Shoplifter in a sentence as a noun

Um, how many variations of the shoplifter story have we seen?

I was at a mall last week where a security guard had caught a shoplifter, and the guard was downright friendly with the guy.

Probably the same as if the officer hand't bought the shoplifter $100 of groceries with their own money.

You wouldn't say a shoplifter isn't hurting anyone because they wouldn't have paid anyway, would you?

I'm white and I was stopped, without provocation, in a strip mall in Mountain View on suspicion of being a shoplifter.

In ten seconds, the shoplifter is nowhere near where they were when the video was originally taken.

If a shopkeeper presses charges against a shoplifter, are they using public services for private gain?

"What do you think is the main distinction between your position and the hypothetical shoplifter?

A case from the Swedish supreme court, deciding that a shop owner is not allowed to ban a repeat shoplifter from entering his store.

The legal system doesn't prosecute it, and the media doesn't report "the arsonist and shoplifter was in court today".

Wearing a baggy coat and making sideways glance at the staff because you're worried they may come over may flag you as a shoplifter and attract their attention.

I dislike the comparison that the OP draws between scholarships and the given example of the officer buying food for the shoplifter.

"many department store's policy of not targeting a shoplifter-in-action in a mall"Citation?

Every mall I've had knowledge of had a very extensive security organization that was pretty effective at targeting shoplifters-in-action.

“Just load existing photos of your known shoplifters, members of organized retail crime syndicates, persons of interest and your best customers into FaceFirst,” a marketing pitch on the company’s site explains.

The money quote from the plaintiff...""As an analogy," Devine wrote, "if a shoplifter is caught on video stealing a $400 iPad from the Apple Store, would a fair and just resolution be for the shoplifter to pay Apple $40, keep the iPad, and walk away with no record or admission of wrongdoing?

Unless we are willing to spend a lot more on both prosecutors and the court systems, we want them to be able to say "I will focus my time and attention on this murderer even if it means letting that shoplifter go with an extremely favorable plea bargain or even unpunished.

Because they've also committed greater crimes we have to ignore the shoplifting?Or to recapitulate you'd nab a shoplifter but only if they'd not done something worse as well?Got to say I still don't follow the reasoning and still consider image hotlinking to be bad; and that, for a company, it indicates some sort of corruption.

“Instantly, when a person in your FaceFirst database steps into one of your stores, you are sent an email, text or SMS alert that includes their picture and all biographical information of the known individual so you can take immediate and appropriate action.”I can imagine that shoplifter identification systems will have the same kinds of problems as no-fly lists.

Shoplifter definitions


a thief who steals goods that are in a store

See also: booster lifter