Salutary in a sentence as an adjective

"But that is largely a straw man -- critiquing ML hackery is worthwhile and salutary, but it's going after small game.

I found the last two sentences to be the most telling part of the whole piece:>>There is something salutary in that proud defiance.

Whatever label one puts on it, there has been a change in American culture that I think is not entirely salutary.

!In that context, I find it salutary that guys like Snowden provide some additional information on what is actually going on.

It has salutary benefits over time for anyone who consistently undertakes it.

It may be salutary to broaden your social circle to include some folks who either share your aspirations or resemble the people you want to be like in the future.

Chronic controlled dosages of physical stress produce salutary effects in the human organism.

However, for people who support the ideals of liberty, of governments that are consensual and responsive to their people these trends are not alarming, indeed they are salutary.

The American Revolution was directly caused by a revision in Britain's policy of salutary neglect, but it's questionable 200 years later whether it really left us off any more free.

I worked for a few years in a company that did salutary scrum, which is to say that we shoehorned our developer-led process into the correct buzzwords and cargo cult practices to make the management think it was Scrum.

I, for one, am not worried; especially b/c "true innovation" is an entirely subjective quality, and even if we could agree on a comprehensive definition agreeable to all camps, the effect of innovation is not necessarily salutary.

[12] A meta-analysis of 34 recent studies published between 1990 and 2001 found that religiosity has a salutary relationship with psychological adjustment, being related to less psychological distress, more life satisfaction, and better self-actualization.

Salutary definitions


tending to promote physical well-being; beneficial to health; "beneficial effects of a balanced diet"; "a good night's sleep"; "the salutary influence of pure air"

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