Rotund in a sentence as an adjective

He was a rotund child and not terribly popular.

North Koreans are stupid as to think their rotund leader is a god while their family starves.

Your paragraphs will start to get rotund with all the things you could say if you really wanted, but you can only hint.

This might sound kind of cheesy, but I have always loved bumblebees, our rotund, fuzzy, endemic workers.

What a rotund dismissal of very serious problem.

A rotund American football coach, which is my image from your words, could be an ex-football player who once was more muscular.

What does cute factor have to do with anything in this thread?“Ballmer is rotund and intelligent, but what’s his strategy for Microsoft?” sounds just as silly.

The Pepsi logo became super memorable in my mind when I pictured it as a rather rotund person wearing a red shirt and blue trousers leaning backwards

> Despite its rotund appearance, from which its name derives, the J 29 was a fast and agile aircraft for its eraSo why do all modern fighters look similar and nothing like this?

Do you dance alone in the moonshine, leaves leaving dappled patterns on your skin, scintillating aardvarks cavorting nearby, always ready to praise your flanks and rotund tubules?Let me now speak of soft things such as bread.

If only London hotels architects had known this, the majority of showers might not be a size smaller than a phone-booth such that you cannot turn around in it and must enter/exit sideways... while not being at all rotund.

"... Babbage is curmudgeonly and perpetually disappointed; Jones is increasingly rotund, depressive and sweet-hearted; Whewell, a man of formidable physicality, is haunted by feelings of social inferiority; uxorious Herschel is prematurely aged by the rigours of star-gazing.

Rotund definitions


spherical in shape


(of sounds) full and rich; "orotund tones"; "the rotund and reverberating phrase"; "pear-shaped vowels"

See also: orotund round pear-shaped


excessively fat; "a weighty man"

See also: corpulent obese weighty