How to use Schooner in a sentence as a noun

$4 schooner and $7 schnitzel with Stef Dinys

It's game day!!!! Show up tonight in Saints gear and enjoy $2 hurricanes & schooners throughout game. Normal happy schoonerur also applies 8pm till close. *Raffle giveaway for two tickets to next seasons Saints vs. Bucs game*

Get out tonight before the big freeze...schooner has some great drinks and a big dance floor...we start at 9. I heard some Mooseknuckle, Naughton, Bluedog, and Sticky people might be there...who knows who else!

🏇lots of Bets,💶2x $50 vouchers,lucky loser draw,and Pizzas󾥵󾥵 at the ROO... then at 1 pm the $3 schooners are on so come down enjoy a cold one and back plenty of winners󾓝󾓝󾓝󾓝.

Happy New Year from the CC. It was fantastic to see so many friends and neighbors on the 1st day of the year. Let's keep it going! 89 cent Rainier schooners tonight.

Don't forget that we're open all day today with our regular schoonerurs 11AM - Midnight! Come ring in 2014 with us, schooners and wings on special today!

Under full sails aboard the schooner America 2 to celebrate the last sunset of 2013. Happy New Year to all!

A schooner with me mate over looking the beach

My schooner curling team has a sleeping problem

A schooner is a sailboat stupid head .....

Low to mid 40 degrees outside, come down the club and get out of the heat enjoy a cold beverage, tonight we have our weekly raffles with $650 in prizes to be won, free live entertainment from 7pm, members badge draw. Plenty of specials in the Bargo grill. Don't forget to claim your $5off with your schooner club card before Christmas.

Gonna be a good night...Pacers take on the Heat at 7 and Wings Etc. has everybody's favorite domestic schooners on special!! See you soon!

The schooner SoundWaters is currently accepting applications for Deckhand / Educators for the 2014 sailing season. If you are interested in teaching students about Long Island Sound aboard an 80' schooner check out the job posting Get your application in soon so you won't miss the boat.

Coming in? Then why not try our new BS bar special, it's only $10 and you get a foot long meat ball sub with chips and a schooner. Bargain! see you soon.

Play schooner this very fine Friday night. ... snd Highland laddie this Saturday night... cracking

Quote Examples using Schooner

“A strange, old-fashioned schooner with a big black flag was rushing down at us. She was afire with a sort of weird, pale-blue light that lighted up every nook and cranny of her,” he said in one interview. “The crew was pulling at the ropes and doing other work and they paid us no attention, didn’t even glance our way. They all had ghastly bleeding wounds, but their faces and eyes were those of dead men. I rushed forward, shouting to the others as I ran. Suddenly the schooner vanished before my eyes.”............


Proper Noun Examples for Schooner

Schooner is very interested in the show "The Science of Dogs."

Just found this one.. Man the Schooner Olad has a bone in her teeth... What a great last sail of the season.

Brite artist, Schooner enjoys experimenting with simple song structures & sounds to create disheveled pop.

For the month of January we will be doing 1/2 price *Schooner Glasses* from 3-7pm on Mondays along with our 1/2 price appetizer special.

schoonerpe everyone enjoyed celebrating New Years Eve with family and friends and stayed safe while doing it. Just to let everyone know we are open today with our regular schoonerurs - 11am-12am. And what a good day to come in with our Schooners and starter size of wings on special!

Joisus! Schooner and a middy, only silver change from $15!

Wishing everyone health and happiness this schoonerliday season! And remember, if you are heading out to do some Boxing Day sales shopping, stop in for a bite to eat and a cocktail. We are open our regular schoonerurs!!! Schooners on special!!

Schooner & I love our early morning walks!

Schooner of coopers not bad at all !

Schooner with an engine eh !!! follow me mate classic !!

Schooner anyone? This sun makin me thirsty !!!

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This is an image of a sunken ship on the bottom of Lake Ontario. The special "side scan sonar" system that took this image has enough resolution to actually see all three masts of the old ship. What does this type of technology mean for the future of oceanography?

Can you believe it's almost 2014? What is your plan to ring in the new year?

USA Today picked up one of my travel pics....very cool!!

Make your last dinner of 2013, one to remember!

Schooner definitions


sailing vessel used in former times


a large beer glass