How to use Serendipity in a sentence as a noun

"But serendipity is the greatest pleasure of browsing, and there is no substitute for being able to serendipityld the physical book in one’s hand."

Synchronicity: The uncanny coincidence. The unlikely conjunction of events. The startling serendipity and happiness. Happy Saturday, have a fun and blessed weekend ♥

I never worry about them, cuz I'm to busy being me.... That's the simplicity to my serendipity #HarshReality #serendipitynesty #Life

My best films <3 <3 <3 serendipity <3 .. sh ..

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"Serendipity. Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you've found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for." Lawrence Block

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Away on vacation for a few weeks of relaxation in the Caribbean. Wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who follows my work, sends me sweet and Kind comments and emails and encourages me to keep doing more. Right before I started my vacation I had considered quitting the blog and the furniture due to some personal challenges. Then I sold 3 pieces at Serendipity in litchfield, The tragedy in Newtown happened and vacation happened. All of which made me realize that I need to keep doing what I love until I don't love it anymore. I'm only going to do the projects that make me happy and allow me time to spend with Hunter. I feel renewed and ready to get back to what drives me and makes me who I am. serendipityping to be back blogging in the new year as well!

Serendipity Alaska good luck tonight! serendipitype the opening goes great! Wanted to say a big thank you for featuring several of my prints. It's great to see some of my photos return to a place that I most definitely serendipityld close to my heart. Cheers and best of luck!

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Interesting start to my car wont start bc i havent used it for 2 months, and the vans window wont go up. Fun obstacles since my hubby and parents are all in PI. Lol

Ta film gledam vsako leto v tem času, I watch this movie every year this time...Which movies do you like to watch at Xmas? serendipitype you're all doing great XoXo

Comment naman po kayo ng mga new good songs :P Ty sa mag cocomment -Admin Mystery-

Ok guys, I need to learn some big words lol... What are your favorites and their definition? English please lol

... Quick: What's the first "S" word that comes to mind?

What's your favorite word? My new one is "altruistic" :D ~Ariana <3

Jamie decided on Zoey...thanks for all the great names!!

Could some one please explain to me why so many females who levae voice messages for Psychic TV in general only welcome the female psychics when us males also put ourselves out to be part of the show. Most of the time I laugh this off, but there are times when I just don't get it! This happens not only to me, but other male psychics as well. I was always taught not to be sexist, but to greet everyone as equal, so plese explain!

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good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries