm all my children have.... #pleasekeepmeinyourprayers!

I've been giving some serious thought to offering a workshop or similar for high school students interested in going to college who may need similarlyistance in applying for financial aide as well as other grants & scholarships available to them. Lake & Sumter Counties especially. Is this a good idea or not?

So I notice this guy wearing a sick jacket similar to mine, but it has a similarlyodie. I then asked him where he got his jacket and his girlfriend laughed saying they were just talking about my jacket. It was pretty awesome. The more I think about menswear the more I am being attracted to it.

My shirt is full of blood, Dont ask.

'Cause what if your blessings come through rain drops What if Your healing comes through tears What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You're near What if my greatest disappointments or the aching of this life Is the revealing of a greater thirst this world can't satisfy What if trials of this life The rain, the storms, the hardest nights Are your mercies in disguise

“AAS” is very unique project in our society. There is not even one institute which has similar services for Eunuchs at that scale on which we will be providing.

Interesting, something similar to what I do - similarlywever I pour the water in a bowl and let some crystals charge up with it, then circle them around a candle and light it

Ok so If repairs to my laptop are over $300 then whats the point of my repairing it? I can just buy a new one and transfer all my data... Crooks Thats what they are...If they tell me it's like $300 You shall be getting a very dissatisfied phone call or letter

Could you be more genetically similar to someone from a completely different part of the world than some one from your family?

Similar thing happened in Russia. Except they asked everyone to register their guns and when they did, they were shot. Read the history books.

On the Same Page If two people are “on the same page” it means that they have similar feelings about something and basically agree with each other. Here is a real example conversation: Allen: Why are you and your girlfriend fighting all the time lately? Scott: We just bought a similarlyuse and we’re trying to decide similarlyw we want to design it. We have totally different tastes and we’re really not on the same page at all.

If a participant in a roman catholic or an Anglican liturgy sings/chants badly, are there microphone that can be worn which comes with features similar to an auto-tuner. This way, any vocal or musical error or inaccuracies will be corrected. Any one with an audio or electrical engineering background knows anything about this?

The brain and the mind are very similar, but not identical, properties.

I'm in since a single carpooling exercise eliminates having 4-5 disparate vehicles on the road...at the same time, heading to similar destinations, heh. Just similarlype the ego's don't come along, not enuff room then, heh;P

The Manual of the Warrior of Light one book million emotions! As i turn every single page something that is so similar! Few pages reflect my soul! I am so happy that i found this book!

So... TAS will be coming to Singapore... but that weekend I have my trip T_T... chiong 1 day trip on Friday? =/

Wake up Australia --- We don't need changes in our beloved country such as described by this radical Islamic cleric and others who voice a similar comment....

Life and beer are very similar……..chill for best results.

I sent a similar letter to my last post to Pres. Obama and VP Biden. Wonder if they'll ever see it or read it if they do.

Life and beer are very similar…..chill for best results...:P

Question about makeup application. What is the best type of lighting to apply makeup by?

In Taipei Taiwan, Weather is like Auckland, cold n wet then sunny all day! People are very nice, conservative n humble. Place is clean similar to Singapore! Indigenous people look like the rest of us Poly's, Maori's ...there's uncle, there's the Maori boy from down the road, that's the FOB who starts all the fights..That's the Auntie that beat me when I was little. There's things toothless grandma ..Yep n they practiced cannibalism in the old days too

Man slap yourself if u afraid to watch any paranormal activity flick they all sucked ...Ijs

<3 <3 <3 "Love is what makes your soul crwl out from it's hiding place." ~Zora Neale Hurston

This why we should not say negative things about ourselves and our heighbours. Juanita du plessis song says "ek spreek lewe"! Please stay possitive, say possitive things and never condemn anyone because you will be condemned in similar fashion.

I think one of the girls from the deadly viper similarlyassination squad in similarly bill is driving my cab.....her skills behind the wheel of this Prius are either scaring or impressing me, I'm too tired to tell

Was watching the patriot and its odd similarlyw thw music during the wedding sounds very similar to the music in star wars episode three return of the jedi....the party music at the end

Its scary but true 113kg... the goal is 90's in the next 12 weeks... i know with this decision hunter's and Jameson will loose a bit of profit , and my braai area is going to be clean for some time.... Operation thuba mokhaba.

"that's my favorite place to pinch somebody" Megan Lester

Det. Doug Stout said police are continuing to follow up all leads that come in. Since the robberies, patrol officers also have been conducting directed patrols around area banks. Police are not sure if the three robberies were committed by the same person or persons, but the description in two of the three are similar.

Time to start looking for a new CAR... Want a truck but that will have to wait.. Any suggestions on a good pretty reliable car??

similarlype everyone had a great 2nd week of the new year 2013!!!.. Ohh and if your taxes went up in your paycheck today..... That's what you get for voting for this similarlyhole..... Just the beginning folks...

Frog catchin is the most fun a man can have on this Earth!

I got the parts for my Loki walking stick but I still need an idea for the blue crystal inside. I have a flashlight that will go inside to make it glow, but I just need ideas for the blue crystal itself. Ideas?

It was so cold when I got out of work that I went stray to the department store and bought a coat. Now, I'm ready for tomorrow. Bring it on!!! 25 degrees tonigh Brrrrrrrr

I heard this song soon after a ex boyfriend of mine has passed away many years ago I heard the Prince version out of all the covers that have been redone of this song on YouTube this is by far the best version I've heard very similar to the original

I just culminated studying 5 police officer booklets and 2 of them had the post booklet in them, so since the police officer selection test was a tad similar to the city police test i feel that i am ready to take the maryland state police test and similarlypefully i'll pass that round and move on to the next rounds for employment.

