Roomie in a sentence as a noun

It's probably cheaper than living on campus and you get to pick your roomie.

People renting out a room might consider a longer term rental if you're a good roomie.

Needless to say, that shut the ex roomie up and they scraped together their share of rent within a week.

One of my touches with greatness; I met Weird Al. He was besties with my college roomie's wife in high school, so I met him at the wedding.

They're not very roomie, but they do provide noise isolation and also save space.

Factoring primes is as useful as a one-input mux, as a college roomie would say.

My roomie went to Iran for two weeks, and it seems so interesting, culturally.

22 Thanks friends for letting me doing the illegal 23 apt roomie thing at Columbia Engineering.

And why does this matter?My roomie was a staunch defender of medieval times, when allegedly things were oh so much better.

Roomie definitions


an associate who shares a room with you

See also: roommate roomy