Self-effacing in a sentence as an adjective

Your self-effacing "PHP programmer" comment surprised me and made me chuckle.

A great explanation of what happened with just enough self-effacing humor to make me like them.

Jeff might be self-effacing, but at the same time he also dispenses a lot of programming and software development advice.

We're not talking about one person going rogue amongst an otherwise polite and self-effacing bunch of perfectly behaved people...

He made a self-effacing joke about capitalising on his recent exposure.

The ideal of a self-effacing tool that disappears in every way physically manageable.

Right now, I'm reading Grant's memoirs; It's extremely self-effacing; He speaks of some of his more heroic moments as a young commissioned officer as if he was walking home from the grocery store.

I strongly suspect that many of the things I do which get negative reactions and chalked up to "ego" would be viewed as perfectly acceptable -- or even humble and self-effacing -- in a man.

Self-effacing definitions


reluctant to draw attention to yourself

See also: reticent retiring