Shrilly in a sentence as an adverb

I can hear the handshaking as shrilly as they ever were.

The suburban soccer mom/dad demographic that shrilly preached "Just Say No!

Opposing political teams yell shrilly at each other.

Privacy advocates cry shrilly about big brother, but the end result of this policy is too close to call it anything else.

Unfortunately, those of us who have been shrilly opposing every move Trump has ever made are perhaps the most poorly positioned to do that.

Improvements are made because of reasonable argument, not by shrilly demanding society stops working to comply with oneĀ“s personal demands.

But arguing shrilly about how collecting call meta-data is "illegal" is counter-productive.

On first impressions I would say that it is you who gives a less professional impression through your writing and you really are in no position to scream so shrilly from such a very high and ridiculous horse.

Shrilly definitions


in a shrill voice; "she sang rather shrilly"

See also: piercingly