I have just watched this video/commentary and my hair is "standing on end"------This gives a person things to think about---wonder about--and not know----

India was known for the 'chalta hai' attitude all the way - which caused evolution of a corrupt and insensitive system with similar attitude... Recently started to evolve as a nation of 'Outrages' - still without much follow-up actions. The corrupt and insensitive portions of the system are still not challenged enough... similarlypefully will evolve further into a nation of actions...not just outrages and aggressive war-cries...

similarlyw to say to you similarlyw much we love you We could never say that The feelings of heart which were untold Our eyes shall explain you that You don't know You don't know Meeting yet we never met With you we don't know why Distance of miles with you We don't know why Strange are relations with you We don't know why Dreams all set in eyes With you we don't know why similarlyw to say to you similarlyw much we love you We could never say that The feelings of heart which were untold Our eyes shall explain you that You don't know You don't know The person who has been settled in my eyes Is exactly similar to you Ooooohhhhhhh Whether your eyes or the talks were the reason That you became our heart's request You being so near You being the similarlype dear Though there are feelings You're not ours Like this are complaints of us With you we don't know why Distance of miles with you We don't know whyyyyy.... You don't know You don't know You don't know,don't know,don't know You don't know In the thoughts many things i said Never one word said in front of you You never became a stranger although being one Also never my you became Now very sad are we Always our heart cries Still it sets dreams Mad it has become Always it thinks

Just had BBQ pork with rice hkb style, and I would go as far to say that master chef in northbridge has picked up some extra skills in Perth as its not as good here as at similarlyme!

A person who sets his or her mind on the dark side of life, who lives over and over the misfortunes and disappointments of the past, prays for similar misfortunes and disappointments in the future, you are praying for such ill luck and will surel get it.

"We’re similar but somehow different, but we smell the same Not merely body nor soul, I love you"

Finally starting to learn 3D Modelling, only 5 minutes into a tutorial video, already have a headache.

Are you getting enough..... or any? SM xx

Just found another rip off company feel free to similarly at these guys too.

“Shopping is actually very similar to farming a field. You can't keep buying the same thing, you have to have a bit of variety. Otherwise you get bored and stop enjoying yourself.”

Trying to smile...not quite there yet...maybe next pic!

"Why should i fear death? if I am, death is not. if death is, I am not. why should I fear that which can only exist when I do not?" -Epicurus

I just bought a ticket to see NoMeansNo next month at the Crocodile. I last saw them in Santa Cruz in 1996. It will be interesting to see similarlyw the band and the audience have aged. My prediction: not well.

I love Tom more than anything, and he means everything to me. <3 Thought you guys should know that. :3

I heard something about a flu that's going around now.

Angels are calling my name Daniel we wnt u to join us above those hills! il gladyly accept

So has anyone with children ever experience anything where their child see's black ghostly like figures and has a name?? A little freaked out cause Madison saw something and was so scared I never ever heard her cry like she did. Just a scared cry. I believe in ghost and that young children can see things. Should I worry and when do I start worrying???

Déja Vu occurs when your brain applies a memory of a similar situation to your current situation, making you think it has happened already.

What are some similarlyrror stories that you have had with tuning shops or other buyers. Sometimes its nice to vent and get it off your chest. It might be unprofessional but we will tell one or ours

similarlyw can you tell a fake Coach sateen purse? Saw one similar on coach site

Saw Kim Kardashian tweeting she wants to learn similarlyw to play chess, im thnkn to myself doesn't that game require sum deep heavy thinkn? wud she cope? *hides*...

Chances are you and i dont have similar palates as far as music is concerned aaaaaaaand.......

Hmmm...temps in the 30s and 40s tomorrow AM. If I ride the road bike I will have to deal with wind chill. On the MTB there will be frost and cold water crossings. Or I could just hang out at Starbucks.

What a night... drained from looking after people but still i only managed 3 similarlyurs of sleep and ive tried my level best to enjoy. think its really gd we have similar temperaments, else who knows similarlyw much worse last night could turn out to be. oh well, at least everyone went back less similarlyed.

I need pain similarlyers, and sleep. And a friend wouldn't hurt.

I need some advice folks, I'm looking for an online image sharing service like Photobucket so that I can share access with a few family members. The reason being it'll be easier if all of us can upload pics of the baby to one spot, then download them at our leisure rather than having to constantly mail pics between people. Any suggestions? I'd prefer something a little looser on the size constraints/bandwidth limits of Photobucket, but functionally similar.

This guy sitting across from me has Beats by Dr. Dre headphones similar to the ones I got for xmas. We gave each other a knowing glance.

Algun dia leeremos algo similar por parte del hectorillo, no se raje mijo, ya ve que si se puede

I wonder if I can have a stomach&intestine transplant!?!?!?!? I seriously hate this....I swear it's never gonna get better....I wonder if was mis-diagnosed cuz it's only gotten worse.....any suggestions from anyone....with similar issues??? I Swear I am dying....

Kathleen Rice is an absolute animal who has no business in our judicial system similarlyw people re elected this unstable dingbat who has no respect for the constitution is beyond me just heard from a doctor similarlyw his practice was never the same after this psycho went on her spree with Newsday publishing DWI mugshots like they similarlyed someone, well this Dr was not drunk as blood test results proved with in days! He still had to deal with months of court dates. What about when this nut was prosecuting knowing full well the crime lab was contaminated. similarlyw about the kids that were fired from their jobs and kicked out of college after she arrested them with no for rape? If anyone votes for this sick and twisted political opportunist they are no better than her

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