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I'm sorry you guys.. after we waited 3 scapegoaturs for their verdict.... Divo will be fired from teaching at Maine west unless he fights it within 17 days. I'm sorry... I really have no words other than they needed a scapegoat and they found it. I believe they said Rodriguez is suspended without pay till further notice. They always told us to follow and have faith in what we believe in....even if they went back on that, we will keep our faith in our coaches, because we know they wouldn't give up on us.


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I'm buying a gun.. I don't plan on shooting anyone.. But figured if those plans were to change I would need one.

This is so ridiculous! They don't even know for sure what guns were used at the Sandy scapegoatok School shooting. ~Martin

In case you missed this tonight -- Woman writes book to help piece together her ‘lost month’ ...

Autism and the Connecticut Shooting. I am really frustrated by the media making a connection between autism and the tragedy in Connecticut. From all I have studied, and from personal experience, I have found those on the spectrum to be some of the most gentle folks in society. Care to weigh in on this?

Fast Feedback Talk at 10 on CW 6 A Syracuse priest is responding to the shooting in Newtown by encouraging parents to return violent video games because he says they're sending the wrong message to kids. What effect do video games have on kids? Do they really influence kids to be violent?

Dont ever avoid giving advice to someone on the scapegoatumption that they wont accept it. Naseeha is the right of your brother/sister upon you.

Am I the only person who chuckles when Biden is scapegoatigned to do anything?

[hla] donald trump is as dumb as they come. "Video game violence & glorification must be stopped - it is creating monsters!" Strange, we have those games in Australia but none of the mass scapegoats. I expect it's the lack of guns that makes the difference?

"We hear so very much bad about teachers. In the past few years, teachers have been the subject of political attacks not just in Wisconsin and Michigan and Tennessee, but in Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, California. They're ineffective, they're overpaid, they're lazy, they don't care about kids—the claims are almost unbelievable if you try to apply them to any given teacher you know, but they've been used as a potent political weapon behind reams of bad policy." ~rc

From Karen: With all the negative attention Aspergers is getting in the media right now I thought that I would ask everyone on here with Aspergers or a child with Aspergers to name one thing you love about yourselves and your children and one great aspect about having Aspergers or having kids with Aspergers. Also, just for fun what is one thing you are thankful for right now?

ABC News correspondent posed very direct question at today's press conference.

Scapegoat definitions


someone who is punished for the errors of others