How to use Scornfully in a sentence as an adverb

They're also expected from a young age to put up with being treated somewhat scornfully, so negative socialization has less of an impact. If we look at what VonGuard said of the boys he teaches [0], he said they 'go off ahead and get lost'.

You are upset that your uncle made a remark arrogantly, scornfully and with vitriol. I believe you.

FTA: > One other thing I learned is that some in the academic world scornfully refer to Python as "the Basic of the future". I'm not from the academic community and have never heard anyone else say it before, but have thought of Python this way for quite a while now and am pleasantly surprised to see I'm not alone.

I say this not scornfully, but rather as an outside observer, who having been flicked off the trail by a series of accidents, now observes the same humans passing by, over and over. Or perhaps they’re different humans, but are functionally indistinguishable.

I suspect that a pure mathematician would look scornfully at that as a waste of time, as the whole point is the math doesn't depend on the particular instance. An applied mathematician / engineer on the other hand sees no point in the mathematics unless it is manifested in the form of physical problems.

Investors wont take the same chances again if they are unappreciatively and scornfully seen as "rich man building a starbucks where it doesn't belong." The people from these areas claim they want prosperity but deface and burn down anything with a mediocrum of betterment.

As I grow older, I don't want to be too comfortable in my ways and scornfully ignorant of new things and ideas. Recently, I started a blog with the goal to eventually get to one post per day.

The idea that humans breathing produces enough carbon to affect climate change seems more like something you settled on in search of a scornfully aloof position to take, than an interest in verifiable facts. Know-it-all superiority is a kind of feelings monster too, you know.

The second one is very context dependent: if said scornfully it's contemptuous; if said jokingly it's probably not, although it could be confused as such. [0] Although, if you did have Tourette syndrome or similar, it is unlikely that you would say it with the full contempt unless you actually felt that contempt.

If we were talking about the type of artist that has honed their skills over thousands of hours of painting, for example, I would agree that significant investment of time develops tangible skills, but this type of approach is hugely unfashionable I believe, with practitioners viewed scornfully as technicians rather than 'proper' artists. The scorn of traditional art from conceptual art even spawned a reactionary traditionalist movement, the Stuckists.

Scoff: speak to someone or about something in a scornfully derisive or mocking way. Frown: furrow one's brow in an expression of disapproval, displeasure, or concentration.

Biology is incredibly complex, and our understanding of it is very shallow, yet people scornfully dismiss the idea that the brain could in any way cause sensation in the body. I think the key to their misunderstanding is the tendency to imagine the brain as a completely separate thing, like the driver of an automobile, rather than a deeply integrated and intertwined system, which science shows it to be.

You've perpetuated it in this thread as much as the other person whom you've scornfully criticized for it. That's the way these things usually go.

Scornfully definitions


without respect; in a disdainful manner; "she spoke of him contemptuously"

See also: contemptuously disdainfully contumeliously