Scoot in a sentence as a verb

Just open your door and scoot your chair over.

Most commuters are going to scoot along in the 8-12 mph range.

They can't scoot away and suddenly go back to being privileged.

I think they're trying to replicate the zoomy scoot forward effect Google does with Street View.

I'd love to just be able to scoot by and pick up my regular stuff while they're in the backseat.

But yeah, it should definitely be possible to scoot the blur point "backwards" a bit.

There is too much of 'shoot and scoot' at Yahoo: managers jump on any hot item, botch it up and then move on

But when you scoot around to the user's side of the table, all of those issues are invisible.

First of all, during game-play, Harry's legs wouldn't move — he would just scoot around like he was sliding on ice.

You sit down, and scoot into a hole int he floor - the tube-like chute extends from the car to the ground and provides drag

I can sit and stand as I need, the only trick is that a high draftsman's stool is a little trickier to scoot into than a chair.

If you want to implement something, you can just google it or find a tutorial or Railscast that can scoot you along.

Before the deadline, the high maintenance cost helped scoot companies over to Windows 7.

I wanted to read some annotations but every time I tried to click one this little guy would scoot under my cursor causing me to click the wrong link.

Driving in NYC, you pretty much have to nudge as close to the opposing lane as you can until the light turns yellow/red and you can scoot yourself out of gridlock.

Congrats, you've built a transform that "rotates an object to the left 45 degrees, then scoots it back two meters".Note that the above assumes a left handed coordinate system, with Y axis being 'up'.

So for example Harry would come across some mutilated corpse, the music would get all shrieky and he would exclaim how terrible it was, and all the while he would be scooting all over the screen.

I actually fear that investment in light rail is going to look misplaced in just 10 years when automated electric cars operated by private companies like Uber and Lyft and whomever are going to scoot multiple people between two common points.

Scoot definitions


run or move very quickly or hastily; "She dashed into the yard"

See also: dart dash scud flash shoot