Severance in a sentence as a noun

You can have them in a contract, but the default is no severance package.

Insist that the token severance be made more substantial.

Microsoft offered him a severance, and they gave him ample warning.

In such cases, be cautious about exposing yourself to such risks in exchange for some token severance.

Denmark also has mandatory severance of up to 6 months wages depending on tenure.

And when it's not simple pay, it's severance packages that give ****-You money to people whose performance provably dreadful.

If you're COO of anything, you should also be able to negotiate a proper separation agreement, something like 6 months severance after 6 months of service.

>I hope mr-hank gets a huge severance out of PlayHavenIt's interesting that the story is about Adria and mr-hank when, in fact, it should be about their respective companies.

I actually think PIPs are imbecilic, because I'd rather cut a 3-month severance check and separate cleanly than keep a fired employee in the office for 1 month, but that's another rant.

Everybody on that team would get ~2 months to interview and find other jobs in the company otherwise they got a generous severance package and were no longer employed.

"The only people who should feel morally compelled to sign no-disparagement clauses before accepting severance are people who are being fired for leaking confidential information on the job.

* Extremely well-tested employment law that, among other things, makes it straightforward to retain 1099 contractors for one-off projects without risking their conversion into full-time employees with severance rights.

If you were passionate about a project and believe that, had you been trusted enough to be given adequate resources, you could've built something great for the company you amount of severance can completely eliminate the bitterness.

\n * negotiation of terms that are embarrassing for an individual to\n formally address, such as severance, health accommodations\n and workplace privacy.\n\nThese are all things that we can have, and that we deserve, that bring none of the negative side effects associated with unions.

Severance definitions


a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions); "they hoped to avoid a break in relations"

See also: rupture breach break rift


the act of severing

See also: severing