Shooting in a sentence as a noun

It's like a guy getting out of the hospital after shooting himself in the foot.

There are some people that go shooting every day, and it really hurts your position to tell them that that part of their life is not a valid "use".

It's now scarcely possible to make a proper living and most of the old-timers are shooting commercial work or weddings.

I interview, and one of them has the right mix of board members to think that a young and energetic "shooting star" is just what they want to kick their revenue in the rear.

> The filmmaker said that when he begins shooting the "Avatar" sequel in about 18 months, he will be shooting at a higher frame rate, though he has yet to decide if that will be 48 fps or 60 fps.

If you're delaying on this point out of some idea of wanting to "try to fix things first" or "not wanting to be the bad guy," you're just shooting yourself in the foot and downing blood thinners to keep the wound from clotting.

* edit: misspelled conscientious as 'contentious'* edit: as an example of how much Simon continues to challenge the police as a citizen, here's an essay he wrote after the success of the Wire, in which he tried, as a citizen, to get the basic details of a cop-involved shooting, something that has always been public record.

Shooting definitions


the act of firing a projectile; "his shooting was slow but accurate"

See also: shot


killing someone by gunfire; "when the shooting stopped there were three dead bodies"